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Why Do Guys Like Anal Sex?

Man touches woman butt.

A lot of men obsessively indulge in fantasies about anal sex. It usually leaves women wondering why they like it so much and debating whether or not they should try anal sex with their partners. It has also been discovered that many women have anal sex at the request of their spouses.

Furthermore, studies show that men report a positive experience after performing anal sex with their partners. On the other hand, women who have had anal sex with their male partners see it as an unpleasable experience not worth repeating. It brings us back to the topic, why do guys like anal sex?

Men Like Sexual Variety

When a woman discovers something she likes sexually, she wants to repeat the same routine as often as she can. However, it doesn’t work the same way for men. Men typically chase different stimuli experiences to stay engaged.

It Is Sexier And More Adventurous

Men believe that women who engage in anal sex are more sensual and fulfill their fantasies. A woman who agrees to have anal sex shows her desire to have sex in a purely physical way, in its rawest form. She embraces this with no plans to get pregnant. Thus, she is willing to make her body, to some extent, a sexual object for the man to explore. Generally, a woman willing to try anal sex is more open-minded and might know how to turn a guy on.

Some research suggests that women who have anal sex reveal having more orgasms, not in anal sex only, but in all their sexual activities.

The Foreplay

Anal sex is very painful and requires a lot of foreplay and intentional work to control the pain even after using lubricants. There is also a lot of planning and preparation when getting ready to increase comfort and pleasure for both partners. The huge amount of attention paid to this preparation is intense foreplay that heightens the excitement. It is a huge turn-on for men.

Some Men See Anal Sex As A Gift

When a woman agrees to engage in anal sex with her partner, men usually see it as a sign of trust and love for them. They view it as something given out of love, respect, and willingness to give them something special and uncommon. Giving her body over to him, the man has ultimate control over her, and he feels he can go places no one else has ever gone.

Some People See It As A Form Of Dominance

During anal sex, the most common position is the woman being bent over and the man over her, looking at her back. For some men, a sense of power and domination comes with this. Men also view it as a way to have every part of the woman’s body. In some relationships where bondage during sex plays a role, they might see the pain a woman experiences as part of the allure.

Anal Sex Avoids Intimacy

There is usually no eye contact or face-to-face interaction during anal sex. For men trying to avoid commitment and intimacy, this might seem like the perfect way to have sex for them. However, women might find anal sex less satisfying because of the absence of intimacy.

Should You Try Anal Sex?

No one but you has the correct answer on whether you should try anal sex. It is okay to be apprehensive about anal sex as a woman because it is a new experience. If you are not well prepared, it can be unpleasant, and you may be completely put off the idea. You should also be sure that you are doing it for the right reasons, not just because a guy is pressuring you. Some women feel used or humiliated after having anal sex, which can be a negative step in the relationship.

On the other hand, if you are very curious and you want to try out new things, you may want to give it a go. Studies show that many women find anal sex enjoyable when they get past the initial awkwardness. Anal sex can increase your chances of an orgasm, and it may be something that turns you and your partner on collectively.


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