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Double Ended Dildos

Double ended dildos are a bless to both women and men, providing the ultimate oral pleasure for gay and lesbian couples but also insane foreplay for lovers and even for solo moments. They are highly reliable and can come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and features. Two insertable heads for the ultimate sexual fantasies.

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What is a double ended dildo?

Just like a normal dildo, the double end dildo is a sexual toy for adults meant to stimulate both partners or both holes, depending on the type of double ended toy you choose to use. It’s a toy that usually comes in rubber coat or made out of silicone but also available ABS or stainless steel. A toy unlike others, suitable for both men and women and highly reliable for kinky sexual games. Being so versatile and useful for sexual stimulation on both genders, using a double ended dildo is a must when in need for proper masturbation.

small ribbed double ended dildo

Types and features

  1. Double end dildo for couples – specially designed with two identical heads placed on both ends of the toy to easy stimulate both partners either we’re talking about lesbians or gay lovers;
  2. Vibrating double end dildo – similar in shape with the normal double end toy but with vibrations for extra simulation during foreplay or masturbation;
  3. Anal double end dildo – a bit thinner and stiffer with vibrations or not, suitable for anal stimulation on both men and women.

These are the main types of available double end toy dildos out there but other types may exist also.

big black double ended dildo

The main feature of these outstanding sexual toys is that they can stimulate both partners in the same time or both holes when the users enjoys solo stimulation. Women often used these toys for double penetration sexual stimulation while couples use them for sexual intercorse during kinky games. Either you use a double end dildo or a one with two heads(double dildo), enjoying sexual satisfaction from such type of toys is surely a mind blowing thing to experience. They come in many forms and shapes, with distinct features and various colors, suitable for any type of sexual fantasy on both men and women.

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How to choose the best double ended dildo?

There are few easy steps to follow in order to make the right decision about your new double end dildo.

  1. Make sure to choose the right size, a small double ended dildo will not keep up with your sexual desires while a giant double ended dildo will be hard to insert if you have tight holes. Unless highly experienced or used with stiff inches, using a big double sided dildo is not recommended;
  2. Find quality double ended dildo reviews to find out information about certain brands, types or details specs;
  3. Inform about the benefits of each material used in the production;
  4. Talk with your partner if you intend to choose a double end dildo.

long curved doble sided dildo for couples

How to choose the right size

Choosing the right size is a matter of taste and desire as some women, men or couples prefer big double ended dildos, while others prefer smaller ones with thinner diameters. It’s hard to tell which diameter or size is the best for you as preferences and desires vary from user to user.

One thing you should take into consideration though, a giant double ended dildo will never suit the needs of an unexperienced user while a tiny double ended dildo will never satisfy a user that’s already using such type of toys for some time.

All sex shops and online sellers provide size charts in both inches and centimeters to inform you about the accurate dimensions of a certain toy. Before buying yourself such type of toy, it’s better to consult these charts as they are very useful in helping you decide better.

glass double ended dildo by lovehoney

Choosing the right material and shape

Once again, it’s hard to determine which material or shape makes the best double ended dildo but one thing is for sure, there are double ended dildos, both big and small ones, that are highly popular among users. You can either follow the most popular ones and take them as being the best for you or you can scout the market and gather information about all details regarding the material and shape.

11 inch realistic silicone double ended dildo

Some double dildos reviews provide info about materials and shapes but you can also read specs about each material in part and see which one suits your needs best. For example, the rubber double dildos are soft and firm, perfect for sexual stimulation in both pussy, ass or mouth while the silicone ones are more life like, creating the feeling of a real penis. They are also soft and stiff, suitable for any type of sexual activity. Either way, choosing the right material and shape shouldn’t be a hard task to achieve.

long-purple double headed dildo by doc johnson

How to use the double ended dildos?

Using these types of dildos requires the same instructions as on normal dildos. Either we are talking about vibrator ones or simple double ended toys, you should use it only for the intimate love holes and for sexual purpose only. They can be used in combination with lubricants for better stimulation but also as they are in case the partners don’t need lubrication. Couples, gays or lesbians can use them for intense foreplay sexual activity and after each use, they should clean it up properly and store it in their original box, in cool and dry places.

pink vibrator silicone double ended dildo

Both the anal double ended dildo and the vaginal double ended dildo require strong hygiene after each use and safe places to be stored as the sun light or extreme heat might damage the materials form which they are being made.

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