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Sex dolls

Sex dolls have been in existence for a very long time and they are yet to see their end days. Instead, they are evolving into more advanced dolls that look and feel like an alive person. During lonely days with or without a partner, you can experiment with a sex doll. They can also bring your sexual fantasies to life, no matter how crazy or out of this world they are. It is disease-free, safe, and shouldn’t cause you unnecessary drama. If you have no clue about the many variations of love dolls, or you just want to update your knowledge on the best sex dolls nowadays, this is the article for you.

Top 10 Best Sex Dolls in 2023

Products Information Price
May Premium Silicone Sex Doll (165 cm)
Material: Silicone
Height: 5ft4 (165 cm)
Weight: 77 lbs (35 kg)
Bust: 36 inches (91 cm)
Waist: 24 inches (60 cm)
Hips: 34 inches (84 cm)
Vagina: 7.5 inches (19.5 cm)
Anus: 7.5 inches (19.5 cm)
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Lisa Premium Silicone Sex Doll (164 cm)
Material: Silicone
Height: 5ft4 (164 cm)
Weight: 74 lbs (34 kg)
Breast: 32 inches (82 cm)
Waist: 24 inches (62 cm)
Hips: 32 inches (82 cm)
Vagina: 7.5 inches (19.5 cm)
Anus: 7.5 inches (19.5 cm)
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Mirella 168 cm Premium TPE Sex Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5ft6 inches (168 cm)
Weight: 38 kg
Breast: 77 cm
Waist: 47.5 cm
Hips: 88 cm
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Charles Big 175cm / 5ft 9 Male Doll - Iron Tech Doll
Charles Big Iron Tech Doll
Material: Silicone
Height: 5ft9 (175 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Chest: 36 inches (92 cm)
Waist: 28 inches (76 cm)
Hips: 39 inches (99 cm)
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Anna 170 cm Premium TPE Sex Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5ft7 (170 cm)
Weight: 37 kg
Breast: 84 cm
Waist: 53.5 cm
Hips: 35.5 cm
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Jessica 156cm / 5ft 2 E - Cup - Iron Tech Doll
Material: Silicone
Height: 5ft2 (156 cm)
Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg)
Chest size: 35 inches (95.5 cm)
Waist: 29.5 inches (75 cm)
Hips: 49 inches (125 cm)
Vagina: 7.5 inches (19 cm)
Anus: 6.7 inches (17 cm)
Mouth: 5 inches (13 cm)
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Kareena 167cm / 5ft 5 E - Cup - SE Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5ft5 (167 cm)
Weight: 92.6 lbs (42 kg)
Bust: 35.1 inches (90 cm)
Waist: 25.4 inches (65 cm)
Hips: 35.9 inches (92 cm)
Vagina: 6.7 inches (17 cm)
Anus: 6.7 inches (17 cm)
Mouth: 5.9 inches (15 cm)
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Mary Premium Silicone Sex Doll (164 cm)
Material: Silicone
Height: 5ft4 (165 cm)
Weight: 77 lbs (35 kg)
Breast: 36 inches (91 cm)
Waist: 24 inches (60 cm)
Hips: 34 inches (84 cm)
Vagina: 7.5 inches (19.5 cm)
Anus: 7.5 inches (19.5 cm)
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Charlot 167cm / 5ft 5 E - Cup - SE Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5ft5 inches (167 cm)
Weight: 37 kg
Bust: 88 cm
Waist: 63 cm
Hips: 90 cm
Vagina: 17 cm
Anus: 15 cm
Mouth: 15 cm
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Types of Sex Dolls

Let us dive straight into the many types of sex dolls we have. With every passing day, more and more love doll varieties are being released into the market to cater to every of your sexual need. This means that whatever your fetish, you can find a sex doll that fits right into such criteria. But to make it easier than naming a hundred types of sex dolls, we have categorized them based on material, size, body type, age, gender, and some other features. This way, it would be easy for you to have a full idea of how many sexes doll type there are to fulfill your sexual fantasies with.

Twins anime sex dolls.
Realistic Sex Doll.
Masturbator rubber doll alana ribbed.
Silicone Sex Doll.
Realistic shemale doll.
Inflatable Sex Doll.
Male Sex Doll Best
Sex Doll Mini
Japanese Sex Doll
Asian Silicone Sex Doll
Sex Robot
Best Adult Sex Doll Torso
Sex Dolls For Gay Men
Fantasy Sex Dolls
Porn Star Sex Dolls
Best beautiful 65cm sex dolls
Celebrity Blow Up Dolls
Teen Sex Doll
Best Black Male Sex Doll
Alien Sex Doll Blue Skin


The material used to create a doll is as important as any other thing. Because this is what determines what makes the sex doll feel or look like. Dolls made of plastic can be very hard to touch and might not give you the required sexual feel you are looking for. That is why sex dolls are made from either of these three materials: Silicone, Rubber, or TPE. The three are very realistic materials and so, you can be sure that any of them would make your love doll feel alive. However, the silicone is much softer than the TPE material. And rubber is more elastic than both of them. And although rubber sex dolls don’t look as realistic facially, they can provide the elasticity of boobs and ass.

Body type

This is another category of different sex dolls. As all women/men look different, love dolls also have varying body configurations. There are BBW sex dolls, big tits, and flat-chested sex dolls. Other variations of sex dolls based on their different body types are big booty, curvy, muscular, and pregnant sex dolls. For male sex dolls, they can either be very built or mildly built.


The size of the sex doll is also very paramount. Some people might prefer doing someone big while others might have a small fetish going on. Either way, love dolls have got you covered. There are petite sex dolls, tiny sex dolls, tall, and full-sized types too. The male sex dolls are either long, medium, or short (thick or thin).

Best Sex Doll.


Sex dolls are also differentiated by gender. As simple as this might sound, there are also transgender sex dolls. This means that they are no longer limited to female or male sex dolls. For those that have the fetish or fantasy to do a transgender and lack the social skill to talk to one, love dolls are here to assist.


Some people prefer teen while others might prefer a MILF sex dolls. Love dolls are created with different age ranges to suit many preferences. There are young sex dolls, teen and milf sex dolls.

Other features

These are some of the other features that are categorized as extras. These are some additional settings you might love in your doll. They include vibration, heating, moaning sound activation, or artificial intelligence excitement. Though these additional features make the sex doll more expensive than regular ones, how much is too much for your sexual satisfaction?

How Were These Sex Dolls Evaluated?

Our sex experts curated the list with the essential tips to consider, from discovering the safest and best material for sex dolls to gathering helpful customer reviews from people who have explored several sex toys while also considering the financial capability of everyone. Believe us when we say that we have provided you with a list of the best sex toys you can find on the market. More so, the preferences of everyone were not left out when evaluating these sex dolls.

What Are Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls are sex toys designed in the size and shape of a human, with human-like features for a more realistic masturbation experience. A sex doll is an illusion of sex toys in the form of an adult to satisfy sexual desires. Most sex dolls are correct anatomically and may come in the form of an entire human body or just from the head to the pelvis with breasts, penis, and at least, one orifice; anus, mouth, and vagina. They come in different genders, races, body types, skin, hair, areola, nipple, and eye colors. They are often made of silicone or TPE materials.

Realistic Sex Dolls

Realistic sex dolls are just like the other sex dolls but if you want your doll to have a personality or seem closer to reality, these are the best option. They have an uncanny resemblance to life characters and are much more than just fiction. They look like a particular celebrity you have been crushing on, a porn star, or they could have the features from a race or ethnicity. Below is a better description of more types of realistic sex dolls for you.

  1. Celebrity Sex Dolls: If you have always had the crazy fantasy about having a steamy moment with some actors, or artists, celebrity sex dolls have got you covered. They are designed to look like real-life celebrities, given a similar name, and created with the perfect image of their body shapes.
  2. Porn-star Sex Dolls:  Similar to celebrity dolls, pornstar sex dolls are made to look like your favorite pornstars. If you’ve ever crushed on any porn star, your sexual fantasy can come true with pornstar love dolls.
  3. Asian sex dolls: These are the sex dolls that are made to resemble and have Asian features. Asian sex dolls have larger and captivating eye sizes. Some have fuller breasts and fuller ass. They can be categorized into Japanese sex dolls, anime sex dolls, hentai sex dolls are so much more. They can be based on amine (Asian) fantasies, and have brightly colored hair such as grey, blue or pink. They can originate with or without vibrating features to heighten the sexual experience.
  4. Black sex dolls: Ebony gods and goddesses might be your fetish. To have the muscular black basketballer or a sexy black-skinned diva is possible with the black sex dolls. Their skin color is what makes them very special, as they are filled with darker shades than regular love dolls. The color ranges from light brown to coffee brown to charcoal black.
  5. Latina sex dolls: The Latina lovers are not left out of the sex doll party. Want a Latina for yourself, Latina sex dolls have got you covered. With their bright sunset skin color and bouncy hair type, you can satisfy your sexual hunger with soft (and realistic) Latina love dolls. There are black-haired, brown-haired, and redheaded dolls.
  6. European sex dolls: Europeans have always had a sexy touch. Their hair, skin color, eyes, and lips are unique and it is not a surprise why it could be someone’s fantasy. A European sex doll has all the components you might want in a typical European lady or man. There are made from durable and life-like materials to keep the fantasy realistic. Their hair color ranges from black, grey, brown, gold, red, and so much more.
Best Realistic Sex Dolls.

Anime Sex Dolls

These are sex dolls that take after the anime look. They have large and bright eyes, fair skin, and cute faces. They can be tagged the cute sex doll types. Some are also hot and sexy with full-sized breasts and asses. Amine love dolls mimic amine characters from movies, games, and comics, bringing the sexual fantasy to life. They are usually characterized by brightly colored hair like mint green, pink, sharp yellow, blue, or grey. Other varieties of anime sex dolls are hentai love dolls and Lolita sex dolls. Anime dolls are usually made from silicone or TPE. So that they can feel as realistic as possible. Some also contain other additional features such as voice enablement (moaning), or vibration. These sex dolls are usually dressed in specific types of clothing such as lingerie, tiny sailor clothes, school uniforms, and other anime fantasy outfits. They have a metal skeleton that gives them a bony structure and make them humanly flexible for several sex positions. They are also of average Asian height and weighty enough to feel like a human being while being light enough to lift.

Fantasy Sex Dolls

Fantasy sex dolls are another variety of sex dolls available to level up your sexual experience. They are created to resemble sexy fantasy characters in our movies, animation, and popular games. Many of us have always wondered how it would feel like to have sex with a real-life fairy, elf, vampire, demons, ghosts, and so many other characters. Fantasy love dolls have made this possible. They usually have these features such as elongated ears, unrealistic thin waists, vampire teeth, and of course, the right dress code.

  • Alien sex dolls: Your sex partner is from any planet, she (or he) is looking as sexy as you have imagined. And before you are taken to her (or his) master, you need to enjoy some moments with her. Or maybe your punishment is to have sex with an alien character for trying to escape. Alien love dolls open you to a world of crazy imagination where you are faced with your alien fantasy.
  • Elf sex dolls: With their elongated ears and very pointed nose, elves have always been very sexy fantasy characters. And now, you get to do many things with your fantasy sex doll. Elf love dolls might be green colored with some detailing or might be the naturally fair skin color. Their eyes are usually so captivating with brightly colored blond, green, or brown hair. They are usually made from silicone or TPE materials.
  • Vampire Sex doll: The vampire love doll in your room might not be interested in sucking your blood, but they are ready to bring your sexual fantasy to life. Usually, with red or black hair and sharp teeth, vampire sex dolls are sex dolls that can give you the vampire feel.
Fantasy Elf Sex Doll.

Inflatable sex dolls

Inflatable dolls are also called blow-up sex dolls. They (as the name implies) require you to fill them up with air to form a male or female human-like figure. Inflatable sex dolls are made from different materials (rubber or silicone), come in various shapes (and sexual positions), and have varying lengths/sizes of body parts. Just like regular love dolls, they can be from different ethnicity such as Caucasian, Asian, Black.

Though the facial appearance of an inflatable sex doll isn’t as top-notch as the non-inflatable sex dolls, they can provide you with just as much sexual experience. They have pussy holes or a penis that is very useful for masturbation of both men and women. Some are full-body consisting of the head, neck, breasts, nipple, legs, vagina/penis, balls, anus, etc. And some are created in parts of breasts, pussy, dick, or from the neck down to the laps.

Blow-up sex dolls are much cheaper than regular love dolls and are easier to store. They weigh less, but they don’t exactly look like a balloon. The material used for blow-up sex dolls is also human-like and feels like real skin. It is very important to sanitize and properly clean your inflatable sex doll before and after use to avoid infections. The material used to make the doll also has to be considered. To be safer, it is advisable to read the reviews for any inflatable sex doll before purchase.

Choose Sex Doll Male Sex Doll Best.

Male sex dolls

Though this is not very common, there are male sex dolls for female and gay sex cravers. They open up opportunities to exercise your sexual fantasy with dicks instead of big full breasts and vaginas. They can come looking like male celebrities such as Korean artists/actors, wrestlers, and boxers, action TV stars, etc. They can also look like your favorite male porn stars. Other characters male love dolls can mimic are fantasy characters (such as Thor, Captain America, Superman, etc), demons, Asian men, Black thick men, Caucasians and so much more.

They can come as full-sized males from the head to the toe, and they can also be purchased as parts. They are made from different materials such as silicone, rubber, or TPE. These make them feel and look realistic. Some are medium and average men, while others are more muscular, ripped, and built.

Gay sex doll

Gay sex dolls are mainly created for the sexual satisfaction and exploration of gay masturbation. They take the whole game to a different level with many-sized dicks and body texture. The dick size depends on personal preference but is sure to start slow if you are a first-timer. They are also made from different materials and come in many colors. TPE sex dolls made for gay are very good options because of how realistic they look and feel. There are black male sex dolls are well as white-skinned male love dolls. These all depend on your personal preference.

She-male sex dolls

She-male sex dolls or otherwise called transgender sex dolls are another category of love dolls. They are characterized by having dicks, a pussy, and full breasts – which is to replicate the features of a she-male. They usually have feminine faces that can either be cute or sexy. They also have nicely placed full breasts. These can either come in small, medium, or large sizes. Finally, their dicks can either be long or short, thick or thin. Some she-male sex dolls have removable penis to make them full feminine depending on the mood of the air. They can come as a full-body sex doll or in part of the neck to the butt. They are mainly for those who have transgender fantasies or tendencies. They are mostly made of silicone, or TPE to look real. They are also very attractive and sexy, maybe even better than your fantasies. And just like other sex dolls, they can be Asian, Black, Latina, Caucasian etc. They can also be dressed similar to fictional characters especially elves, fairies, nymphs, warriors, demi-gods, goddesses, and so on. In some she-male love dolls, the penis vibrates to create a heightened level of sexual pleasure. For beginners, it is advisable to have a brief overview of transgender sex dolls before sexual play. To avoid infections, always clean your sex doll before and after use.

Robot Sex Dolls

Robot sex dolls or AI sex dolls bring sci-fi into sexual fantasy. Just like regular love dolls, they come in both male, female, and trans-genders. What makes them so fascinating is that they come with special features that make them more realistic and human-like. Some robot sex dolls offer self-lubricating vaginas, relieving you of the discomfort from friction. The lubricants are made from different materials/ingredients. So, it might be better to be more cautious if you have sensitive skin. Something else about AI sex dolls (especially when it comes to their self-lubricating vaginas) is that they can orgasm. This includes the moaning, the vibration, and the flow of warm pussy juice. They also have touch sensors that enable easy communication. Robot dolls are very much like human beings because they can be programmed to feel sex, talk, have a personality, or recreate a fantasy. This means that by having a robot sex doll, you can have a talkative, moody, shy, jealous, or sensual sex partner.

Custom Sex Doll.

Differences Between a Sex Doll and a Sex Robot

A significant difference between a sex doll and a sex robot is that a sex robot uses innovative technology. They are manufactured to carry out conversations and can even form conversation topics with their owners. A sex doll cannot make a speech and is meant for just sex. Currently, there is only one sex robot on the market, so you might need to make do with a sex doll.

Tips On Choosing the Best Sex Doll

Check out some tips from our professionals to guide you in your purchase:

  • Safety first! Go for skin-safe materials that still offer you a realistic feeling. We recommend sex dolls with silicone material as they are skin-friendly and easier to clean.
  • If being discreet is important to you, consider the ones that come with their discreet packaging.
  • Ensure you choose one that suits all your fetishes and preferences. Check out the ones with the orifices that are most important to you. The sizes of the body parts you prefer, the hair, skin, areola, and skin color are also essential tips.

How To Use a Sex Doll

Irrespective of the quality of your sex doll, careless usage would reduce the life span and hinder you from getting value for your money. Check out some expert tips to get the most from your sex doll:

  • Keep your sex doll away from foreign objects. Fire, sharp objects, and liquid substances should be kept away from the toy, especially the circuit parts, to avoid circuit failure.
  • Do not move your sex doll by dragging any of its parts. Hug the doll to move it.
  • Do not bend your sex doll beyond the designated level.
  • Ensure that your sex doll is correctly cleaned with suitable sex toy cleaning materials after use.
  • For sex dolls that use a battery, take it out after use to prevent it from running out too quickly.

Custom Sex Dolls

Have you ever wondered or imagined how your perfect sex partner should look like? And do you wish you had a say in every little detail that is present in your sex partner? Well, this is very possible for custom sex dolls. You can customize your love doll down to every single detail before bringing her or him home. In case you are overwhelmed with what needs to be customized in your custom sex doll, there’s no need to worry because we have got it covered.

  1. The material: the kind of material that comes with your doll determines how it feels, looks, and how it responds to manipulation. Some sex dolls are made of silicone, some rubber, or TPE. Silicone is stronger than the other two materials. Rubber is more elastic and TPE is less toxic to the skin.
  2. Skin color: another thing you can customize on your custom sex doll is his/her skin color. You can choose from fair white, fresh pink, caramel, ebony black, coffee brown and so much more. You can also experiment with weird colors like elf green, vampire-pale white, avatar blue, blood pink etc.
  3. Ethnicity: If you don’t want to create a new look from scratch, you can have some help from unique ethnic features. Examples are Asian eyes, Caucasian lips, and so on. You can also choose to import the whole look into your sex doll features.
  4. Hair: most love dolls originally come with very long hair. But if this is not your fetish, you can have your sex doll come with shorter hair and any color you like. You can also customize the amount of hair you want on the private part, chest, or face.
  5. Size: this is the most obvious area to customize. Based on your personal preference, you can make your custom sex doll have big, medium, or small sizes of the following body parts: breasts, dick, nipple, waist, pussy, eyes, lips, and balls. You can also customize the height and weight of your doll.
  6. Additional features: You can make your love doll more fictional by adding specific body parts that help bring your sexual fantasies to life. You could choose a round open mouth for easy blow-job, pregnant detail for pregnancy fetish, male or female torso etc. Other features that you can add to your custom sex doll are moaning sounds, vibration, and a self-warming vagina.

Pros And Cons of a Sex Doll

  • One significant advantage of having a sex doll is that it is always available. It is unrealistic to think that a human partner would want to have sex whenever you want to. But with a sex doll, your worries are over!
  • Also, you can go raw on your sex doll if you do not share it. Fuck pregnancy, STI/STDs scares.

The irony of an advantage of sex dolls is that it can also be a disadvantage. If you are trying to have a baby, a sex doll does not offer you this. You may try other methods of having a baby, though.

Sex dolls are like the device for making sexual fantasies come true with sexual partners. They up the game of masturbation, and make role play possible. You can pick from the many options available to match your sexual fantasy. And if you cannot find any of them that fits into your imagination, you can take advantage of the custom love dolls to create your perfect sex doll.

Choose and order Sex Doll
How much is a sex doll?
Sex dolls are more expensive than adult sex toys because of the materials used to make them and the additional features they possess. However, an average sex doll should cost between $900 and $2,000. Other sex dolls such as robot sex dolls and custom sex dolls could go as high as $5,000 to $50,000 depending on how much customizing is done.
How to use a sex doll?
Sex dolls are very easy to use. They are just like human beings so the simple trick is as follows: rub her breasts and pussy, stick your dick into the holes (vagina or pussy), and so on. However, some sex dolls are more complicated than others (especially robot sex dolls). Therefore, it is advisable to read the manual of every sex doll before use.
How to clean a sex doll?
Cleaning and sanitizing are very important because it decreases the risk of getting a bacteria infection. Cleaning a sex doll can be a lot, depending on the size of the doll. To make things easier, simply take your sex doll for a bath. However, be careful when using hot or warm water. Some sex doll materials cannot withstand too much heat.
How to store sex dolls?
Keeping a sex doll can be a bit of a hassle especially if you don’t live alone and you don’t want your sex doll all over the place. The best place to keep a sex doll is its storage case. However, if you don’t have a storage case, keep them in a place with ventilation. It is also important that you store your sex doll in either a standing position or lying down.
What is the most realistic sex doll?
There are so many sex dolls, and different things make one more realistic than another. For one person, an elf sex doll might not be realistic and to another, it is. Therefore, the realness of a sex doll is very dependent on a person’s preference. However, using a life-like material for your sex doll is a good place to start towards having a realistic sex doll.
Are sex dolls worth the money?
Sex dolls are worth the money because they are made of exquisite materials that make them look real. They are made in different body types, shapes, sizes, and genders that suit your preference. They are designed with a lot of additional like sound activation, artificial intelligence, and many others that makes them worth their money.
How long does a sex doll last?
Your sex doll can last anything from 2-5 years, depending on the usage and care. Silicone sex dolls are known to last longer than TPE sex dolls because they are more durable materials.
Do sex dolls feel real?
Sex dolls can stimulate the feel of real human sex. Those made of silicon and rubber, in particular, are soft to touch and have an incredible sexual feeling.
How much do sex dolls weigh?
The average weight of most sex dolls is between 25kg to 40kg. They vary in size and shape. This variation accounts for the differences in weight.

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