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While Pregnancy Sex Positions

Oral sex position while pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not only about carrying another life across three trimesters. It is also about going through different hormonal changes and imbalances. One of those hormonal imbalances is a heightened urge to have sex. The first two trimesters might not be a problem but during the third trimester, when the tummy begins to get in the way of your favorite sex positions, you can get frustrated. But don’t give up.

Some sex positions make allowance for your tummy and so can help you satisfy your exaggerated sexual urge. Take a look at some sex positions — pregnant inspired and get creative towards your next date night.


This is both easy and great for all trimesters. Although women in the third trimester might not be able to hold their weight for so long, so couples can reduce how much time they spend in this pregnant sex position. When doing this style, it is recommended that your partner hold your waist as he stands behind you. This will give you better support. Also, if you can, arch your back a little to point your butt backward for easier penetration.

Woman on top

The woman on top is also called the cowgirl position and as common as this position is, it is great for a lot of things including pregnant people. It is also a great position for all trimesters without any complications.

Simply, make your partner lie on his back as he helps you to get on top of him. You can try riding him but an alternative for sex positions pregnant style is to allow your partner to lift his legs, hold your waist and hump you from underneath. You won’t have to do anything but feel the pleasure rising inside of you satisfying your urge.

Reverse cowgirl

The opposite of ‘woman on top’, this pregnant sex position also allows your baby to breathe freely while you and your partner can have as much fun as you want. Also great for all trimesters, the reverse cowgirl would require you to look the other way instead of staring directly into your partner’s eyes. Another variation of this position is to fall and rest on his legs, while he sits up and if he can lift you while he holds your waist.


This intimate and romantic, yet common position works best for pregnant women in all trimesters, especially the second and third. It is also a lazy position that allows the couple to have fun without having to break a sweat or stress the baby. Simply by lying down on your side, your partner can cuddle, cover you and penetrate from behind. He can put his hands on your waist or massage your swollen breasts, which can also be a relief.

Oral and Anal sex

These alternatives are for days when you want to try something new or when you are just not down for penetration. Oral sex is when your partner concentrates on pleasuring you by stimulating your clitoris through licking, kissing, or fingering. You can also make use of sex toys for heightened pleasure. Just make sure that the toys and your partner’s fingers are well-cleaned to avoid infection from entering the vagina.

For anal sex, the best position is to get on all fours and have your partner enter from behind. Though you can try other styles, go for sex positions that ensure rear entry. This is because the anus contains germs and bacteria that are harmful to your baby if they made their way to the vagina. Therefore, to prevent this event from happening, avoid having anal sex from the front. But other than that, anal sex is 100% sexy and fit for your pregnancy.


Though these while pregnancy sex positions are completely safe, you still need to take precautionary measures to ensure that both you and your baby are safe while having sex. First, ensure that you can still have sex during this period by consulting your doctor on necessary matters. Also, communicate with your partner before, during, and after sex to guarantee that everything is alright.

Before having sex, let him know if you feel any discomfort or weakness anywhere. During the sex, let him know if you would like him to slow down or stop at any time. Additionally, after the sex, let him know how the sex felt. It’s a plus if you can compliment him too as that strengthens the couple’s bond. Sex is amazing with or without pregnancy as long you have the right information to make it work.


Now that you have concluded, we hope you have found the answers you need. So, which of these pregnant sex positions do you prefer? Are you looking to try new and more daring positions? Look no further — our best sex toy reviews can guide you through the world of more pleasure even with your pregnancy. So don’t pass by them without scrolling through, you would be impressed.

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