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People do love sex and never stop experimenting in order to find just the right way of getting maximum pleasure of it. Well, sometimes conventional sex is not enough. In such cases an alternative way must be tried out and anal sex is the best solution. Especially for fans of anal sex, we have come up with the best anal dildos, which you should definitely try out.

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What is an anal dildo?

As you already know, dildos are not just for vaginal sex. With help of big anal dildos, you can indulge your rear hole with stunning stimulation. Anal dildos are generally safe for application due to their round, wide bases, which prevent the sex toy from penetrating deeper than you want and also ease toy retrieval. There are big size anal dildos that are designed to expand anal hole. Certain anal dildos are equipped with a vibrator for extra pleasure. There are anal dildos for women and men as well. Anal dildos may vary in size, colour, type and special features; hence you always can be certain to find the right anal toy for you.

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Types and main characteristics

When it comes to types of anal toys, there is a huge variety waiting for you, hence make sure you spend enough time in order to study all the types in order to identify the most suitable one for you.

Based on anal dildo reviews, the list of characteristics is quite wide and diverse. First of all, you have a wide spectre of sizes for your kinky games. There are both large and even small anal dildos for your use. The girth of anal dildos may vary as well depending on the purpose of application. Vibrating anal dildos are powerful toys that can provide vibrations at various speeds while penetrating your rear. Male anal toys are able to reach the prostate and stimulate it. There are anal toys that are easy in penetration and there are also wide ones, which are designed for extremely kinky people and applied to enlarge or stretch the anal hole while, of course, delivering unimaginable amount of pleasure to you.

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These are the main types of anal dildos that you can find in majority of sex shops:

  • Standard (conventional) anal dildo;
  • Anal beads;
  • Butt plug;
  • Big anal dildo;
  • Anal vibrator;
  • Double anal dildo;
  • Multistage anal dildo;
  • Male anal dildo (for prostate stimulation) and many more.

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How to choose the best anal dildo?

There is no doubt that everyone looks for the best anal dildos, because that is the only guaranteed way of reaching the long-awaited dirty pleasure without facing any disappointment. Likewise, if you are looking the best of anal dildos, then there is a number of factors you should pay attention to. First of all, it is always reliable to follow the trusted brands, which have proven to provide high-quality products. Besides that, also pay attention to materials, size and texture of the dildo, which play an important role in pleasure generation. And after all, feel free to select the colour that is most appealing to you.

great anal dildo

How to choose the right size

It is very important to properly select the right size for your anal dildo, because it will define the level of your satisfaction and in addition will be responsible for your safety and well-being.

Don’t forget that your anal dildo size may be different from penetration length. Hence, make sure you pick the right penetration length in order not to harm your internal organs. These are the general sizes available:

  • Below 4 in;
  • 4-6 in;
  • 7-9 in;
  • 10-12 in;
  • More than 12 in.
  • steel anal dildo

    In addition, anal toys come with various circumferences like:

    • 3-5 in;
    • 5-7 in;
    • More than 7 in.

    Make sure that you use the large anal dildos carefully to avoid any harm to your anal hole and your overall health. Butt plugs, for example, can stretch your rear hole to a bigger size, if used properly. Anal beads do not require a wide circumference I order to deliver the dirty pleasure to you. Proper lubrication is the best way to enjoy the anal sex with sex toys. Don’t be stingy and apply plenty of lubricants to ease the penetration and increase the amount of pleasant sensations.

    anal dildo with whip

    Choosing the right material, shape and texture

    The correct choice materials are extremely crucial for an anal dildo because it is directly related to the smoothness and ease of penetration inside the anal hole. Keep in mind that the tissues inside the anal channel are susceptible, hence the most common materials list usually includes the following:

    • Silicone;
    • Metal;
    • PVC;
    • Glass;
    • Latex;
    • Dual density cyber-skin;
    • Jelly;
    • Realistic feel material;
    • Skin-safe rubber and others.

    In case of certain sizes, circumferences and materials types you may need to apply lubricant to so ensure safe and pleasant penetration.

    Good dildo for anal games comes in various shapes like:

    • Standard (straight);
    • Specific shape for prostate stimulation;
    • Curved;
    • Butt plug shape;
    • Anal beads shape

    Anal dildo texture helps you to receive all the little details, which enrich the entire process with stunning pleasure. The texture of anal dildo may be absolutely smooth for a simplified penetration; rippled for an extra joyful anal session; real-life texture with veins and glans. As a result of this, make sure you take additional time for customization of your anal dildo to experience the unforgettable satisfaction.

    big anal dildo

    How to use an anal dildo?

    Since anal toys are dealing with your rear, hence it is essential for you to follow all the basic rules of using an anal dildo to achieve long-lasting results, which do not harm your well-being and can maintain the anal dildo functionality for a longer time period.

    At this moment, regardless whether it is a brand-new anal dildo or you have already cleaned your anal dildo after previous application, you still need to wash it clean under hot water and/or use a specific cleaner for sex toys. Don’t forget, that anal dildo is going to delve inside your anal hole all the way to internal regions. Hence, a responsible and thorough cleaning surely will guarantee your well-being and hygiene.

    Metal or glass dildos should be used with care, to avoid any possible harm to your health. In cases when the size or circumference is big. You will require to come up with a proper type of lubricant. A thick and big anal dildo may require a lubricant to make it the penetration process easy. Water-based lubricants are generally known to be good for anal sex toys.

    Ensure your anal dildo is stored in a dry, clean place with mean room temperature and is isolated from direct contact with sunlight.

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