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Nipple Pumps

For a higher sensation of nipple stimulation and an increased foreplay with your lover, the nipple pumps are the perfect choice. Makes the nipples larger and more sensitive to any type of stimulation, that increasing the level of arouse and lust. A toy perfect for couples which can increase the love life unlike any other adult toy.

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What is a nipple pump?

The nipples pump is a specially designed sex toy to increase the size of the nipples and provide the chance of a better and more intense stimulation during sexual intercourse, masturbation or couple foreplay. Toys created for any type of users, able to enlarge the nipple up to three times the normal size. Commonly used by men to enlarge their partners nipples for a better stimulation and increased sexual pleasure.

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Types and main features

The nipple enlargement pump can be:

  • manual nipple pump – creates suction with the help of a manual suction pump which can be operated by hand. Perfect for sexual foreplay and female masturbation, easy to use and highly reliable to the minimal pieces that might get broken.
  • Electric nipple pump – Similar with the manual version but operated by an electronic pump which can have one of several operating speeds as well as levels of intensity. Suitable for experienced players and mainly for the woman nipples.
  • Vibrating nipple pumps – The highest version which is basically an electric pump with vibrations besides the various speeds and levels of intensity when sucking the nipples. A great sexual toy which can offer the user increased pleasure thanks to the vibrations emitted.

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How to choose the best nipple pump?

Nipples pumps come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, to choose the best one for your needs and desires, you must first decide on the type you want to use. While a classic one with manual operating is reliable and very easy to use, it offers a limited stimulation. The other types, the vibrating one and the electric one, are known to provide a much better stimulation, but their reliability and functioning is known to be less than at the classic type.

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Also, if you are a beginner in sexual games and nipple stimulation, is always best to seek for nipple pumps reviews to better understand how each type works. The manufacturer is also an important thing you have to keep in mind because not all nipple enlargement pumps are of high quality.

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How to choose the right size?

Because most nipple pumps are universal and their size is almost similar for all types and versions, choosing the right size is not so important and decisive in the proper use of the toy. While some are a bit larger in size, the action on the nipples is similar with the smaller versions. Both the electric and vibrating nipple pumps tend to be a bit larger than the classic type, but when the nipples are inserted, the space allowing the nipples inside is similar if not identical. Vacuum pump nipples are specially designed for nipples only, while other intimate parts of the human are various, and of different sizes, the nipples are, in most cases, similar in size. This is the reason why you don’t really need a size chart or information on how to choose the right size.

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How to choose the best shape, material and texture?

The nipples are a sensitive area of the human body. Therefore, all types and versions of nipple pumping toys are created from soft and silky materials such as silicone, rubber, jelly rubber, and others. These materials offer a soft touch when applied over the nipples with a very smooth and silky texture during the whole procedure of suctioning.

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The shape of these nipple enlarger pumps is usually designed to suit and cover the nipples perfectly to create the perfect vacuum for proper stimulation and suction. While some pumps, mainly the electric nipple pumps, may have different forms, most vacuum pump nipples consist of two suction cups that are soft and easy to apply. Choose the toy according to your own desires and needs for a better experience and proper stimulation. If you are a beginner, the classic type of suction nipple pump is the most recommended version for a perfect experience.

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How to use the nipples pump?

Before using the suction pump for nipples make sure you understand all the instructions. Inspect the toy for damaged parts and make sure it’s clean for usage. After that, simply apply the two cups over the nipples and start operating the toy either manually or with the remote when the toy is an electric one. Maintain proper hygiene before and after each use and keep the toy safe from heat, moisture or other damaging factors.

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