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Anal Hooks

Anal Hook.

For those on the kinkier side, things can quickly become dull. If you are looking for your next thrill, an anal hook is the ultimate BDSM toy that you should check out. Anal hooks are not forgiving like butt plugs or flexible dildos, and they force subs to completely stay still. As a submissive, the use of butt hooks will make you give up total control to your partner, and this is the ultimate act of trust in BDSM play.

Top 9 Best Anal Hooks in 2023

Products Information Price
Super Thick Metal Stainless steel anal hook
Super Thick Metal anal hook
Material: Metal
Length: 25 cm
Weight: 280 g
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DOMINIX Deluxe Medium Anal Hook
Deluxe Medium Anal Hook
Material: Metal
Length: 11 inches
Allergens: Latex-Free
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New stainless steel metal anal hook with ball hole
Metal anal hook with ball hole
Material: Stainless steel
Ball size: 20-40 mm
Weight: 300-350 g
Pole length: 230 mm
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Anal plug Ball on Angled butt hook with penis ring
Anal hook with penis ring
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 174-190 g
Diameter: 40-50 mm
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Allumium alloy metal anal hook butt plug dilator
Metal anal hook butt plug
Material: Allumium alloy
Pole length: 240 mm
Weight: 336 g
Head diameter: 26-40 mm
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single ball metal anal hook with butt plug dilator
Ball metal anal hook with butt plug
Material: Stainless steel
Pole length: 140 mm
Ball diameter: 20 mm
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3 size Electro wave physical shock anal hook beads
Electro wave anal hook
Material: Alluminum alloy
Length: 210 mm
Ball diameter: 25-35 mm
Check price
130g Stainless steel anal hook with beads hole
Stainless steel anal hook
Material: Stainless steel
Length: 250 mm
Ball diameter: 30 mm
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What is an Anal Hook?

Anal hooks are curved, metal rods with a loop attached to one end and a ball on the other. They are used across various kinks, but most importantly for domination/humiliation, anal stimulation or training a sub to hold a certain posture. The function of the ball end is to comfortably sit inside the anal cavity of the sub and the loop is used to tie a rope through or for placing a finger in so that the bondage anal hook can be moved around.

Typically, an ass hook is about 1 inch thick and approximately 6 inches long. Based on personal preferences and comfort, the balls can be swapped out for different sized balls. To get the most out of the BDSM ass hook experience, one must be careful while inserting the hook and ensure that only necessary force is applied.

Even though new products are becoming available in the market that has embraced silicone and other innovative materials, stainless steel is the classic material for anal hooks.

Anal Hook with ball.

What is Anal Hook For

If after the many times the BDSM anal hooks were mentioned, it still isn’t clear, then here it is. The anal hook is one of the many anal sex toys available, but this one is more predominant among BDSM lovers. It is usually worn by the sub and can be used by both males and females. While anal hooks are great for punishing your sub in the most erotic way possible, it might not be the best game for a beginner. This is because it restricts your movement down to the minimum and might not be very comfortable. Hence, if you are a starter in anal sex or BDSM, try more beginner-friendly sex toys.

How We Tested the Anal Hooks

By the time we had to collate our list, we needed to ensure that only the best were included. Our sex experts took to work to gather necessary information about these products, while our sex toy testers checked the anal hook BDSM themselves to ensure that they truly fit the description of the information gathered. So if you want to know what our sex specialists and sex toy testers did, keep reading.

Recommendation Basis

It refers to the process of gathering information and online reviews about a product. While some of these selected few might seem new to you, they must have been used by other BDSM lovers. Hence our sex specialists conducted both primary and secondary research to gather the right information about how these BDSM anal hooks feel. Valid questions such as how durable it is, how it feels in the body, a rating of the product, and so on were asked. Not to worry, our sex experts also made sure to ask if it can be used by both beginners and experts. You can trust that no matter your experience level with BDSM and an anal hook, there is a pick for you.

Temperature Test

Secondly, our sex toy testers took the charge by checking the toys directly for how good they are at temperature play. If you are unfamiliar with temperature play, it is an amazing part of BDSM sex that involves the introduction of different temperatures to test the sub’s reaction to it.

Since anal hooks are made of metal and steel, the different temperatures should last for a while on them. So whether it is used to stroke the sub or inserted into his or her butt, you wouldn’t want your anal hooks to fail you. That is why our sex toy testers made it a priority to check these selected anal hooks for their ability to hold and maintain different temperatures (cold and hot).

Anal Hook Characteristics

The Curve

Different models of BDSM anal hook have different degrees of the curve. There’s no right or wrong curve here. It is only a matter of knowing your anal preferences.

The Inserted Part

Different kinds of ends for the metal anal hook are available in the market these days. A regular bulb is a classic end to an anal hook, but there are also flat ends and butt plug shapes. Some of the ends are part of the structure as they are welded onto the rods while others can be interchanged with larger or smaller bulbs.

The Material

BDSM anal hook is made available in different materials. Stainless steel is the most common material as it is sturdy, easy-to-clean and hassle-free to maintain. Other materials include glass, silicone and latex. Anal hooks for bondage made of latex and silicone are extremely flexible. For a small kick, along with wonderful cooling or heating, metal and glass create a sensual charm.

The Ball Size

Most anal hooks come with balls that are to be inserted into the anal cavity of the submissive partner. The size depends on personal anal preferences. Broadly, there are three sizes of balls - 35mm (small), 40mm (medium) and 45mm (large).

Anal Hook with Cock ring.

While most butt hooks look quite similar in design, there are a few variations. Nearly all of them follow the basic J or U shape, but the rest of the bondage anal hook depends on the manufacturer’s imagination. So, you can be sure of finding a butt hook that tickles your wild fantasies.

  • Single ball on the insertion end – Sometimes, the balls are removable, and in such cases, you can experiment with different sized balls without having to buy multiple hooks. But, make sure to screw them securely so that the ball does not slip and get lodged inside the anal cavity of your submissive partner.
  • Multiple balls – Some anal hooks have multiple balls that are placed from the end of the insertion part and go all the way near the stem. The balls may be grouped or they might be spaced out. If you are ready to push the limits, an anal hook with more than one ball is a good choice. It can help you take things up a notch.
  • No balls – These sex hooks do not come with balls at all. Instead, they have a rounded off piece at the tip that can be inserted safely. These are better for beginners and the sub needs to stretch a lot so that these fit in nicely.
  • Stainless Steel Anal Hooks.
  • Twists or patterns – Compared to a standard straight stem, stainless steel anal hooks that come with patterns or twists generate different feelings when it is inserted.
  • Cock rings – It isn’t necessary for butt hooks to only have an attachment on the end that will be inserted. Some are made to be wrapped around on the front, rather than the back of the body. These are usually less suitable for BDSM bondage, but offer great stimulation for the penis as well. Cock ring anal hooks are useful for maintaining erections and can be worn during intercourse to experience prostate orgasm.
  • Cock cages – Anal hooks designed with cock cages are ideal for the submissive man. This device lets the man hand over all control to the dominant partner. With the penis locked up in a cage while the anus is being filled, it means that nothing will get in or out without permission.
  • Vaginal chastity devices – This is the perfect toy for submissive women. Just like men, women can also give total control of their most precious body part to their partner.
Anal Hook with Cock cage. Choose Anal Hook

How to use anal hooks safely?

A stainless steel anal hook or an anal hook in any other material is used to either cause orgasmic pleasure to the submissive party, or to put the wearer in some kind of uncomfortable, compromising position or situation. For instance, dominant partners make subs wear an anal hook under their normal clothes and have them go outside. This experience can be exhilarating or humiliating. Sometimes, anal hooks are incorporated with bondage so that subs feel completely helpless. But, if these hooks are not used properly, it can cause pain and damage.

Before jumping into sexy antics, you need to prepare yourself and here’s what you should do:

  • Your partner must douche three to four hours before engaging in anal play to ensure that everything is cleared out.
  • Your partner should be aroused before the anal hook is inserted. The anus is a lot like the vagina and things work much better if it is stimulated and aroused.
  • Bring out the lube.
  • Make sure to take your time inserting the hook. There’s no need to rush it.
  • Always wash the anal hook before inserting it inside and also after each use. Furthermore, check that the ball or balls on the hook are screwed properly and will not fall off suddenly.
BDSM Metal Collar With Anal Hook.

Ways to play with BDSM anal hooks:

  • Shibari or bondage. Bondage anal hooks are commonly used in rope play. As they do not flex, movement is restricted entirely and makes the submissive partner submit wholly. This is usually reserved for advanced BDSM suspension bondage.
  • Tie a line from the loop of the butt hook to your sub’s hair or any object.
  • Tie the hook into a harness and make the sub wear it under everyday clothes.
  • Embrace temperature play by making the anal hook cool or warm.
  • Make subs perform different chores or actions while wearing the anal hook.
  • Insert it inside the vagina and make use of it as a G-spot toy.

Anal hooks are easy-to-use and they’re a lot of fun. You will get hooked to it in no time.

Pros and Cons Anal Hooks

  • Anal hook gives you the ability to explore new quirky toy.
  • Opens new experience to you and your partner.
  • Perfect toy for BDSM lovers.
  • Mainly uses by advanced users.

How to Choose the Best Anal Hook

The following are the things you should look out for before you seal the deal on BDSM anal hooks. Until you have these factors in full consideration, you might not be going home with the best anal hook BDSM for you or your partner.

The material

As easy as it might seem, you need to think about the material of the hook. While they all look like they are made of the same material - metal, some might be too flexible or unsafe. Usually, anal hooks that are coated with a plate of gold or chrome, and so on are not advisable. This is because these plates can peel off into your anus and cause adverse effects. Try stainless steel or more pure and natural metal.


This is another thing that is worth considering before you decide to go home with a large anal hook. Though many beginners are not willing to try the anal hook because of how scary it looks, the small sizes are not a problem at all. Ask for the ones with a ball size of about an inch diameter. That should do the trick. Experts might go for bigger sizes and a vibrating anal hook for an intense result.

Ball shape

Similar to the size of the ball, the shape also determines largely how the hook would feel inside of you. While some are circular, some other might look like a teardrop with a tapered tip and a larger base, depending on which you feel is more comfortable, you can make your pick.

Number of balls

Some BDSM anal hooks consist of one ball, while others might have about two to four or five balls. The number of balls you should buy should depend on your level of experience with anal sex and BDSM. You can also go for the detachable ones since they make things more flexible for you.

Rod angle

Finally, the angle of the rod is worth considering since it represents discreetness and comfort. The angled rod is more discreet and can be worn in public, while the curved rods are meant for indoor use.

Choose and order Anal Hook
What is an anal hook?
An anal hook is a metallic hook-shaped BDSM sex toy. It has one end bearing a ball, and the other end featuring a loop. The ball-end is inserted into the anus of the submissive, while the loop end is held by the dominant with a finger or a rope, and used for control.
How to use an anal hook?
An anal hook should be used with caution. Lube up the ball-end and put it in the anus of your partner, the depth is up to you both, so communication is key. After the ball is in place, the dominant can then pull the hook around to heighten the illusion of a pleasurable predicament.
What is the purpose of an anal hook?
For the kinky and adventurous ones, the anal hook serves the purpose of keeping the submissive in place. This increases the feeling of vulnerability on the side of the submissive, and the feeling of control on the side of the dominant.
How to attach anal hook to hair or head?
If your partner has long hair, you can easily and consensually tie their hair to the loop end of the anal hook, therefore keeping them completely still and subject to your whims.
What materials can be used for anal hooks?
Anal hooks can be made of different materials, including metal, plastic, or silicone.
What functions do anal hooks have?
Some anal hooks also have a vibration function.

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user avatar
02.10.2021, 08:57
George Miranda
To be honest, before now, I didn’t know about the anal hook being so kinky and exciting. I have always been so scared to try something new. But after reading your butt hook article, I went ahead to buy one. And I am not being cheesy to say it has changed my life. When my partner uses it, I give him all the control and it is the sexist thing ever.
user avatar
06.10.2021, 09:05
Cristen Robertson
I have a question. There are so many types of anal hooks with different looks. But I know that though it looks good, it might not be the one for me. How do I know which is best for me?
user avatar
07.10.2021, 16:32
Hello Cristen, yes there are various types and not all the models are for everyone. First of all, size is the most important thing that it should be taken into count, before you make a purchase. This includes the size of the ball, as well as the length of the hook. Then you can pick what type of play you would rather have with your hook. It’s quite easy.
user avatar
11.10.2021, 14:34
Richard Collard
I just need to put this out there, this is one of the best products I have every bought. I got the new stainless steel metal anal hook with ball hole and I haven’t looked back since. It’s a set of four hooks, because I didn’t know what size to begin with. I`d strongly recommend this toy for any new user. Mine also has a hole opening so that I can insert a rope for the crazy part. I am very happy and I just want the world to know that my new stainless steel metal ass hook with ball hole is stunning.
user avatar
14.10.2021, 22:22
Clarence Phillips
I am a beginner with anal hook and I have had one for a while now. But because I don’t have enough information about it, my first experience wasn’t so beautiful. I almost put it off when I found this article. Now, I have been having fun with my hook. Thank you for helping me out.
user avatar
20.10.2021, 14:57
Billie Forman
Anal hooks seem to be a very painful toy. I am new into anal play and I don’t know if this is a good toy for me to start with. Do you get me? I am scared that I am going too fast with this. Am I? Do I need to have a fore knowledge on anal sex and anal stimulation before using a hook? I need clarification on this please. Anyone?
user avatar
25.10.2021, 14:23
As a master of anal play, if I do say so myself, I would say that there is nothing to worry about. You don’t have to go to a school of anal sex to know how to use a hook. And you don’t need a degree in anal play to begin anal hooking. All you need is a lot of lubes. But for real though, with enough lube, you would feed much more pleasure than pain. Believe me.
user avatar
29.10.2021, 03:12
Naomi Smith
Hey. Is anybody there? I cannot be the only one with this result. I bought the super thick metal stainless steel anal hook last week and I have used it already more than three times. And I don’t have to be limited to butt play with it. Because it’s super thick, I wandered into vaginal penetration. And guess what, I hit my G-spot. I have never seen a wonder like this. I am never letting it go.
user avatar
03.11.2021, 20:40
Victor Ridenhour
This is a great article. We don’t find a lot of useful articles likes this in the web. So, thank you. This is a real good thing. You could add a little info on the sex positions for insertion. You know, that would complete the whole thing.
user avatar
07.11.2021, 14:34
William Hurt
Good bondage hook right there. It’s cool and it makes bondage sex a little more fun (especially if you are getting tired of the same old thing). It’s why I wear it around even while strolling. Apart from the fact that it can be a little over the top when it comes to discomfort, yeah, I could say it’s good.
user avatar
12.11.2021, 15:06
Linda Rendon
Hi there, I just have a quick question. How do I insert it in my ass? I want to be careful and feel the whole deep. But I don’t want to injure myself. So, what are the steps to use it.
user avatar
13.11.2021, 10:20
Hello Linda. It is quite easy to use an anal hook. First, you should douche your anus. Then apply lubricant and maintain a relaxed (comfortable) position. Then insert slowly. That’s all.
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