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Yoga Sex Positions

Yoga sex positions.

You may already be aware of the advantages of yoga, such as increased flexibility and better sleep. You may not realize that when you're engaged in a sex groove, yoga-inspired sex positions can help you break free.

These yoga sex positions are less scary than cracking out the Kama Sutra and can provide some much-needed variety to your sex life while also strengthening and stretching your muscles. What a win-win situation!

Happy Baby

Although it may seem strange to associate babies with sex, don't let the oddly innocent moniker deter you from trying this sexy yoga position. The happy baby is a spin on missionary with the receiving partner's legs up, and it's typically used at the end of a yoga class to stretch the hamstrings and alleviate lower back stress.

This yoga sex position allows for deep vaginal and anal penetration. If you're looking to try something more intense, you can ask your partner to put some pressure on your thighs during sex.

Low Cobra

This belly-down position is ideal for receiving anilingus or being entered from behind, whether in your booty or vagina. Low Cobra works your shoulder and chest muscles, strengthening and stretching them. It can assist in alleviating the muscle aches that come with sitting at a computer, allowing you to taste or be tasted comfortably while lying down.

Low Cobra exercises both strengthen and stretch your shoulder and chest muscles. It can help relieve muscle aches caused by prolonged computer use by allowing you to taste or be tasted comfortably while lying down. Shoulder and chest muscles are strengthened and stretched using low Cobra movements. It will enable you to taste or be tasted comfortably while lying down, which can help ease muscle aches caused by prolonged computer use.

Supported Bridge

When the receiving partner is penetrated in this position, their pelvic floor muscles naturally tighten. Thus, it's fantastic for P-spot or G-spot stimulation.

The Bridge Pose also strengthens the glutes and hamstrings, allowing you to hold particular sex positions for longer. Bear in mind that this position may put some pressure on your glutes. If your glutes become sore, you can place a couple of firm pillows to alleviate the stress.

Downward Dog

Downward dog is a mainstay of yoga sun salutations, just like doggy style is for some couples. As an inversion pose, a downward-facing dog can clear your mind and give you a "glow," thanks to the blood rushing to your head. It also allows you to get rid of the bed and try a rear entry posture while lying on the floor.

Downward Dog yoga position can also be used as a pre-sex warm-up: because most of us sit for long periods every day, our hamstrings become tight. Downward dog opens our inner thighs up and makes us more flexible during sexual intercourse.

Puppy Pose

This hamstring-stretching, the pec-loosening pose, is a cross between Downward Dog and Child's Pose and can be used to prepare your body for a rumble in the hay. Alternatively, the receiving partner might take advantage of this situation to make penetration stronger, better, faster, and more profound.

This is an excellent posture for fingering the receiving partner's vagina while simultaneously caressing their clit. Wrap a sex strap over the receiving partner's hips to increase leverage and make this position more pleasant.

Standing Split

This position benefits the doggy style while allowing the receiving partner to show their gymnast-like flexibility for more advanced yogis who can maintain a standing split without feeling like they will topple over. This position has the advantages of doggy style while allowing the receiving partner to show off their gymnast-Holding on to a bed poster or another tangible item while attempting to stand on one leg is a fantastic option for yoga newcomers who wish to try the sex pose.


With this stance, you may say goodbye to movement restrictions and hello to newfound mobility. Cat-Cow is ideal for anal or vaginal penetration because it improves pelvic movement. Cat-Cow aids in the opening and stabilization of the sacrum, allowing us to position our pelvis in various postures during intercourse.

It's hard on your wrists and arm muscles to hold your body in Cat-Cow. Consider leaning over a sex wedge, which will keep your hips in place while allowing your upper body to relax.

Reclining Butterfly

Is there a more relaxed sex position than a reclining butterfly? This one might be perfect if you're looking for a comfortable sex position that both people can enjoy for a long time. This posture also provides for extra deep penetration as a bonus.


Yoga positions are famous for alleviating stress and helping you relax. They also make for excellent sex positions. It would be best to discuss with your partner the different positions you plan to try. Always pay attention to your partner to know when they are uncomfortable; you must stop intercourse immediately if you notice any discomfort.

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