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Masturbation Eggs

Most men masturbate, that’s an undeniable fact. But you will never know HOW he does that. While some unostentatious conservative males prefer doing it by hands in a traditional manner, the others experiment and apply sex toys. Want to try something new, too? Purchase Masturbation Eggs. That’s the new must-have for those who need spicy sexual sensations never experienced before.
remote control masturbation egg by Coco de Mer
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What is Masturbation Eggs?

This is a sex toy that is used for shaft stimulation and penetration made in the form of…a usual egg. If you search for Masturbation Eggs online, you will see that most of them are sold in a six-pack and indeed look like their real analogues. The secret lies inside: there is jelly-like substance that looks and feels like soft-boiled egg. In fact this is lubricant and silicone that provide unforgettable sensations and feelings during masturbation. The toy is supposed to be used once, though, according to some Masturbation Egg reviews, it may be okay to use it two-three times.
ultra remote control masturbation egg

Main characteristics

This unusual sex toy is very enjoyable and quite safe. Why? Because it has excellent characteristics:

  1. It is made of safe, non-allergic materials like hard plastic and jelly or silicone soaked with water-based lubricant.
  2. As far as it comes in an oval shape, it has compact sizes and is very convenient in use.
  3. Different eggs from a six-pack have different texture inside: wavy, spider, silky, clicker, twister, thunder, etc. That allows getting different sensations every time.

Want to try one of such toys or the while six pack right now? Order Masturbation Eggs on our partner’s site! All the great offers at great prices are gathered there!
vibrating rechargeable remote control masturbation egg by Nalone
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How to use

Although it may seems strange and exotic at the first glance, the process of Masturbation eggs using is nothing different from usual self-satisfaction. But if this toy is completely new to you, you should know the following peculiarities:

  1. Before starting, break the shell of an egg, but do not detach it entirely: there must be a hole for your penis to get it.
  2. Slowly start injecting your shaft. Make sure that the contents of an egg are not too cold so that not to chill and damage your genitals.
  3. pink vibrating rechargeable remote control masturbation egg by Nalone

  4. If you experience too wild penetration and friction is too high, add some more water-based lubricant. But as a rule, it is always enough inside.
  5. If everything is clean and there is a sufficient amount of lubricant left, you may use the toy again (not more than three times, because it is unsanitary).

Generally, this sex toy is simple in use and does not require any specific precautions.
black vibrating rechargeable remote control masturbation egg

How to choose

Now you are aware of the rules of successful egg masturbation. You only have to select the right item. Here are five basic recommendations for you to order Masturbation eggs that you will really enjoy playing with.

  1. Make a purchase on official sites only! Be aware of fake production and don’t forget that safety is the number one priority when using sex toys.
  2. If you have never tried such devices before, we recommend buying a single egg. But if you are already an amateur, order the whole six pack to evaluate all device possibilities and select the most pleasurable variation.
  3. purple rechargeable remote control masturbation egg by Lelo

  4. Note that Masturbation Egg price is not the most crucial aspect. Pay attention to the material used, size, shape, type of lubricant inside and inner structure.
  5. Do not forget to order some more lubricant. Just in case.
  6. If you are allergic to rubber, mind that there are silicone analogues.

With these pieces of advice you are ready to find the toy of your dream!
black rechargeable remote control masturbation egg by Lelo

Where to buy Masturbation Eggs?

Resolved to make a purchase? Our partner’s shop is the perfect solution for finding a cheap masturbation egg with excellent characteristics:

  1. It provides fast and secure delivery of all items. You can have your parcel shipped in discreet package which saves both your time and privacy.
  2. The choice of sex toys is very wide: you can find a suitable item with required characteristics just in a matter of several minutes.
  3. You may be sure that all items are 100% original. No fake production is sold in the store!
  4. Every sex toy is made of safe, non-allergic materials.
  5. A user-friendly interface makes online shopping simple and quick.
  6. Order arrangement takes several minutes. Only basic information is required.
  7. You are free to choose a convenient payment type (bank cards, electronic wallets, etc.).

purple set remote control masturbation egg
Now you know where to buy masturbation eggs that will totally satisfy you and bring incredible joy. This sex toy can turn usual masturbation process into a real burst of emotions and sensations. Explore the new facets of sexual life. Make an order right now! Our partner’s site is the most optimal place for making such orders, because it provides everything for safe, enjoyable shipping and totally satisfying purchases!
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