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If you have a sub-standard sex life, or you are searching for exciting ways to please your partner, then it is about time to spice things up with a queening chair. With the use of a Queening stool, you can get all the satisfaction you desire. Interestingly, the Queening chair was obsolete at one stage, but it is slowly getting back as more sex partners are keen on trying it out. So, in this article, we are sure to provide you with some useful information regarding the use of the Queening chair, its pros and cons, as well as knowing its types. To this effect, you should keep reading as you wouldn't want to miss a piece of information here.

Best Queening Chairs in 2021

Products Information Price
Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair
Sex Position Enhancer Chair
Material: Metal
Holds max weight: 150kg
Length: 21 inches
Contains latex: No
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TOUGHAGE Sex Chair with Inflatable Sex Pillow
Material: Nylon, Rubber, Metal PVC
Vital stats: 52 x 50 x 37 cm
Size of Pillow: 38 x 32 x 27 cm
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What is a Queening chair?

A Queening chair or rather a facesitting chair is a chair that makes it possible for an individual to have oral stimulation of the vagina or in some cases the anus. This oral sex chair is a relatively low chair that sex partners, use to gain comfort while having a clear view of the anus or vagina. This Queening seat is constructed in a U-shaped pattern and it's mostly been used by a female. This Queening chair is focused on the dominant partner, usually a feminine as she takes full charge of her submissive partner. This BDSM Queening Chair is not only mysterious but also a very sexy and hot way of spicing up your sex life. If you have watched some porn videos, then there's a chance that you may have come across a BDSM Queening chair being used.

Multifunctional Queening Chair for Couples.


Interestingly, there are various types of Queening chairs. Some of the familiar ones are:

  • Queening chair with windows: Who doesn't like a bit of creativeness on their Queening chair? This type of Queening chair is a bit transparent given the fact that it has windows in its design.
  • Body worship: This type of Queening bench focuses more on the anus. It has a head support cushion which you can take off if you deem fit. It is a bit sturdier but with its latest design, it certainly would become a bit sturdier.
  • Smoother box: This type of Queening chair is going to be appreciated by dominant women. It focuses on lots of things and comfort happens to be one of them.
  • Rim chair: This type of Queening chair is void of pins, and that makes it possible to have its height as well as the angle adjusted for a more sensation feeling.
Master Series Queening Chair. Choose Queening Chair

How to choose the best Queening chair?

A lot of times, people experience difficulty when it comes to choosing the best Queening chair. To make things a bit easier, the following tips can be of help. Some of the things to bear in mind are:

  • Design: One tip that can help you make the right choice is to look out for the Queening chair design. Normally, the most Queening chair comes with a U-shape. Some have a poor design to them. So, before buying a Queening chair, you need to be certain that the design meets your sexual fantasies.
  • Material: The queening chair comes with different materials. While some are with leather, others come with cotton. However, it all comes down to not just your sexual fantasies, but also what you feel comfortable with. If you are the type that is used to leathers, then, you should go ahead and pick a Queening chair that has leather.
  • Convenience: Who doesn't like to dominate with a bit of comfort attached to it? So, before deciding on the Queening chair to purchase, it is important to look out for those adjustable Queening chairs or the lockable Queening chair.
Queening Chair Sex Toy Multifunctional Stool Black.

How to use?

Some people may have suffocated from having their partners sit on their faces. However, those kinds of issues are being eliminated with the use of a Queening chair. Its use is relatively a straightforward process as the dominant force which in most cases is feminine. What she does is to sit on the Queening chair, while the submissive partner, goes under the chair to get a clear view of not just the anus, but also the vagina.

Pros and cons of a Queening chair

  • Instant sensation: The dominant force is going to be treated with an instant sensation as she receives stimulation in her anus and her vagina.
  • Freedom to roam: The advantage of the Queening chair is that her partner's hands aren't fixed on a particular spot. This means that he can confidently touch other parts of her body while also ensuring she receives stimulation.
  • Another notable advantage of using a Queening chair is that fantasies would be achieved.
  • The disadvantage of using a Queening chair is that you are likely not going to see your partner's facial reaction while she receives stimulation.
Love Chair for Couples Position.


An oral sex chair is one chair that can help in boosting both you and that of your partner's sex life. This Queening stool is something that is invoked and doesn't look like going off the market anytime soon. So, it would be favorable on your path to follow through with the listed tips so that you do not miss out on picking a suitable Queening chair.

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How to use a queening chair?
You can use a Queening chair by sitting on it to allow the submissive partner to gain better access to the vagina and anus. In addition, you should ensure you sit correctly on the Queening chair with both thighs spread a bit open for a clearer view of the anus and vagina.
What is a queening chair?
A Queening chair is a relatively low chair that makes it possible for you to attain sexual stimulation of the vagina as well as the anus. It is a chair that is enjoyed by the dominant partner.
What is a fetish queening chair?
A fetish Queening chair is a chair that gives the submissive partner the luxury of having to please the dominant partner's vagina and in some cases the anus.

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