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sexy 06.05.2016

Many women need multiple penetration to climax and get maximum orgasm. Are you one of those for whom vaginal stimulation is not enough? Buy clitoral vibrator, and your sexual life will greatly change to the better, providing you with much more pleasure, satisfaction and fresh sensations.
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What is Clitoral Vibrators?

This is a sex toy that has an in-built vibrator for external stimulation of labia. It produces vibration, pulsation, or rotating motions that promote strong and intense penetration of clitoris. As the result, a woman experiences brighter sensations and reaches orgasm faster.

Their forms are different, which allows selecting a convenient type for maximum penetration intensity. Many women search for clitoral vibrators online, because vibrations generated work much better than dry hump, and contribute to far greater orgasms. This is a nice solution for both solo masturbation and couple intercourse. Clitoral vibrator is just what you need when vaginal penetration should be complemented by clitoral, but it is not convenient to keep doing two things simultaneously.
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Main Сharacteristics

There are lots of different clitoral vibrators for sale in the Net, and they have quite similar features:

  1. Gadgets come with in-built vibrating devices some of which feature remote control (usually comes as a smartphone application), or on-base control with the help of buttons.
  2. The speed and frequency of vibration, rotation or pulsation can be altered. The best clitoral vibrators allow customizing modes and creating your own patterns.
  3. They are usually produced from hard plastic, silicone, and even metal.

You can purchase clitoral vibrators of four basic types. Eggs and bullets are perfect for teasing the entire erogenous zone, can be used internally and externally. Butterfly vibrators are made I the form of a butterfly with wings and antennas that stimulate all areas simultaneously. As a rule, these models come with straps and are worn even during intercourse, leaving hands free and greatly complementing vaginal penetration.  Rabbit vibrators have been around for years, and they are still quite popular. This is an ideal solo sex toy that rotates, spins, swirls and even features twisting beads for anal penetration, reaching every erogenous zone and giving you enough freedom at the same time. Finger vibrators make clitoral stimulation stronger without body inhibitions.

If you want to try some of these kinds, order clitoral vibrator on our partner’s site! It offers a huge choice of sex toys and other appliances for reasonable prices.
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How to Use

What makes these sex toys popular is simplicity of use. Clitoral vibrators are designed so that to make sexual intercourse more convenient, penetrating clitoris instead of a person. If you don’t know anything about clitoral vibrator using, read the following short instructions.
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Butterfly vibrators are equipped with straps that allow attaching it to the waist and hips and leave hands free. Just adjust the harness, switch the device on and perform any other sexual activity you want.

Bullet and egg vibrators are supposed to be used by hands to penetrate clitoris and labia. Be careful, if injecting them in vagina, and don’t use such sex toys for anal penetration, because they may stuck inside bowels.

Rabbit vibrator is injected either once and stays inside, or can be thrust in repeatedly to provide both vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Switch it on, adjust the tempo and enjoy. Don’t forget about lube.

Finger vibrator is put on finger during clitoral stimulation. Everything is simple: fix it on your finger, switch on with the help of buttons, and tease your partner.

All these types are safe and very simple in use. All you need to keep in mind is applying lubricant and recharging batteries, when needed.

How to Choose

If you don’t know where to buy clitoral vibrators, and how to find your ideal model, note that:

  • Purchases must be made in official and well-known stores to avoid buying fake production;
  • If you need a cheap clitoral vibrator, select finger versions or models made of hard plastic;
  • If you order an item with remote control, make sure your smartphone platform supports an application;
  • You can read some clitoral vibrator reviews to compare models, learn their pros and cons.

Where to Buy Clitoral Vibrator

Our partner’s store provides all you need to make satisfying purchases. Visit the site, and enjoy low clitoral vibrator prices, fast and discreet delivery, user-friendly interface and convenient ways of payment.

Clitoral vibrators come in handy when you or your partner face difficulties with stimulation, either lacking powers or agility to provide all kinds of penetration at once. Order a sex toy, and feel free to experiment. Be sure, fantastic clitoral stimulation and brighter orgasms are guaranteed!
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