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Metal Dildos

Top sexual toys for the true porn lovers with multiple features and astounding design, perfect for a night of romance or long lasting sexual experiences in either solo or couple mode. Among the best rated sex toys on the market with a wide range of models and features.

Top 5 best Metal Dildos in 2020
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njoy Eleven Extra Large Stainless Steel Dildo

njoy Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Waterproof: Submersible
  • Circumference: 6.5 inches
  • Insertable Length: 9 inches
  • Length: 11 inches
  • Contains latex: No
  • Contains phthalates: No
  • Flexibility: Rigid
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Desire Luxury Beaded Stainless Steel Dildo

Desire Luxury Beaded Stainless Dildo

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Waterproof: submersible
  • Base diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Circumference: 5 inches
  • Insertable Length: 6.5 inches
  • Length: 8 inches
  • Contains latex: No
  • Contains phthalates: No
  • Flexibility: Rigid
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njoy Fun Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

njoy Fun Wand

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Waterproof: Submersible
  • Circumference: 3.5 inches
  • Insertable Length: 8 inches
  • Length: 9 inches
  • Contains latex: No
  • Contains phthalates: No
  • Flexibility: Rigid
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ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrosex Wave Metal Dildo 7 Inch


  • Material: Metal
  • Waterproof: No
  • Circumference: 3.5 inches
  • Insertable Length: 5.5 inches
  • Length: 7.5 inches
  • Contains latex: No
  • Contains phthalates: No
  • Flexibility: Rigid
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What is a metal dildo?

Metal dildos are premium sexual toys which serve as a stiff and cold substitute for penises. They are highly rated sexual stimulators which can be used by both male and female partners. Perfect for solo masturbation but highly reliable in couple masturbation and foreplay actions, both the stainless steel dildos and the aluminum dildos which form the grand category of metal sexual toys, are a perfect choice for ultra stimulation. Metal dildos are commonly used in BDSM sexual activities due to their shape and cutting edge design.

9 inch luxury metal dildo

Types and main characteristics

Depending on the size and shape, the steel dildos can vary and their features as well. Just like any other sexual toy, mainly the dildos, metallic dildos are classified into two main types:

  • Large metal dildos – available in various sizes from 7-8 inches up to 13+ inches, highly effective stimulators for both male and female partners and reliable in all sort of sexual activities. Commonly used by experienced persons in BDSM scenes, couple masturbation or porn movies. Suitable for both vaginal or anal stimulation and available in many shapes.
  • 9 inch luxury elegant metal dildo

  • Small metal dildos – sexual toys meant to stimulate the unexperienced users and also persons with particularly tight intimate holes. Perfect for solo masturbation and also for couple foreplay, most suitable for female beginners and gay couples. Just like the larger versions, the small metallic dildos come in many shapes. Size can vary from 3-4 inches up to 5-6 inches.

8 inch luxury elegant metal dildo
Choose Metal Dildo

How to choose the right metal toy dildo?

When it comes to choosing the right metal dildo for you or for your partner, you should always take into consideration few important facts and information.

  1. Always seek for the best medal dildo reviews in order to better understand how they work and learn how to use them.
  2. Keep in mind that for beginners, a smaller size is always recommended.
  3. realistic metal dildo

  4. Despite the general impression, the top-rated metal dildos are not always the best metal dildos.
  5. Learn about differences between the stainless steel dildos and the aluminum dildos before taking a decision.

9 inch metal dildo by njoy

Although not mandatory, keeping in mind these simple facts will always come in handy when you are faced with choosing the right dildo. However, it’s a matter of taste and desire so choosing the right toy will always be a subjective thing.

8 inch luxury elegant metal dildo by njoy

How to choose the right size?

Similar to choosing the right shape or the right material, choosing the right size for your metallic dildo is a thing of personal taste and sexual desire. While most metal dildo reviews on the internet talk about the importance of choosing a small size dildo when used by a beginner and increasing the inches as the user gathers experience, choosing the length and diameter of your metal toy are up to your own personal desire. However, it’s highly recommended to use a small-sized metal dildo if you are inexperienced, you or beginner has tight holes. When it comes to pleasuring yourself, pain is the last thing you desire. The big metal dildos, meaning the ones bigger than 7 inches, are most suitable for experienced users. They are strictly not recommended for anal purposes.

8 inch realistic metal dildo

How to use a metallic dildo?

First of all, make sure your toy is suitable for sexual activity and for vaginal insertion. Use it only after proper hygiene is made and after reading all the instructions on how to use it. Also, some toys may require lubrication in advance to being used to make sure of your toy correspondence.

Metallic dildos, just like any other type of dildo, are used for vaginal and anal stimulation. That is made by inserting the tip of the toy gently inside the desires hole, and after that, as many inches as the user desires until the full stimulation is completed.

7 inch realistic metal dildo

Keep the metal dildos clean and out of the extreme heat or moisture. Such factors might damage the toy’s shape, material, and electronic parts, making them unusable. The safest place to store steel dildos is in their original box.

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