Masturbation Eggs

Masturbation Egg.

It is no secret that people masturbate and today’s world being as progressive and evolved, there are many ways one can get off. Several sex toys are designed to pump up your sex life and an equal number of sex toys are designed for masturbation like dildos. While some people choose to do it with hand, some like to rely on sex toys. For the men who like to try something new every once in a while, masturbation eggs are a great choice. Right in line along with pocket pussies and other handy masturbation toys, masturbations eggs are a godsend for those who would like to add a little extra something to their sexy alone times.

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What is a Masturbation Egg?

The name of this sex toy may sound a bit confusing but it does complete justice to its appearance as well as function. Just as you may think, a masturbation egg is a masturbation or sex toy with an outer shape similar to the shell of an egg. The egg contains a squishy, jelly-like substance that has a texture similar to that of a stress ball. This squishy substance is what one is supposed to use when masturbating. The masturbation eggs are generally sold in a pack of six. The packaging often matches the actual packaging of normal eggs that one finds in departmental stores. Most masturbation eggs are made for one or a maximum of three times use. The best part about these sex toys is that comes in-built with lubricants so you do not have to worry about finding one which is ideally compatible with your toy.

Luvkis Male Masturbator Eggs.

Parts of an Egg

  • The Outer Part: The shell or the outer part of this masturbation toy is what gives it its name. The shell of the capsule is made with breakable hard plastic material to introduce authenticity. When you get to use this egg masturbator, the shell is supposed to be broken to get the contents inside the egg out.
  • The Inner Egg: You will find that the inner part of the egg is somewhat of the consistency of a hard-boiled egg. This part is either made of skin-safe rubber or silicone. The thing that brings pleasure to the user is the texture or design of the inner egg. Since most of these masturbation eggs come in a set of six eggs, you will have plenty of options in front of you to hit and try.
  • The Lube Sachet: Most crucial part of a male masturbation egg is the lubricant that it comes with. The lube can be called the essence of the toy. The lubricant is supplied in a small sachet keeping in mind that the eggs are made for single-time use. It is better to use the lubricant supplied with the eggs as it is the one that is ideally compatible with the inner part of the egg. If you find yourself short on lube then using a water-based lubricant is a good idea.
TENGA Egg 6 pack Masturbation Handjob for Men.

Characteristics of a Masturbation Egg

Since male stimulation eggs are gaining so much popularity lately, it is only natural that one may wonder about the special characteristics of these Japanese sex eggs. Find out what makes these masturbation eggs a great choice of sex toys for all men out there.

  • Made with extremely skin safe material, a masturbation egg will keep your genitals safe from allergic reactions like rashes. The fact that these eggs are meant for only single-use means that the skin problems that can be caused by improper maintenance are also out of the question.
  • The eggs are quite travel-friendly. The compact portable, pocket-size of these eggs means that you do not have to wait to get home to finally enjoy some nice relaxing pleasure session. Moreover, the travel-friendly size means that you can carry these eggs with you when traveling long distances which is quite difficult when other, bigger and heavier sex toys are concerned.
  • Since there are 6 different eggs in every pack, you never have to be worried about investing in an expensive sex toy which may become boring after a while. Each egg has a unique feeling and texture which means that every new egg is going to be a brand-new sensation for you.
Tenga Egg Sleeve. Choose Masturbation Egg

How to Use

Using masturbation eggs is fairly easy even though it may sound like an alien concept at first. Follow the series of steps given below to make sure that you get the best of experience from your first time using a masturbation egg.

  • Ensure you are comfortable in a bed or any other place and there is a flat, hard surface nearby where you can set up your egg masturbator.
  • Keep a lubricant handy. Any water-based lubricant will work with both rubber and silicone egg toys.
  • Crack open the egg. You do not have to crack it like a real egg as the shell is designed in two separable parts. Pull from both ends and it will come undone instantly.
  • Take out the contents and identify them. There should be a sachet inside the egg which contains the lubricant. Pull it out and squirt the lube into the silicone egg which will be used for masturbating. There will be a hole in the bottom of the egg where you can squirt the lube and insert your penis.
  • Now slowly inject the head and then the shaft your penis inside the egg. Keep tabs if you start to feel uncomfortable in any way although it is highly unlikely.
  • If there is too much friction when using the egg, add some water-based lubricant to the mix. It is a safe bet to use a water-based lube as they do not harm either silicone or rubber sex toys.
  • If you happen to ejaculate inside the sex egg, then it cannot be used again. But if everything seems to be clean and there is no sign of ejaculation inside the toy then it can be used one or two more times but not more than that.
SVAKOM HEDY Male Masturbator Egg Cup.

Choosing a Masturbation Egg

Sex eggs are a relatively new invention in the world of sex toys which means that there should be a series of well-defined steps before one invests in buying a large number of eggs. Consider the following before you decide on which egg to get.

  • Male masturbation eggs are available on many online platforms so you need to make sure that you are purchasing from either the official website or a trusted partner so that you do not end up with a knock-off.
  • Start small and get a single piece at first. If you have never tried an egg masturbation toy before, it may take at least one try to get used to the sensation. Once you are confident that you have understood the process, go ahead and buy eggs with different kinds of textures and find out which one suits you the best.
  • Rubber and silicone are the two major choices you will find in terms of material. Choose to keep skin safety and allergies in mind.
  • When deciding among textures, you will come across some interesting pairings and choices. Pay attention to the description and pictures of each egg to find the one that suits you the best.
  • Size is generally not of a concern when buying a sex egg since they are extremely stretchable and cover the entire penis easily when you start the penetration. If there are options for sizes with a certain toy, follow the size guide to get the most apt one for yourself.
Japan's men masturbation eggs.

With all the information that you have now, it will be a piece of cake to buy the right egg sex toy for yourself. Not only this toy is as easy to masturbate with as it is with hands but, it also serves a major upgrade to the usual masturbation process that we are familiar with. Explore the new realms of sexual pleasure with a masturbation egg and experience intense emotions and sensations like you have experienced never before.

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