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sexy 06.05.2016

Like masturbating, but sometimes feel a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable with a bright plastic object in your hands. Your psychological discomfort can be easily eliminated, if you purchase realistic vibrators. They provide real-life sensations, looking and feeling like genuine penis.
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What is Realistic Vibrator?

This is a sex toy that is designed to mimic a real phallus. Shape, length, width, texture, color – all is made so that to provide you with feelings close to real ones. The best realistic vibrators are hard to differ from a real shaft, if you touch them with your eyes closed: smooth silicone texture with veins and balls contributes to natural and comfortable sensations. But this device has a bit more than just a soft elastic corpus – there is a vibrating device inside. It intensifies penetration and brings you mind-blowing sensations.

A realistic vibrator is ideal for both solo and couple sex, regardless of partners’ sexuality. It may be used for vaginal and anal sex, or clitoral teasing. The spheres of appliance are not limited.
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Main characteristics

Realistic vibrators for sale come in a huge variety of sizes and colors.

For instance, you may find a 5 inch model for beginners, or a 12-inch giant shaft, and even longer variations. The width is usually 1.25-1.5 inches. You can find a lot of vibrators colored naturally, and exotic models (blue, pink, purple, etc.) as well.

Vibrating device can be both with remote or on-base control (the first version usually comes with applications installed on smartphone or consoles).

Shape of vibrators can be either straight, or slightly curved. Models for anal sex usually feature balls that serve as restrainers and provide safe injection.

If you want to find your ideal model, visit our partner’s site and check for the vast range of realistic vibrators online. Get all you need: low prices, special offers, fast shipping and easy navigation.
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How to Use

The process of using is not complicated at all, but you need to know several things before getting into action:

  1. Apply a sufficient amount of lubricant on the gadget, especially if you are going to use it for anal sex. Water-based works good for all materials, while silicone-based is not supposed to be used with rubber, jelly and silicone devices.
  2. If you have purchased a waterproof model, check sealing before emerging it. Make sure it is safe and reliable, so that you wouldn’t get electric shock.
  3. Switch the vibrator on and have fun! Try it in different positions and for different erogenous zones. Adjust modes and choose your favorite ones.
  4. If you inject a vibrator into rectum, make sure it won’t get fully inside.

If you experience pains and discomfort, add more lubricant or try changing your position. Have swelling, blood, or just face unpleasant sensations for a long time? Visit your doctor.

How to Choose

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Where to buy a realistic vibrator that can replace a cock? How to find your ideal model? Here are five rules of successful shopping.

  1. Remember that realistic vibrator price depends mostly on material and functions included. Close to real silicone models with rotation, pulsation and vibration cost pretty much, while simpler versions with on-base control and plastic body are cheaper.
  2. Order sex toys in well-known, reliable stores that give warranty of product authenticity. You don’t want a fake and unsafe item, right?
  3. Need the most realistic vibrator? Silicone is the right material: smooth and soft, it reminds of skin and feels natural inside and outside.
  4. Remember that the length of device should be determined by your own preferences and anatomy. As a rule, medium 8 inch models are enough to provide mind-blowing penetration.
  5. If you want to order a remote-control model with special application, ensure that your portable device supports this type of software.
  6. Order realistic vibrators for underwater and anal sex with lubricant.

You can also read some realistic vibrators reviews to get the idea what your perfect variant is.

Where to Buy Realistic Vibrators

There are many sex shops online, and our partner’s site is one of leading marketplaces that offers excellent shopping conditions.

If you need cheap realistic vibrators and other sex toys, you can find optimal items with needed characteristics. Furthermore, the seller organizes special offers and sales quite frequently, which makes product way more affordable.

Order arrangement requires minimum personal information, and you can always be sure in its security. Besides, you may order discreet shipping: it will take up to several days to have your package delivered.

Buy realistic vibrators, and natural and pleasant sensations will be guaranteed! Try it alone, or with your partner and feel real-life pleasure complemented by positive vibrations.
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