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Let’s face it. Masturbation can sometimes be boring when you are doing it the same way every single time. You start masturbating purely because you want to let some steam off and because you do not want to get blue balls. So continue reading this text if you want to find out about some top rated pocket pussies which will help you bring back the fun into self-pleasuring.

5 inch realistic feel pocket pussy
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What is a pocket pussy?

A pocket vagina is basically an artificial vagina which can either have an ultra-realistic look or have a non-organic look and is used for masturbation. It is usually shaped like a phallus-like sleeve, which can be closed or have two openings so that a micro bullet vibrator can be inserted or to make cleanup after ejaculation much easier. Men love using pocket pussies when they are not in a relationship because they feel much better than using your hand. Nevertheless, couples can also use these male masturbators. Your partner can help jerk you off or they can voyeuristically watch you self-pleasure.

5 inch realistic pocket pussy
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Types and main characteristics

Due to pocket vaginas becoming extremely popular in this very open-minded and sex-crazed society, there are literally hundreds of different types of pocket pussies for men. For most of them you can adjust the pressure with the grip of your hand. There are some which come with an ergonomic cover sleeve, usually made of plastic for a more controlled grip. It also some down to do you want a realistic feel along with a realistic look, or would you like some extreme vibrating pulsations and textures for a unique sensation:

9 inch realistic feel pocket pussy

  • Vagina – classic amongst artificial sex toys, some can be made from molds from porn-stars for an added erotic touch.
  • Asshole – also can be made from porn star’ molds. Great for anal lovers who love the look of their penis going into the anus.
  • Mouth – they have an opening in the shape of a mouth so that you can more clearly visualize someone going down on you. Some can be eerily realistic with added teeth and tongue parts. Fleshlights are great for this as they can to provide various degrees of suction to simulate oral sex.
  • Hands-free pocket pussy – either you can place your pocket pussy between some pillows, or you can buy a suction cup pocket pussy which you can stick to the bathroom tiles.

7 inch realistic feel pocket pussy

How to choose the best pocket pussy?

Every sex toy has its advantages and disadvantages, it all depends on what you think is enough to bring you to climax on that single morning, afternoon, or evening. If you want a hassle-free cleaning, you can buy a double ended pocket pussy, as your sperm will not end up in the sex toy, but rather where you aim it. If you don’t want a realistic feel of a woman’s vagina, consider buying a vibrating pocket pussy to have the most unique and intense orgasm of your life. Textured pocket pussies we recommend to connoisseurs, but beginners should not shy away from them if they want to experience a new sensation.

5 inch mini realistic feel pocket pussy

Choosing the right size

Before you buy a pocket pussy, you should measure the length and the girth of your penis, if you have not done that already. Buy a tight pocket pussy if you want to increase the pleasure and if you are not training your stamina, as this will not help you for that purpose. Besides the exciting different textured, there is also a wide assortment of different length and widths of pocket pussies. Pocket pussies are great because most of them you can put in your pocket or a bag when you are traveling. There are some which are only 3.5 inches in length and which don’t even look like a sex toy, that provide a very discrete way of masturbation. Other full-length pocket pussies can reach the size of up to 9 inches and the girth up to 2 inches for all of you big boys out there. If you buy a wide enough double ended pocket pussy, you can even put two penises inside at the same time. If you put enough lube both of you should be able to slide their dick in and out pretty easily and use the toy and your lover’s penis to get off. Also, you can watch from the top the erotic action of two penises rubbing against each other.

6 inch mini realistic feel pocket pussy

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

If you get a boner to having sex with a realistic pussy pocket which feels like the real deal, silicone ones or Cyberskin-ultraskin ones are perfect choices for you. They are the closest thing to real skin, and you can even warm them up for the ultimate realistic fantasy. Here are also some great additions you can have with your pocket pussy.

  • Vibrating – great for upping the game when it comes to masturbation. Vibrators are not only for women now.
  • 6 inch realistic feel pocket pussy

  • Textured pocket pussies – men usually love these as they can provide a distinctive and extraordinary feeling, which of course differs from the feel of a pussy pocket with realistic insides. There are hundreds of unique textures out there, that, if you don’t start collecting every one of them you could feel left out. As they say, got to catch them all.
  • Full body pocket pussy – great for individuals that enjoy the aesthetic segment of having sex. Of course, if you want a full body pocket pussy, you cannot exactly travel with it; but nonetheless, they are an equally fun way of reaching gratification. Be sure to have enough space in your home to store them safely as they can be of different sizes as well, from just the vagina and the anus to the whole pelvic region.

6 inch vibrating realistic feel pocket pussy

How to use a pocket pussy?

It’s easy as a piece of cake. Just add lube to the opening and to the whole length of your penis. Always use water-based lubrication as silicone-based ones can sometimes interfere with your sex toys. After that, insert the penis into the phallic shaft and move it up and down repeatedly. You can even twist it also, and some also have adjustable sucking attachments. Follow the instruction of the box in which your sex toy came in, to get the best possible sucking power that will make you go crazy with need. So, if you want it tighter, you grip it tighter. If you want to change it up a bit, ease the grip of your hand and tease yourself until you can take it anymore. Change the pace and the tightness back and forth as you bring yourself to the greatest climax of your life. After you have ejaculated, clean the pussy pocket with warm water and a sex toy cleaner, and dry thoroughly. Always keep your toys in a dry, dark place, preferably wrapped in a soft fabric.

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