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Realistic Butts

Realistic butts, just like the realistic vaginas, are specially designed sexual adult toys to suit the needs of any person seeking for anal adventures in solo or even in couple. Suitable men only, these hot pieces of sexual toys are a dream for those in love with enjoying anal sex.

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What is a realistic butt?

A realistic butt or a realistic ass, is a toy for adults meant to satisfy men desires for anal sex when in solo masturbation scenes or foreplay with their partner. Also known as the ass masturbator toy, this fantastic piece of device can come in different sizes, shapes and materials, providing all sort of pleasure to a wide variety of tastes and desires. It’s a fun toy for adults which can simulate the real feel of the anal hole and can provide the same amount of pleasure like when you make real anal sex.

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Types and main characteristics of the realistic butt

The realistic butt sex toy can be found in multiple sex shops and online stores under many forms and types, with multiple features and accessories. They are specially designed to offer the same level of stimulation just like in real life, to any type of user.

  • The realistic butt toy from Cyberskin – provides a unique feeling of real skin with a soft feel during penetration. Perfect for a lifelike anal experience
  • The realistic ass and pussy – 2 in 1 sexual toy which suits both the anal and the vaginal desires. Perfect for beginners and men seeking for a double adventure
  • Big ass masturbator – bigger in size and meant to satisfy men desires for big butts. Can be found in different colors and forms with levels of tightness.
  • The realistic butt fleshlight – Perfect for a quick anal masturbation play and highly discreet. Hand controlled and suitable for all types of users.

9 inch girls realistic butt

How to choose the best butt masturbator?

To experience the best moment and satisfy your lust for anal in the best possible mode, always make sure that the sex toy you want to buy is suitable for your personal needs. This is a significant step ahead of the actual experience with the desired toy and chosen properly, the realistic ass masturbator can provide the right moments of desires sexual activity.

7 inch boys realistic butt

The first step is to settle what type of toy you need if you are a beginner, a butt masturbator which is easy to handle is more suitable. Also, seek for positive ass masturbator reviews to better understand how this type of toy works. The manufacturer, the material of which the toy is made from and also its features can influence the level of stimulation during sexual activity.

7 inch masturbator realistic butt

How to choose the right size?

In most cases, the realistic butt sex toy is available in sizes to suit the most common demands, but in some particular cases, users might desire mega masturbator ass toys which are very big and very tight. Normally, beginners choose to buy and use realistic butts which are smaller in size and with a medium level of tightness. That’s a great choice for them because the ease with they can enjoy anal masturbation without any extra effort.

More experienced users can choose between all sizes and levels of tightness as they already know how this sex toy works. Either way, the right size is the one that fits your penis the best and grants you the most satisfying moments during anal masturbation. Once again, the realistic ass reviews are a great option to better understand and learn about choosing the size.

8 inch masturbator realistic butt

How to choose the right material, shape and texture?

Just like a normal sexual toy, when it comes down to choosing the material, shape or texture, personal taste and desire is the main factor which influences your decision. Realistic ass toys are commonly made out of Cyberskin, the most realistic material which provides a soft feel and a smooth texture. Some realistic butts are made out of rubber, silicone and even plastic so choosing the material is a matter of taste. Proper guidance will help you understand each of these materials and what level of stimulation they can offer. While the Cyberskin ass masturbators are soft and silky, the ones made out of rubber can be a bit rigid and hard to penetrate. Once again, that’s a matter of taste as more experienced users tend to choose the rubber and silicone ones due to their hard penetration which makes them feel even better during masturbation.

11 kh masturbator realistic butt

How to use the butt masturbation toy?

It’s crucial that you read all the instructions of your realistic ass toy. Most of them require proper lubrication ahead of every use for better and optimal penetration and stimulation. Make sure you follow the instructions accordingly and that you keep the toy clean at all times. Either you are using pussy and ass masturbator or just a simple butt realistic toy, hygiene is a critical step in enjoying a healthy sexual life. Lubricate the penetration area very well and begin penetration in slow modes with gentle strokes. Once you fill in the toy with your penis, you can continue as you wish. After each use makes sure the toy is not damaged and that it is clean. Store it in its original box and keep it out of extreme heat or humidity.

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