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Large Butt Plugs

Exclusive sex toys for exclusive users, specially designed for the most amazing anal stimulation. A dream for the anal lovers in need to experienced unique moments in solo or in couple. The large butt plugs can be of various shapes and textures and they can offer a great experience if used properly. Toys that are ideal for advanced anal players suitable to fulfill any of their sexual pleasures regarding anal.

black classic silicone large butt plug
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What is a large butt plug?

Large butt plugs as well as extra-large butt plugs are specially designed sexual toys meant for the advanced anal players seeking for something extra in their sexual life. They are popular due to the high level of satisfaction they provide when used in both solo or couple modes. Toys for adults, which can easy simulate the real life feeling of a large penis, perfect for both women and men pleasures during intimacy sex games. They come in multiple shapes and sizes and they are recommended only for experienced users.

6.5 inch classic silicone large butt plug

Types and main characteristics

  • Standard large anal butt plug – the classic for advanced anal lovers, perfect for intimacy in both private and couple, suitable for extreme anal stimulation and kinky fetish porn games.
  • Inflatable large butt plug – An amazing toy which can be size controlled with an air pump, most recommended for couples.
  • 7 inch black classic silicone large butt plug by Doc Johnson

  • Large vibrating butt plug – offers extra pleasure, apart the insane anal stimulation the large insertable inches provide, due to the soft vibration feature, which pulsates when inserted.

No matter the type, the big anal plug is a toy that’s perfect for advanced anal stimulation and its features can easily please any demand with reliable and highly effective results.

black classic silicone large butt plug by Doc Johnson
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How to choose the best large butt plug?

When faced with choosing a large anal butt plug, you have a series of particularities on each type of toy. Sizes can vary from 6-7 inches to more than 12 inches insertable length and the diameter can also vary from 3-4 inches to more than 8 inches. Since these type of toys are meant only for advanced users, choosing the best super large anal plug is a matter of taste. Large butt plugs reviews can be very helpful if you are unaware of the toy’s full features but in order to choose the right butt plug, you must first decide on your desires and needs. The largest butt plug isn’t always the best one so don’t aim for the biggest inches if you can’t resist it.

red classic silicone large butt plug by Doc Johnson

How to choose the right size?

Like said before, sizes on the extra-large butt plugs can vary from 6-7 inches to more than 12 inches so choosing the right size is always a matter of personal taste and desires. While some users go for the biggest butt plug they can find, others are limited to smaller sizes. If you aim to use the toy in couple, always make sure you use a large anal butt plug not bigger than 9 inches. It’s the best size to suit both partners in more than 90% of cases. If you aim to use the toy only for your personal desires, check the internet or feedback and large anal plug reviews to better understand the effect of a bigger size in addition to a smaller size.

black red vibrating large butt plug

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

While some big size anal plugs come in the shape of a standard penis, others are shaped as bullets or bombshells. The shape is decisive when it comes to the type of stimulation and so is the material the toys are made from. The silicone anal plug offers a realistic feel with smooth and silky texture. Used with proper lubrication it can perfectly stimulate a real anal sex play. The plastic or the ones made of latex are very soft and smooth in texture, perfect for extra kinkiness in bed. Suitable for couple anal sex games, they provide a stiff feeling. The stainless steel large butt plug is the material mostly used by women as the generate the perfect feel in solo masturbation. Rigid and with a cold feel, the metal large butt plug is a toy unlike other.

4 inch blue large butt plug

How to use the large anal plug?

Since the super large anal plug is a sexual toy designed for advanced players, using it requires experience and skills. It’s a big sized toy, which can cause damage if used by inexperienced users. Insertion and lubrication is the same as on all other sexual dildos/plugs. In solo or in couple mode, using a large butt plug is a delicate procedure that can provide ultra-stimulation if used accordingly. Always follow the instructions and make sure to keep the toy clean and follow a high hygiene with every use. The big butt plug requires attention on storage as high humidity and heat can affect the materials and electronic parts.

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