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Inflatable Butt Plugs

A perfect solution which allows the user to start small and increase the size of the butt plug during stimulation, just the way he feels like. Ingenious toy for anal stimulation perfect for both men and women and suitable in both solo and couple mode. Unlike the basic butt plug, the inflatable butt plug can be reduced or increased in size as much as the partner needs it.

black silicone inflatable butt plugs
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What is an inflatable butt plug?

The inflatable butt plug is a type of sexual toy, which allows the user to easily increase of, reduce the size of the insertable inches by simply using the pump, which the toy is equipped with. A small pump that inflates air into the butt plug and helps it get bigger or smaller. Such type of toy is perfect for anal lovers as it allows great control and higher sensations. Using an inflatable butt plug can be a great experience for both solo adventures or in couple experiences.

4 inch black silicone inflatable butt plugs

Types and main features

  • Standard – typical butt plugs with a pump attached, meant for anal stimulation and which can be inflated with air during sexual stimulation. Great for couple use and easy to maintain.
  • Vibration inflatable butt plugs – advanced anal toys with great features, which allow the user not only to inflate the toy during anal stimulation but also to control the vibration levels with the help of a button. Amazing toy for anal stimulation, perfect for both solo and couples.
  • 7 inch black silicone inflatable butt plugs

  • Large inflatable butt plug – much larger than the usual inflatable butt plug and suitable for experienced users only. With diameters bigger than 10 inches, this toy can fulfill any anal fantasy with great ease.

8 inch black silicone inflatable butt plugs
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How to choose the best inflatable butt plug?

It’s hard to tell which types or versions of inflatable butt plugs are the best but one thing is for sure, the best inflatable butt plug is the one that makes you feel the best. Some users find the extra-large ones as being the best while other users tell that the small inflatable butt plugs are the best. Inflatable butt plug reviews on the internet show a 50-50 opinion regarding this issue so it’s hard to say which one is the best. However, some studies show that the most popular inflatable butt plugs are the ones that not exceed 8 inches.

6 inch black silicone inflatable butt plugs

How to choose the right size?

The anal inflatable butt plug comes in many sizes varying from 5 inches and up to 8 inches and can satisfy almost any type of anal sexual demand if used according to the instructions. Since it’s an inflatable toy, the size of the diameter can be adjusted from 2-3 inches and up to 7-8 inches. That is for the standard inflatable butt plugs, for large versions, the diameter can reach up to 12 inches. Choose the right size after you seek positive inflatable butt plug reviews and learn using an inflatable butt plug. For beginners, a maximum of 5 inches insertable length should be enough while for experienced users, anything goes as long as it suits their needs.

6 inch black silicone remote control inflatable butt plugs

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

If you are a beginner and you want to try using the inflatable anal butt plug, the silicone or the rubber versions are most suitable. They provide a more realistic feel with a soft texture stimulating the anal hole in smooth ways. On the other hand, if you already experienced such type of toys and you want to spice up your anal sexual life, the latex versions or the PVC models are more to provide extra stimulation. They are a bit rigid and stiff, suitable for experienced lovers seeking for extra pleasure. No matter the material your anal inflatable butt plug is made off, always make sure you use it correctly to avoid possible harm.

silicone inflatable butt plugs

How to use the inflatable butt plug?

Using an inflatable butt plug requires a minimum of experience due to the care with which you have to control the air pump. Top rated inflatable butt plugs come with a highly precise air pump but in some cases, extra care is needed when using such toy, especially in couple mode. Always make sure the toy is clean before any use as well as after, store it in the original box and make sure it’s safe from extreme heat or humidity. Vibrating inflatable butt plugs can be damaged by moisture therefore they should be kept only in dry places. Keep hygiene to a maximum level and make sure you follow the instructions in all cases.

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