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Realistic Sex Dolls

Realistic Sex Doll.

Are you looking for complete sexual gratification in the absence of a human partner and at any time you want to? Imagine a time when you do not have to depend on the mood or wishes of your partner. Sex dolls can fulfill your craving for an orgasm. Whether you need dolls for men or women, selecting the best realistic sex doll involves paying attention to its sex organs. Some people like busty full size realistic sex dolls whilst others are fixated on curvaceous ones. You might have a fetish for a wide waist or get attracted to a big booty love doll. If you are a woman, the height and the penis size of your doll is the key draw. The doll might be a blonde, Latina, ebony, baby-faced or sport a matured face. Throw in your darkest sexual desires to get just the woman/man of your dreams.

Top 10 Best Realistic Sex Dolls in 2023

Products Information Price
Anastasia: Russian Sex Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5 feet 5 inches (166 cm)
Weight: 73 lbs (33kg)
Bust: 32 inches
Waist: 20 inches
Hips: 33 inches
Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 6.7 inches
Mouth: 5.1 inches
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Tori Premium Curvy TPE Sex Doll
Material: Medical TPE + Stainless Steel Skeleton
Height: 5 feet 34 inches (163 cm)
Weight: 108 lbs (49 kg)
Breast: 37.8 inches (96 cm)
Waist: 26.8 inches (68 cm)
Hips: 44.5 inches (113 cm)
Oral Depth: 5.2 inches
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Annika Premium Female Sex Doll
Material: Steel Skeleton with movable joints
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 100 lbs
Bust: 39 inches
Waist: 23 inches
Hips: 43 inches
Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 6.7 inches
Mouth: 5.1 inches
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Donna Premium Female Sex Doll
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 92.6 lbs
Bra Size: G-Cup
Feet Length: 8 inches
Bust: 2 ft 10 in
Waist: 2 ft 2 in
Hip: 3 ft 3 in
Vagina Depth: 7 inches
Oral Depth: 5 in
Anus Depth: 6 inches
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Yumi: Kinky Sex Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight: 70 lbs (32 kg)
Bust: 32.5 inches
Waist: 22.5 inches
Hips: 33 inches
Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 6.7 inches
Mouth: 5.1 inches
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Brooklyn: Australian Sex Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5 feet 5 inches (166 cm)
Weight: 73 lbs (33kg)
Bust: 32 inches
Waist: 20 inches
Hips: 33 inches
Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 6.7 inches
Mouth: 5.1 inches
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Bubbles: Virgin Sex Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm)
Weight: 88 lbs (39.9 kg)
Bust: 32 inches
Waist: 22.5 inches
Hips: 32.8 inches
Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 6.7 inches
Mouth: 5.1 inches
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Linda: Asian Escort Sex Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5 feet 2 inches (156 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
Bust: 40 inches
Waist: 25 inches
Hips: 43 inches
Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 6.7 inches
Mouth: 5.1 inches
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Anne: Secretary Sex Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5 feet 5 inches (166 cm)
Weight: 73 lbs (33kg)
Bust: 32 inches
Waist: 20 inches
Hips: 33 inches
Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 6.7 inches
Mouth: 5.1 inches
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What are Realistic Sex Dolls?

A realistic sex doll, also called a life size doll or full size love doll, is a kind of sex toy having the shape and size of a sexual partner to help in masturbation. The realistic love dolls may come in various forms and you may choose to buy as per your fetish. It may come with just the head, a whole body with face, or with accessories like anus, vagina, penis or mouth to stimulate you. To enhance your sexual experience, the parts of real sex dolls are sometimes vibrating and can be easily interchanged or removed if they stop working or if you want an alternative.


A doll’s weight is a key aspect to consider when planning to buy it. Adult and medium-sized dolls can weigh around 40 Kg and mini-dolls have a weight of about 12 Kg. When you choose juicy butt and big breasts, you have to think about the heaviness that comes with it. Hence, before making the final buying decision, ask yourself whether you will be able to lift or move a full size realistic sex doll. Additionally, are you capable of placing the doll in the correct manner when having sex? Whether you wish to experience sex doll anal or vaginal, its positioning is of prime importance. For beginners, getting a ultra realistic sex doll of about 30 to 40 Kgs is a good idea. This lends a balance between comfort and realism.

Life-size Realistic Sex Doll.


Notwithstanding your desire for complete sexual pleasure, the availability of space in your house and your ability to carry the ultra realistic sex doll is also important when choosing a sex doll. You may accordingly opt for a torso, a mini sex doll or a life-size sex doll. While the maximum height of a real life female sex doll is 5 feet, for men the height range is 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet.

Torso - Sometimes storing and handling realistic sex dolls are issues you cannot avoid at any cost. Help yourself by choosing torsos. Small in size and available in a bigger range of options, they never fail to dishearten. You can fit them into a carry-on whenever you need to. Choose the one with arms or just the legs or a huge ass or with boobs, etc. to satisfy your sexual hunger. The small size also helps in easy and quick cleaning of the dolls.

Mini Realistic Sex Doll - A new trend in the industry, mini sex dolls are gaining popularity because they are small, easy to handle and store. If you are a first time user of love dolls, miniature dolls are a good option for you. With their real-life sex doll pussies and devices, they are perfect for that orgasmic feel.

Life-size Sex Dolls - With the normal height of a woman and 100% human-like features, these most realistic sex dolls can put you in a confusion. Right from their eyes to limbs, they give the impression of a real human being. Buy them only when you have enough space in your house.

Platinum Cured Secretary Silicone Sex Doll. Choose Realistic Doll

The Material of Realistic Sex Dolls

Hyper realistic sex dolls have come a long way from their plastic material, unwieldy nature and identical looks. Contemporary dolls can be customised as per your wishes. Read on to know about the different types of sex dolls as per their material.

Silicone Lifelike Sex Dolls

More lifelike and softer than plastic dolls, realistic silicone sex dolls give you the opportunity to choose the one whose appearance is the best. If you want to spend your pleasure time with different faces on different days, posable dolls are just what you need. With metal skeletons and adjustable facial features, you can give her different bodily arrangements as well as various expressions.

Realistic TPE Sex Doll.

TPE Real Looking Sex Dolls

In spite of resembling silicone in feel and look, TPE sex dolls are more pliable and softer than the former. It is so soft that it can adopt the impression of whatever it comes in contact with, including clothes. The same feature makes it mold a little to its partner. These too are posable, and like silicone dolls, they come with metal skeletons that make them heavy. However, several TPE dolls are considered the best realistic sex dolls for being lighter and smaller than their silicone counterparts.

Realistic Pretty Silicone Sex Doll.

Cloth and Stuffed Dolls

Unlike TPE and silicone dolls, stuffed dolls are less realistic and more akin to animation. Available in a huge range of styles, majorly anime-style, the dolls have vagina inserts. Hence, you may forget about the anxiety of damaging the material. These real life sex dolls are ideal for anyone having a plush fetish or those who are not comfortable with the uncanny valley aesthetic.

Blow-Up Realistic Sex Dolls

The age-old inflatable girlfriend is still there and till date made from PVC. However, some companies have started offering solid silicone hands, head and feet. If your storage space is limited, these adult love dolls are ideal for you.

Female Sex Dolls

Skinny, busty or petite realistic sex dolls for men are designed as per their wildest fantasies. With removable boobs, vaginal canal and more, you get the ultimate interchangeable experience.

Male Realistic Sex Dolls

Sex dolls for women, gay sex dolls or male real dolls come in various varieties with their sultry traits and features. Customise him with a detachable penis, preferred complexion, facial features and pubic hair.

Blonde Sex Doll.

Other Types of Most Realistic Sex Dolls

AI: Touted as the future of sex dolls, AI robot sex dolls are more realistic and enjoyable than any of its counterparts. Their mouths, eyes and lips are so responsive that you will forget you are with a doll. With an anatomically correct penis, anus and boobs, they are extremely realistic fuck dolls. As their bodies get warm on contact with yours, their super-realistic nature enhances. These are perfect for people who do not stop at just having sex, but prefer to strike a conversation as well. The toys not only respond to your love-making, but also have the ability to shake their ass, bounce their breasts and do much more to make you happy. Whether it is a male or a female sex doll, it can have all types of conversation with you, sexual or non-sexual. With improving technology, the options and opportunities of such dolls are expected to grow.

Porn Star Realistic Love Dolls: How many times have you fantasized about your favourite porn stars? Now is the chance to have sex with them, have them on your bed, and feel them up.

Latina: Possessing an hour-glass figure, these lifelike sex dolls are probably the sexiest and the most beautiful of the lot. Be it night, noon or morning, they can satisfy your sexual desires with their pronounced curves, thick lips, pretty faces, chocolate to dark skin tones and romantic eyes.

Muscular Realistic Sex Dolls: Several men would love to bed an athletic and fit woman with muscles. Sporty girls have a tendency to be eager and innovative on the bed. If you are obsessed with such women, these dolls are just what you need.

Blonde: Are you one of those men who get an erection just by thinking of a hot blonde love doll? These premium realistic sex dolls with awesome body parts, facial features and blonde hair color are the best gift you can get for yourself.

Ebony: Those who wish to date a black chick can experience the ultimate pleasure when they have sex with these black sex dolls. Their strong fit legs and lean body turn on many a man.

Teen: 18-year-old young adults are a store-house of immense energy whilst making love. So are these. Their sex doll pussies will make you a young man again, and you will get back to your high-school days the moment you jump into the bed beside them anywhere near them. With their spiky nipples and curvy butts, they have every potential to arouse you.

Japan Realistic Sex Doll.

Safety Tips for Using a Realistic Love Doll

As simple as it may be to centre your attention only on the bliss that your sex toys bring you in the bedroom, kitchen or anywhere you want, it is crucial to use the realistic sex dolls in a safe manner. This not just assures your safety, but also lengthens the life of your toy. You can then use your most lifelike sex dolls for years instead of ordering a new one after a few months.

  • Buy realistic love dolls made only of silicone or TPE. Plastic sex dolls expose users to harmful substances that impact their health.
  • Try not to share your real sex doll with another person. This helps check the spread of diseases. In case you do, use a condom for the penis of the male sex doll.
  • When using a silicone realistic sex doll for women or men, prepare it by powdering, warming with an electric blanket and lubricating to avoid scratching.
  • Keep the super realistic sex doll’s anal, vaginal and oral canals clean with a safe cleaner or thoroughly wash it with water to keep bacteria and virus infection at arm’s length. Women should be extra careful of washing anything they put inside their anus as UTI causing bacteria is found there. Make sure that the realistic sex dolls is dry before you use it again.
  • Make use of a water-based lubricant to avoid tearing from friction during your love-making session with the doll.

Sex dolls are one of the most favoured realistic sex toys available on the market. Buy them, try them and, enjoy them.

The Peculiarity of Realistic Sex Dolls

This one-in-a-million adult toy is one of the very few selections that have multiple toys in one. In a single realistic sex doll, you can find a partner that is always ready to try all the sexual fantasies you wish to try without getting tired or giving you limits. The most advanced sex dolls also have additional features that make them even more exciting like in-built vibrators, warming effects, skeleton, and so on. With any of these most realistic sex dolls, you can try classic vaginal intercourse, anal sex, foreplay, oral sex, and stimulation, or BDSM, or you can simply lie on the bed with your new partner and enjoy the coziness of his or her soft realistic skin. In addition, both men and women can try satisfaction derivable from realistic sex dolls.

How We Made Our Choices

These products were tried and observed for a week to fully understand, and rate how responsive it is. Since it is supposed to be like a real-life sex doll, the following factors were the basis of the test:


We selected only the most realistic sex dolls because you deserve the best. To this effect, the material that was used, the height, and body statistics were put into consideration. For a doll to be real-looking, it needs to have soft breasts and a normal-sized head. If any of the main body parts are missing, or the material is in any way unrealistic, we eliminated them during mass streamlining.


Also, our experts looked into the durability of each material. While some could be skin-like and realistic, our testers checked to see how durable and reliable the openings and holes were. It would be a bummer if you were thrust into your realistic sex doll and her pussy immediately becomes saggy. To this effect, our experts ensured that all the parts and features of the sex doll (including vibrators and so on) are truly durable.


Additionally, our testers convinced that the realistic sex dolls were free from harmful chemicals and allergens that can spoil the fun. Properties like latex and phathalates were the main target along with other harmful chemical substances. Only the safest super realistic sex dolls made it to our list.


Another parameter used to compile our list was the physical appeal of the dolls. While some real-life sex dolls are super realistic and safe, they might not have been very appealing. The size of the breast, vagina depth, anal depth, penis length and girth, hair, skin color, and so on were factors included in this research.

Accuracy of Features

Finally, our sex toy tester validated the features that were mentioned in the packaging of every enlisted realistic sex doll. If one is said to come with an in-built vibrator and vagina warming effect, this would be tested and validated. This is generally to ensure that you will get exactly what you paid for.

What to Look for Before Choosing a Realistic Sex Doll

  • Weight: As mentioned earlier, weight is critical. Ensure that the sex doll is not too light or too heavy so that it feels just right during sexual love and play.
  • Height: Again, height is another factor to determine before you make a choice. As stated previously, you can choose from sex dolls that include just the torso, mini-sized, and life-sized ones.
  • Material: Similarly to what has been mentioned before, the material is also vital. You can choose from silicone, TPE, cloth and stuffed dolls, and so on. More information on this has been fully explained in the previous sections.
  • Preference: This, as much as it isn’t very much elaborated, is also necessary. There is no point in picking a real-life sex doll that doesn’t turn you on. So pay attention to your fetish and fantasies. You have the option to choose any race, skin color, hair color, hair type, body shape, and chest size you wish.
  • Cost: Finally, pay attention to your budget before closing the deal. While full-sized realistic sex dolls are the most pricey, stuffed dolls or torso dolls are impressive alternatives, that are also on the lower side.

Pros and Cons of Realistic Sex Dolls

  1. They can provide an incredible level of satisfaction.
  2. Sex dolls can offer a level of companionship that is unmatched by any other type of toy or partner.
  3. In addition, sex dolls are also incredibly durable and easy to care for.
  4. They can also help to foster healthy sexual habits.
  5. They can help you practice and become more comfortable with sexual activity.
  6. People who use them may be less likely to respect the boundaries of their partner's consent.
  7. They cannot communicate or provide any sort of emotional connection.
Choose and order Realistic Doll
What is the most realistic sex doll?
There are different variations of realistic sex dolls. And the most realistic ones are the life-size ones. They are usually made from silicone, and weigh about 40kg. However, those made from TPE are lighter and have softer flesh. These sex dolls are pose-able and are perfectly life-like.
What is a realistic sex doll?
Realistic sex dolls are sex dolls that are made to look very much like a human figure. They usually look very attractive with well-designed features. They usually come with anal, oral, and vaginal orifices. And the male realistic sex dolls also come with dicks.
How to use a real life sex doll?
To use a realistic sex doll is as simple as having sex with a human being, only without the hassle of interpersonal issues. Simply put your clean realistic sex doll in your favorite position, lube up, and enjoy yourself the way you would with a human partner. Clean afterwards.
How to clean a super realistic sex doll?
To clean a realistic sex doll, you would need some water, a damp cloth, and some mild detergent. You could also use an antibacterial disinfectant. Use a douche to wash all the orifices, and avoid using harsh chemicals. Dry, and apply some talcum powder.
How much is a realistic sex doll?
This depends on a few factors. The brand you are getting could be a major influence on the price, then the type of realistic sex doll you are getting also matters as well as where you are buying from. However, you should get one online within a price range of $1200 to $2300.

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user avatar
02.05.2021, 01:26
Matthew blandino
Can i have a doll look like a young Belinda Carlisle with her trade mark beautiful red hair. The body big film tit's a ass like the pornstar Mysterious Kathy.
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02.05.2021, 12:09
Matthew blandino, you can customize the sex doll. You can read more details here.
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06.10.2021, 10:15
Chris James
Great post. Thanks for sharing!
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16.10.2021, 16:43
Hello, I'm Vicky. My female friends have been telling me how life-changing getting a real sex doll has been for them. I always wondered what they were so hyped about till I got mine. I have a peculiar taste in how I like my men to look; it was great that I could find a real looking sex dolls that looked that way. The one I ended up getting has the body of a god, and the girth of his dick was just perfect for me.
user avatar
20.10.2021, 17:24
Connor Falk
A super realistic sex doll should be a perfect partner to warm up my bedroom, but I still have issues with knowing the best one to pick.
user avatar
21.10.2021, 08:56
Good day, Connor. Yes! Realistic sex dolls can be the perfect sex partner. Choosing the best realistic sex doll can be tricky, however, there are a few things you must consider. As regards height and size, the life-size sex dolls are usually good for most men. Material is another thing to consider. The TPE real sex doll should give you the most natural feeling.
user avatar
26.10.2021, 11:03
Blaze Dickens
I was miserable for a long time after my ex-girlfriend left me because, for the first time in all my years on earth, I met someone whose sexual fantasies and preferences matched mine and I found it difficult to let go.
I decided to purchase a realistic sex doll and I was so glad that it came with a full-body heating system that imitates the body temperature, moaning sounds & simulated breathing. My darling Anastasia helped me to overcome depression from the broke up. My beloved real life sex doll granted me extreme pleasure, and support in the long evenings. I'm more liked than ever before.
user avatar
29.10.2021, 18:28
Nathan White
I really love the article about the most realistic sex dolls. Kudos to the author, I will no longer have to bother about getting a toy that doesn’t suit my needs.
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04.11.2021, 21:12
Dameon Wolf
Not to sound like a perv or anything but do these “super realistic sex dolls” moan? I mean, if they don’t, then they aren’t that realistic to begin with. I was about to purchase one from the store when this came to mind. I don’t think any imitation can be as satisfying as the human vagina. How does the vagina of the realistic sex doll stay warm? Does it grip? If all these boxes are checked, perhaps I could get mine in the long run.
user avatar
10.11.2021, 18:59
Michaela Henderson
Hello Dameon! I used a super realistic sex doll and I understand your concern. The thing is certain brands include moaning and other human-like sounds in their doll features. Most realistic sex dolls have built-in heaters that imitate the temperature of the human vagina. I do recommend you to try a realistic sex doll. Believe it's worth your money.
user avatar
14.11.2021, 17:45
The only thing that has been my companion since I lost my wife is my dear Saya. It resembled my beloved woman. I even named this super realistic sex doll after. Words couldn't express how grateful I am for the super realistic sex doll. Everything about her is melded to perfection, skin is so smooth and supple, the tits fit in my palm just right. On top of all this, she has a warming system that makes her inside tight and warm. It drives me crazy and I'll be keeping real life sex doll by my side forever.
user avatar
18.11.2021, 20:34
Jerel Effertz
I appreciate the time taken to give explicit information about these realistic sex dolls. I had no idea what the major differences were until I read this article. I wish I had come across the safety precautions before now, I probably wouldn’t have had to suffer the painful allergic reaction I got after I used a plastic sex doll i got recently.
user avatar
23.11.2021, 19:08
Nat Upton
I purchased a real looking sex doll about a month ago and I’ve had an amazing time using her. What I loved the most about this real looking doll is the suction that her vaginal canal provides and the flexibility that her joints have. However, I don't like the fact that my super realistic sex doll doesn’t come with body heating which would have made it even more alive.
user avatar
27.11.2021, 14:39
Alex Dach
As much as I would like to purchase a real sex doll, I can’t help but wonder how I would clean the doll once I’m done getting off in her. I would also like to know if real looking sex doll`s skin is free of allergens. I wouldn’t want a situation where I'll use the doll and end up with allergic reactions and rashes.
user avatar
28.11.2021, 01:23
Hello, Alex! To clean a realistic sex doll, you would need some water, a damp cloth, and some mild detergent. You could also use an antibacterial disinfectant for douching the insides of the doll and getting it into the crevices. Avoid using harsh chemicals, dry, and apply some talcum powder. Furthermore, it is important to note that the real-life sex doll`s skin does not contain any form of allergens or phthalates that could negatively affect your skin.
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I am attracted by the info which you have provided in the above post. It is genuinely good and beneficial info for us. Continue posting, Thank you.
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