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Prostate Massagers

When it comes to sex, it is not only about pleasuring the woman, because the man also needs to be satisfied. Nowadays, there are plenty of means to get that done. One of them is prostate massagers. This type of sex toys is applicable to men only and is able to stimulate and massage the prostate, while delivering a lot of pleasure and satisfaction to the man.

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What is a prostate massager?

You might be wondering, what a prostate massage actually is. Generally, it has a lot in common with a digital rectal exam (DRE). The prostate massage process involves the insertion of a lubricated gloved finger inside the rectum with subsequent gentle pressing/massage of the prostate. Well, with help of prostate massager you do not need to worry about looking for therapist, because the massager will do everything for you. The massager is designed to perfectly fit inside man’s rectum and reach out to the male “G-spot”, stimulate it and help to achieve a non-ejaculatory orgasm.

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Types and main characteristics

Prostate massagers are also known as plugs, P or G-spot massagers, anal dildos etc. One of the main objectives of the prostate massager is to stimulate the prostate gland, which is responsible for carrying and protecting sperm. In order to achieve that unearthly pleasure, there are various types of prostate massagers being developed by the leading producers of sex toys. The following are main types of prostate massagers, which you can find in majority of shops dealing with adult sex toys:

  • Anal dildo;
  • Butt plug;
  • Anal wand;
  • Large prostate massager;
  • Vibrating prostate massager;
  • C-shaped prostate massager;
  • Suction cup prostate massager and many more.

When it comes to selecting the most suitable prostate massager for you, there are various factors to look at, such as:

  • Material;
  • Shape;
  • Size;
  • Texture;
  • Colour;
  • Additional features (vibration option etc.).

Likewise, you can clearly see that there are plenty of options available for you to choose from, hence take your time to do a thorough market research and find the prostate massager that meets your expectations, fits in your budget constraints and delivers the proper stimulation to you.

prostate massager by Xpander

How to choose the best prostate massager?

There are numbers of factors that you need to consider when planning to select the best male prostate massager for you. They include the following:

  • Brand name – you need to be sure that the brand is famous for producing a high-quality product, which receives good reviews from customers;
  • Size – it is always best to select the proper penetration length of your prostate massager in order not to miss the prostate location and stimulate right on spot;
  • Material – make sure you select the most suitable material that is able to provide gentle penetration without causing pain to your rectum;
  • Price – the most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the highest quality of the product. Hence, it is worth to make some price-quality comparison.

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Choosing the right size

Like was mentioned before, the properly selected size is the key to success. Hence, pay a close attention to the size selection in order to achieve the desired results. The size may include the following parameters:

  • Overall size;
  • Penetration length;
  • Circumference.

Likewise, the prostate massagers generally come in the following sizes:

  • 3-4 in;
  • 5-6 in;
  • 7-8 in and more.

Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of using prostate massager is to perform prostate stimulation and massage, but not to simply replace a casual anal sex. Besides that, it is also worth paying attention to penetration length, as it is not the same with overall length of the massager. Hence, be careful when selecting the size of your massager

prostate massager by dr Joel

The circumference variations may be as follows:

  • 2-3 in;
  • 4-5 in and more.

Likewise, the size still matters, but the bigger in this case doesn’t necessarily mean the better. Hereby, spend some time on doing a market research and reading the reviews of other customers in order to define for yourself, which prostate massager size is the best for you.

prostate massager by doc Johnson

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

Keep in mind that when it comes to dealing with rectum, the selection of the material is very crucial, because rectum has a lot of sensitive nerve endings and soft tissues, which can be easily damaged and you definitely do not want to let it happen.

Hence, take a look at the following list of available materials and select the one that is most comfortable for you:

  • Silicone prostate massager;
  • PVC;
  • Jelly;
  • Plastic;
  • Waterproof prostate massager;
  • Metal;
  • Glass prostate massager and others.

Each material has its own pros and cons, which you should properly understand. For example, it is way easier to clean the glass material rather than jelly or silicone, because they have more pores, which tend to get blocked with liquid/dirt over the time.

prostate massager by dr Kaplan

The following shape options there are available for you:

  • Conventional straight shape;
  • Curved shape;
  • C-shaped massager;
  • Irregular shape (e.g. increase in circumference from top to the base)

The texture options may include a smooth surface, slightly hilly texture, rippled and many more. The main idea here is to focus on smoothness of the massager penetration.

prostate massager by Nexus

How to use a prostate massager?

When it comes to using a prostate massager, you need to understand a number of factors in order to attain the desired results. First of all, do not rush the things up. Start gradually and use the prostate massager without any sudden moves. The prostate massage should go smoothly.

Prepare some lubricant and make sure it is always somewhere around, sot that you can apply some extra lube if necessary. Based on prostate massager guide, you need to take a proper care of your massager. In addition, you should maintain your hygiene at a proper level and clean yourself frequently. Don’t hesitate to wash your prostate massager toys, because you are dealing with rectum.

It is highly advised to keep your lux prostate massager in a dry place, which has an average room temperature and does not allow direct sunlight to fall onto the massager.

If you follow all the abovementioned rules and advises, then your prostate massager will serve you for a long time and bring a lot of pleasure and use.

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