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Nipple Pumps

Nipple Pumps.

If you want to spice up your foreplay game and take it to the next level of pleasure and intensity, then a nipple pump is just the right product for you. The nipple pump provides an extraordinary level of nipple stimulation and makes foreplay almost ecstatically intense. Nipple pumps work by making nipples larger and increasing the sensitivity and along with it boosting the pleasure that comes with stimulation. Believe it or not, a nipple pump can enlarge nipples up to three times the normal size. Take a minute to let this fact sink in.

Top 10 best Nipple Pumps in 2021

Products Information Price
Pumped Automatic Rechargeable Clitoris and Nipple Pump Set
Pumped Automatic Clitoris and Nipple Pump Set
Material: Hard Plastic
Flexibility: Flexible
Length: 13 inches
Power Type: Rechargeable
Run Time: 120 minutes
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Fetish Fantasy Beginners Cupping Set
Fetish Fantasy Beginners Cupping Set
Material: Plastic
Length: 27 inches
Contains latex: No
Set: EZ-grip pump, 2 small cups, 2 medium cups, 2 large cups
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Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple and Clit Super Sucker Trio
Fetish Fantasy Trio
Material: ABS Plastic
Contains latex: No
Length: 4.5 inches
Diameter nipple suckers: 1 inch
Diameter clit pump: 1.25 inches
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Lovehoney Swell Time Clitoris and Nipple Pump
Lovehoney Swell Time
Material: PVC
Waterproof: Submersible
Circumference: 3 inches
Length: 28 inches
Set: 3 cylinders, bulb pump
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DOMINIX Deluxe Powerful Twist Nipple Sucker
Material: ABS Plastic
Contains latex: No
Length: 4.5 inches
User: Experience
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Lovehoney Perfect Pair Purple Silicone Nipple Suckers
Lovehoney Perfect Pair
Material: Silicone
Length: 2 inches
Contains latex: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
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BASICS Nipple Pump Set
BASICS Nipple Pump Set (6 Piece)
Material: Rubber
Contains latex: No
Length: 3.5 inches
Size options: 0.5, 0.3, 0.25, 0.2 inches
Set: 2 pumps, 4 pairs of nipple rings
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Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing but Sensation Nipple Suckers
Fifty Shades of Grey Sensation
Material: Silicone
Contains latex: No
Length: 2 inches
Set: 2 nipple teasers
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Hi-Beam Vibrating Nipple Pumps
Hi-Beam Vibrating Nipple Pumps
Material: Jelly Rubber
Contains latex: Yes
Contains phthalates: Yes
Vibration speed: Single speed
Power Type: Batteries (included)
Battery Info: 6xLR44
Diameter: 2 inches
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The best thing about nipple suckers is that they prove to be a perfect sex toy for all kinds of sexual actions. This means they can be used during foreplay, masturbation, sexual intercourse, and any other act you can think of. There are many types of this amazing sex toy, and each comes with its flare of orgasmic pleasure. Ranging from manual to vibrating, nipple suckers can help you turn your fantasy sex session into a reality. If you have a thing for BDSM, then a nipple suction device is surely going to be a part of your sex toy collection. Let’s dive in to know more about this exciting sex toy and choose the one that suits your fantasy the best.

Vibrating nipple suckers.


There are three main types of Nipple pump sex toys available in the market and each one is special in its way.

  • Manual Nipple Pump: Designed to be used manually as the name already suggests, the Manual Nipple pump is one of the most popular and widely used types of all. The fact that it is operated manually, creates a unique kind of intimacy between partners during foreplay. Manual nipple suckers are also perfect for female masturbation as they are very easy to use. A minute drawback is that it is highly reliable on minimal pieces that sometimes get broken during the act.
  • Kink Tweak Nipple Sucker Set.
  • Electric Nipple Pump: An electric pump works towards the same goal as a manual pump but comes with some extra features that personalize the device according to the user’s preference. Electric pumps come with different speeds that can be changed during the act. Different levels of speed provide peak intensity and prove to be a blessing during the foreplay.
  • Vibrating Nipple Pumps: This type takes the game to the highest level. It is just like the electric pump, but with added vibrations for that extra flare of pleasure. Vibrating nipple suckers introduce the last bit of stimulation that help couples reach the highest level of orgasmic pleasure. Best to be used during masturbation and sexual intercourse.
Electric Vibrating Nipple Pump.

How to Choose the Best Nipple Pump?

Choosing the right nipple suckers is very important because they come in a variety of types, shapes, sizes, and materials. To choose the one for you, it is important to decide the type you want to use. The manual type is considered as the most reliable one and easiest to use, but it offers less stimulation in comparison to its contemporaries. The vibrating and electric nipple enlargers provide a higher level of pleasure but they are less reliable and come with lesser functioning in comparison to the manual one. So, it’s more about personal preference when it comes to nipple suction toys, but at the same time, it is important to keep in mind the quality of the product.

  • Choosing the Right Size: The size of the nipple pump is almost universal even though different types of pumps may look different in size. This is because the size of the nipple is almost the same in every human body, irrespective of the size and shape of the rest of the body. The area where nipples are inserted stays the same, irrespective of the type of the sucker. Although electric and vibrating suckers are said to be slightly larger in comparison to manual ones, size difference creates no hindrance in the intensity of the pleasure.
  • Choosing the Right Material: Nipples being a delicate and sensitive area of the human body demand softness to ensure comfort. So, keeping this in mind, every type of nipple pump is made with soft materials that feel almost like the human skin. Silicon, rubber, and jelly rubber are some of the most popular materials used in making a nipple sucker.
  • Choosing the Right Shape: The shape depends entirely upon the type of the nipple pump. The design is done to ensure that the vacuum is created perfectly to achieve a higher state of pleasure. Manual nipples pump generally comes in a popular shape in which consists of two medium-sized cups that are designed to make the functioning user friendly. In the case of vibrating and electric pumps, shape depends on different factors of design.

If you are a beginner, it is advised to start with go with the classic ones and figure out your requirements along the way.

Extra strong nipple sucker XL. Choose Nipple Pump

How to Use it?

It is very important to know the right way of using a nipple pump to achieve the promised level of pleasure. First things first, read the instruction manual that is generally provided with the product and start to do a proper inspection to check for any possible damage to the product.

After completing the basic inspection, make sure that the sex toy is clean ready to be used. Hygiene is very important when it comes to sex toys, so keep in mind that it needs to be properly cleaned before and after every use. To use, all you need to do is apply the cups over the nipples and operate according to the type of nipple pump you have. In electric and vibrating pumps, a remote control is generally provided that can be used by females as well as by the male to spice it up a notch.

Nipple Pump Set.

Nipple pumps are no less than a blessing for those who are always looking for something new in foreplay. The pleasure of heated foreplay can be the main ‘course’ of the intercourse. Studies suggest that the female body needs more than just intercourse to reach the core level of orgasm and that is where a nipple sucker steps in. A good quality nipple sucker can ignite the fire in what sometimes turns out to be a boring session.

Choose the nipple pump that suits you the best and ignite the sacred fire of Kamasutra in your sex life.

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