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How to Give Yoni Massage?

Woman Before Yoni Massage Therapy.

“It is probably the same as having foreplay.” The first time I heard about the yoni massage, I wondered what was so special about it. Curiosity led me to research, and I found out there was more to the yoni massage than just oral sex. Yoni massage is a sensual female massage, and it is not exactly a massage to orgasm.

I have written this article to help everyone who thinks about vaginal massage as the regular foreplay understand better.

Here, you will find out the importance of the yoni massage and how to go about it. Enjoy reading!

What is a yoni massage?

You can also call it “Vaginal massage.” Just as the name implies, it is a massage that focuses on the vulva and vaginal walls. The massage focuses on the internal (inside the vagina) and external (areas around the vagina like the thighs). The complete massage may also involve massaging other erogenous parts of the body like the breast. It is the most sensual massage for women.

Unlike the regular sexual foreplay, the end goal of the yoni massage is not orgasm. However, orgasmic yoni massage may happen eventually to some people, especially if it is a self vaginal massage. That is because the self-masseuse may stray from the purpose of the massage. It is okay if you orgasm. The massage gives heightened pleasure. So, a female massage orgasm is not unexpected.

Why is the tantra yoni massage important?

Like the regular ones, the tantra massage technique helps to relieve stress, tension and relax the body. BUT, the benefits of the vagina massage go way beyond body relaxation.

Below are five yoni massage therapy benefits:

  • Increases the chance of safe delivery: Several studies have shown that the yoni massage helps prepare the tissues around the vagina opening for delivery. The massage allows the vagina tissues to stretch. That helps to reduce tear and also help the delivering woman heal better after the whole process.
  • Better sex experience: A good yoni massage will aid blood flow into your vagina. That will help improve your arousal and sex drive. Vaginal massage for pleasure helps to contribute to your libido too.
  • Pain relief: For someone experiencing pelvic pains, a yoni massage may help provide relief. The massage also works as pelvic floor massage that helps to relieve any pain in the pelvis like pelvic dysfunction and vulvodynia.
  • Helps in healing sexual trauma: Some people choose yoni massage for healing from traumatic sexual experiences. If you have been with an abusive partner or have had a childhood abuse experience, the yoni massage helps you love yourself and let go of such memories.
  • Promotes body confidence: Learning what pleasures you increase self-love. It helps you appreciate your body and boosts self-confidence.

Yoni massage techniques

Do you want to administer a self yoni massage? Or perhaps, you want to try it with your partner? Here is a step-by-step guide to giving the vaginal massage:

  • Begin by caressing your or your partner’s body. Pay attention to erogenous zones like the breasts. Spend about 10 minutes doing that.
  • Move to your or your partner’s vulva and gently caress the surface. After the vulva massage, move to the clitoris.
  • Now, do the clitoral massage touch the lips of the vagina, perineum, and vagina lips.
  • While touching your vagina area, breathe in slowly through your mouth and exhale with your nose.
  • Pay attention to the sensations you or your partner may feel as you massage the vagina area.
  • Keep stimulating the vagina slowly and learn where and what gives you any sensation.
  • If you have the yoni egg, insert it into your or your partner’s vagina as you massage. The yoni egg is one sex toy you should have in your collection. It helps in stimulating the vaginal wall. Apart from using it for the yoni massage, the vagina stone can also be used for pleasure.
  • If you don’t have the egg, you can insert your finger into the vagina and carefully stimulate the walls.
  • Don’t forget that the goal of the yoni massage is not orgasm. It is okay to or not to attain orgasm.


Giving the yoni massage is not hard. The tricky part may be trying to restrain yourself from turning the massage session into another masturbating spree. To enjoy the benefits of the yoni massage, you may have to use a professional yoni masseuse or engage your partner.

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What is yoni?
Yoni is a Sanskrit word that describes the female generation organs. It is also interpreted to mean “sacred place.” A more diluted translation of yoni that we are all familiar with is the vagina.
What is a yoni massage?
A yoni massage is a genital massage that involves the stimulation of the vulva or vaginal walls. It may also focus on other erogenous zones to prepare the vagina for the process. You can get a yoni massage from your massage therapist, partner or do it yourself.
How to massage clit?
Do not go straight to the vagina. Start by caressing your erogenous zones to prepare your clit for the session. Then, use your fingers or sex toy to slide up and down the clitoris. Do that slowly and explore different angles while at it. You can also slide sideways.
How to massage the vagina?
After going through your erogenous zones, move to your vulva and explore. Massage the sides before sliding into the vagina with your fingers or sex toy. Massage the vagina walls carefully and slowly for about 10 minutes. Repeat the process until you are satisfied.
How to massage yourself down there?
Whether it is a yoni or a lingam massage, touch yourself slowly and gently. Breathe in gradually and exhale slowly. Explore every part of your genitals and note the sensation each area gives you. Spend at least an hour exploring yourself for a productive session.
How to give a tantric yoni massage?
Caress your erogenous zones, then move to the vulva and massage carefully. Do a clitoral massage, then move to the internal part of the vagina and massage slowly with a yoni egg, your finger, or a compatible sex toy. Spend at least an hour performing the massage for a productive exercise.

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