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Fleshlight Girls

Fleshlight Girls.

Thanks to Fleshlight, men’s masturbation dreams and fantasies are coming true since 1998. If you’ve been feeling left out thinking that women get all the deliciously naughty options in sex toys, you’ve probably not tried out Fleshlight Girls. These are complete Fleshlights that come with an insert and a case.

The opening of the inserts of Fleshlight Girls is the exact molded intimate parts of your favorite pornstars. Just imagine watching a sexy clip of your much-loved adult film star and having her vagina or butt right there with you. With pornstar Fleshlight, you can take your fantasies to the next level and get to experience the replicated warm vulvas, mouth or booties of Black Angelica, Arabella Danger or any of the sexy adult film star on your lap.

Top 10 Best Fleshlight Girls in 2022

Products Information Price
Riley Reid Utopia Texture Fleshlight
Riley Reid: Utopia
Birthday:  JULY 9, 1991
Zodiac Sign: CANCER
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 107 LBS
Eye Color: HAZEL
Bra Size: 32A
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Lana Rhoades Destiny Texture Fleshlight
Lana Rhoades: Destiny
Birthday:  SEPTEMBER 6TH
Zodiac Sign: VIRGO
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125 LBS
Eye Color: BLUE
Bra Size: 32DDD
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Elsa Jean Tasty Texture Fleshlight
Elsa Jean: Tasty
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105 LBS
Bra Size: 32A
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Alexis Texas Texture Outlaw Fleshlight
Alexis Texas: Outlaw
Birthday:  MAY 25TH
Zodiac Sign: GEMINI
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 LBS
Eye Color: BLUE
Bra Size: 34C
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Fleshlight Emily Willis Squirt Texture.
Emily Willis: Squirt
Birthday:DECEMBER 29TH
Zodiac Sign: CAPRICORN
Height:5' 5"
Weight: 115 LBS
Eye Color: BROWN
Bra Size: 32A
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Fleshlight Janice Griffith Eden Texture.
Janice Griffith: Eden
Birthday: JULY 3RD
Zodiac Sign: CANCER
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 90 LBS
Eye Color: BROWN
Bra Size: 30DD
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Fleshlight Butt Adriana Chechik Next Level Texture.
Adriana Chechik: Next Level
Birthday: NOVEMBER 4TH
Zodiac Sign: SCORPIO
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118 LBS
Eye Color: GREEN
Bra Size: 32B
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Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk Texture.
Ana Foxxx: Silk
Birthday: OCTOBER 29TH
Zodiac Sign: SCORPIO
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 LBS
Bra Size: 34B
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Eva Lovia Sugar Fleshlight
Eva Lovia: Sugar
Birthday:  MAY 29TH
Zodiac Sign: GEMINI
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 114 LBS
Eye Color: BROWN
Bra Size: 32D
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Fleshlight Girls Material

Celebrity Fleshlight Girls are male sex toys that have their butt and vagina orifices molded from real-life adult film stars. The sleeves of these male masturbators are made of SuperSkin material that replicates the feel of a pornstar’s skin. The material is pliable, soft and non-vibrating. It gives users the feeling of having penetrative sex with an actual person. Cyberskin is another material that is used.

Textures & Color of the Best Fleshlight Girls

The Fleshlight models range come in a variety of textures, such as:

  • Original texture, which is smooth and offers flexibility;
  • Speed bump texture;
  • Super ribbed;
  • Vortex.

The color of the best Fleshlight Girls is realistic flesh color.

Now, let’s dive into our Fleshlight Girls review to help you decide which pornstar’s vagina or bootie is the right one for you.

Riley Reid

The Riley Reid Fleshlight sleeve is equipped with two textures:

  • Utopia - The Utopia model features Reid’s stunning pussy. Along the entire sleeve, you’ll find a tight-fitting canal with evenly distributed structural elements like, rings that further heighten sexual stimulation. This model has 4 distinct pleasure chambers:
    • First, a reverse bell shape design covered in shallow ridges.
    • Second, a narrow flap extending into a wider chamber covered in bumps.
    • Third, this is the longest chamber with the narrowest entry.
    • Fourth, this chamber features a deeply ridged texture.
  • Euphoria - The Euphoria model features Reid’s perky butt. The entrance to the Riley Reid anal Fleshlight is extremely tight. At just 0.04”, this is one of the tightest sleeves available in the market. This model has 3 chambers and the final chamber features an intense cross rib grid to provide an awesome penetration feeling. Read our Fleshlight Girls Riley Read review to know about the thick constrictions between the chambers.
Fleshlight Girls Brilliant Riley Reid.


The following Stoya Fleshlights will leave you craving more.

  • Destroya - The vaginal Stoya Fleshlight sleeve is equipped with the Destroya texture, the most intense in the Fleshlight Girls series. The sleeve has a complex structure and the pussy orifice mimics the gorgeous tight pussy of Stoya. This Fleshlight starts with a narrow canal (10mm) featuring small bumps. The next section is equipped with longer bumps and it is wider. In the end, there are two more sections that are filled with fangs to massage your phallus.
  • Forbidden - Stoya’s anal Fleshlight features the Forbidden sleeve. This sleeve has a texture that is designed to capture the feel and tightness of a real woman’s butthole. It is molded directly from the tight tush of Stoya. The canal responsive to temperature and comes with suction control. This 9” masturbator is sure to bring your anal fantasies to life!

To know more, go through our Fleshlight Girls Stoya review.

Super Fleshlight Girl Stoya.

Elsa Jean

One of the hottest names in the porn industry, Elsa Jean’s Fleshlight sleeve designs are as follows:

  • Tasty (lady sleeve) - The Tasty replicates Elsa’s delicate pussy and it is one of the tightest sleeves you’ll find. It starts with a width of ½” and goes above 1” only once throughout the 9.5” tugging space. There are ring protrusions on the sleeve that increase suction. Then, there are 3 more contractions featuring pressure balls. Next, there is the largest expansion in the sleeve of 1” filled with moving ribs that enhance the experience.
  • Treat (anal sleeve) - The Elsa Jean anal Fleshlight is the perfect mold of her amazing ass and it features the Treat sleeve. Compared to its vaginal counterpart, this sleeve is wider. The first 2” of the 9.5” sleeve is 1” wide with angled, semi-ring protrusions. The last chamber comes with 2 ring-like expansions that add clockwise-rotating tentacles and suction for a mind-blowing experience.
Elegant Fleshlight Girl Elsa Jean.

Alexis Texas

Alexis Texas’s Fleshlights is a must-have in your toy collection. They are:

  • Outlaw - The Alexis Texas Outlaw Fleshlight is modeled after Alexis’ juicy labia and the lips are designed to perfection. This Alexis Texas Fleshlight sleeve is made from Cyberskin material and the inner lips of the sleeve are splayed wide with a beautiful, large clitoris. The opening is relaxed-looking, but inside it is a sphincter that squeezes to give an incredible feeling. There are also nubs and twists past the opening for maximum pleasure. This Fleshlight texture is designed to mimic the lotus texture.
  • Tornado - Tornado, the Alexis Texas anal Fleshlight, gives you a chance to have in your lap one of the most soft-after booties in the porn industry. The Tornado comes with a canal containing three hollows that face each other. The diameter of the inner canal can be changed, which ranges from 0.5” to 0.7”.

To know more about the Tornado or Outlaw, you can go through our Fleshlight Girls Alexis Texas review.

Fleshlight Perfect Girl Alexis Texas.

Asa Akira

The Japanese-American pornstar, Asa Akira, gives you two incredible Fleshlights to play with:

  • The Dragon (vaginal or lady sleeve) - This Asa Akira Fleshlight sleeve is ideal for men of a larger size. The sleeve measures 9.5” in length and the width ranged between 0.5” and 0.7”. The sleeve features a simplistic design and features a single chamber that runs from opening to opening. The chamber is textured with nubbed spirals that run along the entire length, only interrupted by the raised ridges found between and under the spirals. With a diameter of 0.16”, the nubs on the spirals offer intense pleasure directly to the head and shaft of the penis.
  • The Asahole (anal or butt sleeve) - The Asa Akira anal Fleshlight is tight and intense. It has four chambers with unique textures. The intense textures provide powerful and quick orgasms. Know more about the chamber in our Fleshlight Girls Asa Akira review.
Fleshlight Girl Fantastic Asa Akira.

Lena The Plug

Honey and Perfect are the two Lena the Plug Fleshlight sleeve designs that allow you to experience this thicc lady’s nether regions.

  • Honey - Honey is Lena’s vaginal sleeve and the lips are an exact copy of her pussy. The total length of this sleeve is 9.5” and it is divided into 2 parts by a tightening space. The 1st half of the sleeve has 3 rows of diagonal ribs, which are interceded with bulbous, round suction cups. There are several pressure nodes and hardened, small balls inside to make users feel sensational.
  • Perfect - Perfect is Lena the Plug’s anal Fleshlight sleeve whose entrance is incredibly tight. With a length of 9.5”, it can accommodate anyone. The initial 2.5” is an expanding nub type and it has beams running from the entry-point to halfway inside. There are small protrusions on the beams that offer maximum tightness and friction.

Interested to know more? Read our Fleshlight Girls Lena the Plug review.

Lovely Fleshlight Girl Lena The Plug.

Angela White

Angela White’s Fleshlight sleeve designs are highly sought-after and popular. The 2-time winner of the AVN Performer of the Year’s Fleshlights are:

  • Indulge – Angela’s Indulge sleeve provides a realistic feeling and molded to mimic her heavenly pussy. The main canal comes with large bumps that create a comfortable texture and provide intense stimulation to the penis. Moreover, the main canal periodically widens and narrows between the sets of bumps to give a heightened sensation. There are also ribs running lengthwise across the toy.
  • Entice – This is Angela White’s anal Fleshlight sleeve that is designed to mimic the Twisted Canal. The Entice’s spiral-rib texture is comfortable and promises to gobble your penis and twist it to offer you the ultimate backdoor pleasure. To enjoy the intensive feeling offered by this sleeve, you need to have a rock-hard erection.

Our Fleshlight Girls Angela White review will tell you how it feels to use Angela’s vaginal and anal sleeves.

Fleshlight Girl Amazing Angela White.

Dillion Harper

Dillion Harper’s Fleshlight sleeve textures are guaranteed to blow you away. They are:

  • Crush – This is the vaginal sleeve and this Fleshlight is designed to make users feel that they have put their penis in the real thing. The sleeve comes with 3 chambers that are equipped with unique bumps and rings to provide an intensely stimulating feeling. The 1st chamber is 4.7” long and filled with bumps directed at the penis. The 2nd chamber starts with circular rings and the third chamber has a narrow entrance with cross-diagonal rings that provides users with mind-blowing sensations. Our Fleshlight Girls Dillion Harper review will give you more information about Crush.
  • Crave – This is the Dillion Harper anal Fleshlight and it is considered best for beginners. The orifice is tight and guarantees to give a feeling of genuine anal stimulation. This butt sleeve offers to open the world of backdoor pleasure for you.
Fleshlight Wonderful Girl Dillion Harper. Choose Fleshlight Girls

Eva Lovia

If you are a male who is itching to play with Eva Lovia’s pussy or ass, you should consider adding Eva Lovia’s Fleshlight sleeve textures to your collection.

  • Sugar – This is Eva’s vaginal sleeve featuring soft lips. The Sugar orifice is unique owing to the presence of many ribs placed throughout the inner texture. The ribs are either rounded or edged, which gives intense pleasure. If you want to slide into Eva’s pussy, this is the standard vaginal entrance. The size of this toy is 9”.
  • Spice – This is Eva Lovia’s anal Fleshlight sleeve and it perfectly mimics the taut, firm butt of this famous pornstar. The entrance is tight and constricted that gives the feeling of real anal stimulation. The inner texture consists of ribs that are twisted. The nodules present in the 2nd chamber rubs the penis gently and as you thrust deeper, the penis will be compressed and you’ll enjoy the ultimate pleasure.
Fleshlight Texture Eva Lovia.

Lana Rhoades

Experience the most intimate spots of Lana Rhoades by bringing home her vaginal or anal Fleshlight.

  • Destiny – The Destiny is a signature Lana Rhoades Fleshlight sleeve featuring her gentle pussy lips. The vaginal sleeve is medium-width that begins with a ½” smooth entrance before continuing into a 3” and 1” wide section. Horizontal and vertical ribs, as well as, pressure cubes are found in the 2nd canal. The next canal is filled with rings and the last section features angled squares directed at your thrusting rod.
  • Karma – This is Lana Rhoades’ anal Fleshlight sleeve that claims to offer a realistic anal sex experience. The chambers have rings and pressure balls to stimulate the penis. The sleeve is 9.5” in length and it is an extra-tight Fleshlight. You mustn’t forget to use lube when playing with the Karma.

Our Fleshlight Girls Lana Rhoades review offers more insight into the design and features of the Destiny and the Karma.

Delicate Fleshlight Girl Lana Rhoades.

Lisa Ann

If you fantasize about driving your erect willy into a mature beauty, Lisa Ann’s Fleshlights is what you need.

  • Barracuda – This is the signature Lisa Ann Fleshlight sleeve designed after Lisa’s pussy and features front-facing bristles. The 1st chamber is 1.5” long with outward-facing bristles and bumps. The 2nd chamber comprises of long-stemmed bumps. The bump of the soft bristles creates pointed, small stimulations that are sure to make your penis very happy. Moreover, the bumps will also massage the head of your penis.
  • Savage – This is Lisa Ann’s anal Fleshlight sleeve made from the cast of Lisa’s butthole. This orifice is tight and the inside of the orifice is ribbed with twisting motion. As you thrust deep, the grooves release and tighten around the penis. 9” is the insertable length.

You can read our Fleshlight Girls Lisa Ann review to know how the Barracuda and the Savage feel when the penis is thrust inside.

Fleshlight Girl Lisa Ann Texture.

Nicole Aniston

Nicole Aniston’s Fit and Flex Fleshlights are a testament to her fitness and flexibility. You can bring home her vaginal and anal sleeves to indulge in a realistic experience while watching her on-screen.

  • Fit – Nicole Aniston’s Fleshlight sleeve, the Fit, is driven by the gorgeous aesthetic of Nicole’s pussy. The sleeve is tender and soft. It has 5 chambers of pleasure featuring tight constrictions for a genuine experience. The chambers have varied textures like, spiraling and twisting ribs, bumps and so on. These offer more pleasure.
  • Flex – This is Nicole Aniston’s anal Fleshlight and the tight chambers are designed after the tight booty of Nicole. The tightness of the chambers is unmatched and as you plunge your penis inside it, you will enter the world of backdoor fun. With Flex, you can explore anal sex.

To feel the solid, yet tender pussy or butt of Nicole, you can know more about her Fleshlights in our Fleshlight Girls Nicole Aniston review.

Fleshlight Girl Beautiful Nicole Aniston.

Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova’s Fleshlights will make you feel every fold, curve and intimate textures of the well-known adult film star.

  • Lvl Up – This is the vaginal sleeve and it features a unique beaded tentacle spiral design. This Mia Malkova Fleshlight sleeve offers chambers of pleasure that alternate between super-tight and tight cavities. You will surely uncover new heights of pleasure with every inch as you thrust deeper into Mia.
  • Boss Level – Mia Malkova’s anal Fleshlight sleeve promises to pull your penis into a world of lusty spirals and constricting curves. You can feel every swerve of Mia’s taut ass as the sleeve is filled with caressing knobs. With every stroke, you can experience a sizzling sensation. Boss Level guarantees to provide you with an epic finale and a wild adventure ride.

If you need fun and adventure, check out our Fleshlight Girls Mia Malkova review. Make sure to work on your stamina because Mia wants everything you have got for her.

Fleshlight Pretty Girl Mia Malkova.

Brandi Love

Brandi Love Fleshlight sleeve designs are made using digital imaging that gets you a life-like replica of her butthole and vagina. With this toy, you get to enjoy the sensation of having sex with the most sought-after MILF.

  • Heartthrob – Brandi’s pussy lips are perfect for licking and the Fleshlight replica is the same. As you slide your dick into the elongated sleeve, you’ll find the chambers narrowing and widening, which will grip and stroke your penis. 9” in length, the Heartthrob is full of grooves and rings. Your shaft will be pleased from all angles.
  • Shameless – The Shameless is Brandi Love’s anal Fleshlight sleeve, but it is designed more like a vaginal sleeve. It has separate chambers and multiple ridges, grooves and rings. Brandi is an anal virgin and this is what makes her Shameless Fleshlight so incredible to pound.

Know more about her Fleshlights by going through our Fleshlight Girls Brandi Love review.

Fleshlight Masturbator Brandi Love.

Christy Mack

The Christy Mack Fleshlight sleeve is part of the best-selling and popular Fleshlight Girls series. It comes in two variants:

  • Attack – The Attack Fleshlight sleeve is the lady version and it features a design that is as wild as the tattoos on Christy’s body. The bumps and dots in the sleeve will make your wildest bad girl porn fantasy come to life. The Attack texture has been designed to be used hard and rough, just the way Christy likes it. The three pleasure chambers sport a different and new experience. Thrust your penis inside and find out!
  • Booty – Want to slide into Christy’s famed backdoor entrance? The Booty is Christy Mack’s anal Fleshlight sleeve that will allow you to enjoy the wonders of anal sex. This sleeve consists of one chamber with 5 ribs that are spaced out evenly. Oval-shaped nubs are also found around the walls of the sleeve that provide mild sensation.
Male Masturbator Texture Christy Mack.

Final Words

With the best Fleshlight Girls models out there, there is no limit to the amount of creativity and variety you can bring to your sex life. Just make sure to clean them properly so that you can use them for a long time.

Here are a few cleaning tips:

  • To wash your Fleshlight, separate the sleeve from the hard case. Wash the hard case with water and soap.
  • Run warm water through the sleeve for just 30 seconds. To dislodge any semen, stick your finger gently inside the canal. This is crucial because pornstar Fleshlight Girls models come with a number of crevices and chambers. Do not use any kind of harsh cleaners as that might damage the SuperSkin material.
  • Ensure that the Fleshlight is completely dry before you store it away.

So, consider buying Fleshlight Girls to make your life exciting. You can go through the models to find your favorite pornstar. You will find Fleshlights molded to mimic the labia and ass of the pornstar who you fantasize about.

What’s more, you ask? The Fleshlight Girls collection is updated continually with brand new Fleshlight Girls. You can find all the information about the upcoming Fleshlight Girls on our website.

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What is a fleshlight girl?
A fleshlight girl is a device used for masturbation by inserting the penis into it. It derives its name from the flesh-like material used in its production, and the fact that it resembles a big flashlight. It could come with an anal, vaginal, or oral opening.
Which fleshlight girl is the best?
The best fleshlight girl for you is dependent on how much you’ve got down there! Your length and girth should go into consideration. Also, you want a fleshlight girl that is visually appealing to you and has your preferred opening.
How to use a fleshlight girl?
Start by lubing up. You can use warming lube for effects. Insert your erect penis into the sleeve, and adjust the tightness to fit your preference. Then, glide the device up and down your dick to pleasure yourself.

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18.08.2021, 01:32
Fleshlight girls are my new sexual saviors! Haha. I have loved Nicole Aniston for a long time, and to now use her fit and flex fleshlight is a dream come true for me. I am in love with this particular pornstar fleshlight, and it’s going to stay with me for a long time!
user avatar
11.09.2021, 15:18
I find it hard to clean my fleshlight girl by just running warm water and detergent through them. What can I do to make cleaning easier?
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12.09.2021, 13:34
Hello, James . You can clean your fleshlight models more effectively by taking the time to carefully separate the sleeve from the hard case, then using your finger to wash the canal very mildly. You should be gentle while doing this – because of the Superskin material, and also meticulous because of the chambers and crevices.
user avatar
15.09.2021, 22:42
Fantastic! And wildly realistic too! I purchased the Riley Reid Utopia Texture from this list. And so far, it has delivered much more than it promised. The ribbed canal holds me with such amazing tightness, and takes me right to the seventh heaven! It feels just like Riley Reid is in my bedroom with me. And asides from being so responsive to temperature, it’s got these pleasure pockets too. This particular celebrity fleshlight just feels like a crazy stroke of sensational genius. And I have no hassle with cleaning, thanks to the removable sleeve.
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19.09.2021, 06:07
Oh wow, this is such an interesting article. I did not realize how easy it is to own and use one of these fleshlight girls.
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26.09.2021, 00:20
I am out here fascinated by Brandi Love and Lana Rhoades, and God knows I’d love to have them in my bedroom right away! But I am very doubtful of the fact that each pornstar fleshlight looks and feels like the vagina of these pornstars. How do they go about it? Feels like a simple marketing tactic to me. And I do not want to have it if it is not the real deal.
user avatar
29.09.2021, 17:16
Oh yeah! I had my doubts initially, man. But then I discovered that the manufacturers use either digital imaging or casting to achieve the real shape and texture of the specific pornstar’s vagina in crafting the best fleshlight girls. So, feel free to go for it. It’s the real deal.
user avatar
03.10.2021, 15:32
I purchased a pornstar fleshlight from your top picks sometime back, and I thought it appropriate to leave this sincere comment: The experience has been nothing short of highly pleasurable. I got the Janice Griffith Eden celebrity fleshlight because her birthday coincides with mine, and oh I feel so proud of myself for making the right choice. I would most likely purchase more fleshlight girls in the nearest future.
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08.10.2021, 07:19
This article is the highlight of my day! I am happy to have found all the information I was looking for – as regards fleshlight girls – on one single page. I would love to suggest that you provide an article on mini sex dolls also. Thank you!
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13.10.2021, 21:45
Cool. But too tight. Perhaps it’s the particular celebrity fleshlight I got. I am not so conversant with pornstars so I just went with a random choice.
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18.10.2021, 19:49
There is a question on my mind when it comes to using fleshlight girls; how do I warm them up to suit my temperature preference?
user avatar
20.10.2021, 13:48
Hello, Willie. The best fleshlight girls have been made to be temperature responsive, so you could warm them up by putting them in warm water for some time. Also, there is the option of using a warming or a cooling lubricant – based on your preference.
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