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sexy 09.05.2016

If you like experimenting with your partner and want to find something interesting and surprising for both of you, a wireless remote control vibrator will become this very chilli you lack so much. Being one of the most popular toys for adults, it contributes to richer and more exciting sexual sensations and makes your relationships even more intimate.
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What is a Remote Control Vibrator?

If you have tried usual vibrators with different speeds and modes changed with the help of buttons, you know how irritating and inconvenient it may be. You have to put a device out at an awkward moment and start over to climax. No torture anymore! People who buy remote control vibrators don’t have to stop to switch speed and try some other functions. The control is at your fingertips: use a remote-control console or a special application to make your device work they way you like.

Besides, this type of toy is a great option for couple sex! For men, remote control vibrator is the best plaything and the most enjoyable way to tantalize women. When the thing is injected or used for clitoral stimulation, speed and vibration pattern change may be a real surprise for a partner. Playing and experimenting together, lovers become even closer and develop more trustful intimate relationships.
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Main Characteristics

There are hundreds of different remote control vibrators online. They can be made in different shapes and forms, for instance:

  • Classic phallus-like versions with or without anal and clitoral stimulators;
  • Eggs and bullets;
  • Butterflies and rabbits;
  • Massagers.

Devices can be manufactured from hard plastic, vinyl, silicone, jelly, rubber, elastomer and composite materials. Sizes can vary from as low as 5 inches and shorter (mini vibrators and stimulators) to 12 inches and more.

Depending on the type of connection, a gadget may be controlled at the distance up to 5-10 feet in sitting position (when driven via Bluetooth), 10-30 feet in standing position of a user. If the connection via Internet is established, a long distance remote control vibrator can be controlled from any point of the world! It allows partners interacting no matter how far they are from each other.

Of course, there are different quiet remote control vibrators that produce almost no noise and can be used in public without people noticing it.

The best remote control vibrators have battery charge for 1-2 hours of continuous work, come with warranty and are waterproof to be used practically anywhere you want!

Find your ideal model on our partner’s site! Low prices, supreme quality and extensive choice of adult toys are guaranteed!
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How to Use

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A vibrator with remote control is very convenient in use and may bring a lot of unusual fresh sensations to both partners. Spheres of application are not limited. You may enjoy while:

  • going solo and having your hands free for additional stimulation;
  • foreplaying with your partner being in his or he power, which is a very surprising, unforgettable experience for both of you;
  • being in public together. That’s a great option for couples who like extreme sex and do it discreetly outside the house.

No matter which way you prefer, remote control vibrator using is a pleasant and easy-breezy process that brings genuine pleasure to all users.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is using of lubricant: it is obligatory for anal penetration and in cases when a user lacks natural lubrication. Read remote control vibrator reviews to learn specific details about each model.

How to Choose

There are hundreds of remote control vibrators for sale on the market, so it can be quite hard to make the right choice. How to buy a completely satisfying and pleasurable item? Think of your preferences and needs first:

  1. If you will use a device with your partner for foreplay and teasing, a remote control panty vibrator is the most suitable device. It is compact and convenient and delivers light but yet very arousing sensations.
  2. You have to travel a lot? Order remote control vibrator with USB charging: you won’t have to search for sockets around, and the device will always be ready for exploitation.
  3. If you want to experience maximum pleasure, select the models with anal and clitoral stimulators: they penetrate all zones at once, including G-spot, so you can experience more frequent and long-lasting orgasms without applying much effort for that.
  4. Need a cheap remote control vibrator? Then select silicone and plastic phallus-like versions with Bluetooth connection – these are the most affordable variants.

Where to Buy Remote Control Vibrators?

Low remote control vibrator prices, fast delivery and great choice of sex toys are guaranteed by our partner’s site! Purchase remote control vibrators in this store, and you will be totally satisfied by purchases and shopping.
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