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You can elevate your fetish play in the bedroom in all sorts of ways. However, one of the kinkiest toys you can buy is definitely the mouth ball gag. This instrument started as a torture device long time ago, but today it is a pretty safe sex toy. It can be used easily by both sexes depending on which one of you likes to dominate, and which one likes to be dominated.

black 22 inches faux leather mouth gag
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What is a mouth gag?

A mouth gag is a BDSM sex toy which has two parts: a strap that goes around your head, and a part which goes into your mouth. This second part can have many forms, from ball gags, to dildos, and even stretchers that hold the mouth open. Whatever your fetish fantasy is, a BDSM mouth gag can be found for many purposes. It is usually put around and in a woman’s mouth, but men can use them too. Series of adjustable straps and belts make sure that each user can put the toy comfortably and that the gag is held in place during your play. Read on to find out which types of mouth gags exist.

black 21 inches faux leather mouth gag

Types and main characteristics

Although ball gags are the most common form of this toy, many others exist on today’s market. Here are some of the most popular types of mouth gags you can run into:

  • Ball – A ball mouth gag is the most typical type. The size of balls can vary depending on how comfortable you are with them. Some softballs can be bit on, but there are also firm ones.
  • O-ring – An O-ring mouth gag, or open mouth ball gag is used to hold the mouth of a person wide open. It is often used for oral sex.
  • black snaffle faux leather mouth gag

  • Dildo – Some mouth gags have dildos attached to them. A dildo mouth gag is put so a user can perform penetration while having it on.
  • Inflatable – An inflatable mouth gag uses a dildo that is put inside the user mouth rather than on the outer side. It hall a hand pump with which the dildo can be inflated.

black faux leather mouth gag

Apart from these types there are a few variations to this toy. Some can vibrate, other include nipple clamps, and there are also entire masks that are put over a person’s head instead or using straps. While most gags go around the neck, some have full head strap on harnesses that cover most of the face. Depending on how kinky you want your toy to look like, you can easily find the right one.

red faux leather mouth gag
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How to choose the best mouth gag?

The best mouth gag toys are made from leather. The black leather is used both for esthetic purposes and because it is the most reliable material. It helps for the straps to stay in place and it doesn’t get worn out to quickly. However, some toys are often made from rubber, especially masks. Bondage Boutique is probably the most reputable manufacturer of these types of toys, but some other famous brands may include:

  • Zado
  • Sex & Mischief
  • Dominix
  • Scandal
  • Doc Johnson

Mouth gags are relatively cheap, with the prices ranging from $10 to $50 or more.

black 23 inches faux leather mouth gag

Choosing the right sized mouth gag for your needs

When it comes to size, there are a few measurements that you need to know about. First of all, don’t worry about the straps too much because they are usually adjustable and can stand firmly on almost every person’s head. Rubber masks are stretchable, so you can easily fit those as well. Next comes the diameter of a ball. Figure out how comfortable you are with having your mouth is open wide during your fetish play and start from there. Small balls are usually the best for beginners, but if you are experienced, you can select the big mouth gag. Dildo mouth gags have various dildo sizes attached to them, the most usual being around 5 or 6 inches, while others are sold smaller. Open mouth gags are usually made from stretchable materials such as silicon they can be adjustable too. There are also dog bone gags, and some rind gags have wider, while others have only smaller openings. This is important to look at concerning your or your partner’s penis diameters since this part of a toys works similarly to a cock ring. Almost all sex toy sizes depend on your comfort and experience levels, so start from there.


Choosing the right material, shape and texture

There are several materials used in the making of mouth gags, and different parts are often made from different materials. For example, the straps are almost always made from leather. As we already mentioned this, leather mouth gag provides the most reliable material, but it can also serve for esthetic purposes. The balls can be made from silicon, but you can also find ones that are from steel. There are also breathable balls, and some bible parts can be made from leather as well. Open mouth gags are made from silicone since they provide the feel of a real mouth that stretches and that is soft. O-ring gags are more often made from steel rather than silicon. They serve the purpose similar to a cock ring, but they do not stretch so you might want to start with adjustable ones in case you are not sure about the right diameter. Gag dildos often use the same material just like the regular dildos. Open mouth gags usually look like the real human mouth, and the colors of them are either pink or red. There are also some red gag balls, but you can find them in a myriad of colors really. As far as the texture goes, the balls are almost always smooth, while dildos tend to mimic the look of a real penis.

black inflatable faux leather mouth gag

How to use a mouth gag?

Most gags are not too hard to figure out and put on. You can adjust the straps around your neck and head and make sure that everything stays in place firmly. If you are a beginner at this type of stuff, you can choose between some breathable gags first, or at least smaller ones. Open your mouth wide before putting the ball in and bite gently. Make sure to not to bit too hard as not to cause any damage to your teeth. Since you will be putting this part of the toy in your mouth make sure that it is clean first. Clean the toy after use as well. For dildo, strap-ons you can use water-based lubrication for the penetration to be easier. Inflatable mouth gags usually have a pump ball that is easy to use. O ring gags can be used with lubrication as well, just like the open mouth gags. Your toy is not indestructible, so keep good care of it by placing it in its original package and to close to any other stuff that might cause damage to it.

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