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Male Masturbators

If you are ever bored with the old-fashioned and repetitive self-pleasuring, try using male masturbators. Gone are the days when masturbation was a taboo topic. Nowadays you have hundreds of different masturbators to choose from in order to make this weekly ritual a little bit more fun. Try using something other than your hand to bring you to your climax.

5 inch realistic vagina male masturbator
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What is a male masturbator?

A male masturbator is usually a hand-held sex device which you use to masturbate yourself or your partner. They come in many shapes and sizes and it is up to you to see which one suits your needs the best. Besides the most popular fleshlights, now you can purchase masturbation machines, lower body replicas, sex dolls, realistic oral sex simulators, sleeves, strokers and masturbation cups. Some can even come with additional suction cups so that they can become hands free masturbators. There are also vibrating male masturbators out there on the market which will give you the most intense orgasm sensation.

5 inch remote control male masturbator by Zolo Blowpro
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Types and main characteristics

We are not kidding when we say that there are hundreds of different brands and types of best male masturbators.

  • Vibrating masturbators – these electric male masturbators are best for men who like a more intense sensation. Choose from several speeds and enjoy the most powerful orgasm of your life. Some can even be waterproof for those evenings when you just want to relax in your bathtub.
  • Fleshlight masturbators – the most classical and most popular masturbator. They are discrete as they look like flashlights.
  • 6 inch remote control vibrating male masturbator

  • Egg male masturbators – nobody could even guess from the look of this male masturbator what it is used for. Remove the packaging, remove the sleeve and pleasure yourself all night.
  • Pocket pussies – as the name implies, these are basically fake pussies which you can store in your pocket and even your briefcase or bag. Some can come in more discrete shapes which don’t look like male masturbator toys.
  • Oral sex simulators – one of the most interactive male masturbators. If you sometimes feel the need for oral sex but have no one around, these ones will fulfill your desire of having someone stroking and sucking your penis. There are even some more realistic ones which feature a mouth with a teeth and tongue for an added touch to your fantasy.

6 inch vibrating male masturbator

How to choose the best male masturbator?

You don’t have to choose only one type of male masturbators. Your possibilities are endless. Why put a limit on pleasure when you can have different kinds of sensations every week. Beginners should, of course, start with the simplest male masturbators as they should get used to this new kind of sensation. Connoisseurs can start using more exciting and more powerful mechanical male masturbators. As you get used to the suction feeling, try moving up on the intensity scale as well as start experimenting with the best hands-free male masturbators, such as realistic pussy and anus sets and sex dolls.

6 inch rubber male masturbator

Choosing the right size

Always buy male masturbators according to your penis size and after that decide which crazy textures and vibrating possibilities you want. For individuals with bigger penises choose the biggest sized male masturbator that you can find. If you have a smaller penis, just choose the tightest male masturbators. If you are not sure which one to buy, the safest bet would be to buy a pocket pussy as you can regulate the tightness of the canal with your hand grip. If you are not sure which size would be perfect for you, there are even one size fits all masturbators on the market, so that no matter what lengths and girth your penis is you don’t have to worry about whether you have made a mistake and spent your money on the wrong sized one. Some masturbators only cover the tip of the penis, and they are usually 3.5 inches in lengths. Use these ones to stimulate the sensitive tip of your penis. Innovative male vibrators even have flexible sides so that they can accommodate your penis as snugly as you want. For couples, we recommend that you buy Doc Johnson Good Head Blow Job Stroker, as it is only 2.25 inches in length and your partner can at the same time give you a blowjob while they use this toy to further stimulate the length of your cock.

4 inch silicone vibrating male masturbator

Choosing the rights material, shape and texture

The choice of the material basically comes down to would you like the most realistic male masturbator there is, or you can equally enjoy masturbating with see-through fleshlights or non-anatomical ones who sometimes don’t even look like masturbation devices. Hands-free masturbators are becoming more popular as they can be used to complete the fantasy of fucking somebody since they can resemble real lower bodies with genitalia and even the whole body in the form of a sex doll.

3 inch rechargeable silicone vibrating male masturbator by Smile

As for the texture, there are:

  • Textured – are for the more experienced individuals who don’t need to realism and for those who don’t have over-sensitive penises. There are all kinds of textured male masturbators with specifically designed grooves, bumps, balls, grainy ripples, and nubs to create sensational stimuli for an other-worldly orgasm. Some vibrators even have rolling orbs for sucking out the cum out of you.
  • Non-textured – great for beginners, if you want a more realistic feel of a vagina, ass or mouth or if you think that the additional textures could be a little overwhelming for the tip of your penis. Cyberskin male masturbators will provide you with the most realistic real skin feel and help you with your fantasy.

6 inch pink rubber male masturbator

How to use a male masturbator?

It’s a piece of cake to learn how to use a male masturbator. The first rule is that you should always use a lubricant; preferably always a water-based one because most top male masturbators are made from silicone. You can put the lube on your penis and at the opening of your masturbators. Some innovative masturbators even have the option of opening them up for easier cleaning or for the easier application of the lube. After that, put your penis through the hole and masturbate yourself or let your partner do it for you. After you have come, just clean them out with warm water and mild body soap and let them air dry. It is essential to keep your sex toys nice and clean after each and every use because it will enable you to use them for a long time. As for storage, you can always store them in a box in which they came in, you can wrap them in some soft fabric and store them in your drawer, and some even have drying and storing racks which you can use, such as the Tenga Flip Hole.

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