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Realistic Butts

Realistic Butts.

Realistic butts are one of the most popular sex toys among those who dream of the pleasure of anal sex. Just like realistic vaginas, realistic butts are designed for anal lovers. This sex toy has gained huge popularity ever since it came in the market and are preferred by couples as well as by single men. Let’s find out more about this amazing sex toy and choose the one according to your body’s quirks.

Top 10 Best Realistic Butts in 2023

Products Information Price
Fake Butt Sex Toy.
THRUST Pro Elite Alana
Material: Realistic Feel
Texture: Textured
Waterproof: Submersible
Contains phthalates: No
Canal diameter: 0.5 inches
US dress size: 6-8
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Riley Reid Realistic Butt toy.
Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight Girls Butt
Material: SuperSkin
Internal Length: 9 inches
Contains phthalates: No
Contains latex: No
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Alicia Fake Ass Toy.
THRUST Pro Elite Alicia
Material: Soft Plastic
Texture: Textured
Contains phthalates: No
Waterproof: submersible
Opening: Vagina & Butt
Internal Length: 5 inches, 5 inches
Canal diameter: 0.3 inches
Length: 19 inches
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Layla Fake Ass Masturbator.
THRUST Pro Elite Layla
Material: Realistic Feel
Texture: Textured
Contains phthalates: No
Waterproof: submersible
Canal diameter: 0.25 inches
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Rechargeable Fake Ass Sex Toy.
Elite Paige Vibrating Masturbator
Material: Soft Plastic
Internal Length: 6 inches
Opening: Vagina & Butt
Power Type: Rechargeable
Run Time: 55 minutes
Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
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Tamara Rechargeable Fake Ass Masturbator.
Tamara Vibrating Masturbator
Material: Soft Plastic
Internal Length: 6 inches
Opening: Vagina & Butt
Power Type: Rechargeable
Run Time: 55 minutes
Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
Allergens: Phthalate-Free
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Tiana sex toy fake butt.
Tiana Ribbed Masturbator
Material: Soft Plastic
Canal diameter: 0.5 inches
Internal Length: 7.5 inches
Opening: Vagina & Butt
Waterproof: Splashproof
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Doc Johnson realistic butt sex toy.
Doc Johnson Spread Eagle Sally Pussy and Ass Masturbator
Allergens: Latex-Free , Phthalate-Free
Waterproof: Submersible
Canal diameter: 0.25 inches
Internal Length: 5.5 inches
Opening: Vagina & Butt
Material: Soft Plastic
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Hayley Ribbed sex toy fake butt.
THRUST Pro Xtra Hayley
Material: Realistic Feel
Texture: Textured
Contains phthalates: No
Waterproof: submersible
Canal diameter: 0.5 inches
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What is a Realistic Butt?

A realistic butt, also known as realistic ass is a sex toy designed to provide anal sex like realistic pleasure to those who are into it. It is generally used for solo masturbation as well as by couples during foreplay. This popular piece of sex toy comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials and you can choose the one according to your preference and your body’s quirks. As the name suggests, the realistic butt proves to be a sex toy that provides the same amount and kind of pleasure that you get during anal sex.

Big Booty Realistic Butt Masturbator.


  1. Safe experimentation: For individuals who are new to anal play, using a realistic anal sex toy can be a safe and comfortable way to experiment with this type of stimulation.
  2. Improved sexual health: Using the best realistic ass sex toy can also help improve sexual health. Anal play can help increase blood flow and stimulate nerve endings in the area, which can lead to increased sexual function and even improved prostate health in men.
  3. Diverse range of options: Another benefit of the most realistic anal sex toys are the diverse range of options available. These toys come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, so you can find one that suits your specific needs and preferences. Some even come with additional features, such as vibration or remote control, to further enhance the experience.

How We Tested Fake Butt Sex Toys

We tested realistic butts, each based on a specific anatomy feature. We used a variety of methods to asses each product’s quality and functionality, including visual inspection, testing for durability, and obtaining feedback from sex toy experts. Like any other product, it’s important to conduct thorough testing before using a realistic butt. You can find more information about our testing process in our blog post. The material each realistic butt was made from also played a major role in our test results. We found that silicone was the material of choice for high-quality products, but it was also more expensive. Other materials, like rubber and Cyberskin, were less durable and offered less precision.

CyberSkin Realistic Butt Sex Toy.

Different Types

The best thing about this sex toy is that it comes in different shapes, sizes, materials as well as types. We have chosen some types of realistic ass masturbators that are very popular for solo masturbation as well as for foreplay.

  • The Realistic Pussy and Ass: As the name suggests, this is a two-in-one sex toy that features an artificial pussy along with the butt.
  • Big ass masturbator: This type of realistic butt is bigger in comparison to other models and is designed to satisfy the desires of those who like big butts. It comes with different shapes, colors and can be found in different materials as well.
  • The realistic butt fleshlight: This is a hand-controlled model of the realistic butt. It can be easily carried and provides instant pleasure. It is perfect to be carried while traveling.
alt= Choose Realistic Butt

How To Choose The Most Realistic Anal Masturbator?

Realistic butts come in a variety of materials, from rubbery to silicon, and with a range of features, from a realistic feel, to realistic coloring and textures. When selecting your realistic butt, consider these factors to find the one that is right for you:

Points Description
Realism How close does your fake ass sex toy look to a real butt? Some butts are very realistic, with realistic veins and skin.
Ease of Cleaning How easy is it to clean your real ass sex toy? Some realistic ass masturbators are easier to clean than others. If you are having issues cleaning your toy, consider the materials used.
Warranty What warranty does your toy have? Some types come with a one-time repair or a lifetime warranty. If you want to make sure your upgrade buddy stays strong, choose a model with a warranty.
Material What materials does your ass sex toy use? Some butts are made with a porous material, so if you are allergic or sensitive to certain materials, you may want to avoid this option.

Realistic Ass Sex Toy.

Right Size of Ass Masturbator

Generally, the basic size of the realistic butt masturbator proves to be suitable for the majority of the customers, but in some cases, people demand a bigger butt which is also known as mega masturbator ass toys. These realistic fake ass sex toys are huge and tighter in comparison to the classic size. It is advised to buy the smaller and simpler models of the realistic ass if you are new for this sex toy. These come with a medium level of tightness and are comfortable to use. You can enjoy anal masturbation easily and simply with these models and achieve the pleasure you are seeking.

Users who have experience with this sex toy can go for bigger models, but at the end of the day, the best realistic butt is the one that fits your penis comfortably and provides the desired pleasure.

Material and Shape

As we have already mentioned, just like every other sex toy, the perfect shape, and material of the toy depends entirely on personal choice. There are many shapes and materials of the realistic butt masturbator available in the market and each one has something special about it. The most popular material used to make a realistic butt is Cyberskin as it provides a skin-like feel and smooth and soft texture.

Some other popular materials used for making realistic ass masturbator are cyberskin silicon, rubber, and plastic.

Material Description
Cyberskin A material known as Cyberskin is frequently utilized to manufacture sex toys. It has a texture that is soft and pliable, intended to mimic the feel of human skin. For this reason, it is often chosen to form realistic-looking sex toys, such as realistic butts
Silicone Those who desire a realistic and enduring pleasure product often opt for silicone, a non-porous material that provides a velvety sensation. This material is commonly employed in the production of realistic butt sex toy
Rubber Some people may find that rubber is a viable alternative to cyberskin and silicone. It is malleable and can stretch easily, yet it does have its drawbacks. Since it is porous, this material is harder to keep clean and can become a breeding ground for bacteria
Plastic Sex toys made of plastic are commonplace, including those shaped like buttocks. Its rigidity and hardness make it a preferred choice for those who appreciate more solid toys. Furthermore, plastic is easy to maintain and is more cost-effective compared to cyberskin and silicone
Rubber ass sex toy.

How To Use A Fake Butt Sex Toy?

Using the realistic butt masturbator is a very easy process but there are some things that you need to keep in mind if you want to achieve orgasm safely. First of all, you need to properly clean the realistic ass masturbator before and after using it to avoid any kind of infection as well as damage to the sex toy. Make sure that you have properly read the instruction manual provided with your realistic ass sex toy. Most of them require lubrication before using them for safe and higher pleasure. Hygiene and lubrication are the two main things that you need to focus on while using your favorite sex toy. Start with gentle strokes and over time you can go as fast as you wish to.

Now that we have discussed everything that you needed to know about real ass sex toy, it is time for you to choose the one according to your body’s quirks and experience the pleasure you have dreamt about.

Pros And Cons

Makes for more enjoyable and lifelike solo sex.
Enjoy the fun of anal penetration without all the complications.
Strokers are small enough to use discreetly and anonymously.
A great introduction to the world of sex dolls that doesn’t involve buying a full body.
Partial bodies provide a great way to spank and grip an ass when you don’t have a real one available.
Require very thorough cleaning and drying.
Some, especially cheaper models, only have a finite lifespan.
Can be too loose to realistically simulate anal penetration.
Weightier, more realistic partial bodies are difficult to keep discreetly.
Some models create lots of noise when in use, which is not ideal when you are trying to be private.
Fake ass and pussy masturbator.

Realistic Butt vs Other Sex Toys

Ass and pussy sex toy is for anal penetration, as it will still be emphasized throughout this guide. But like every other penetrative sex toy like the fleshlights, pocket pussies, and so on, you need a penis to penetrate. Without a penis, it is almost impossible to use the pussy and ass sex toy ,except you have a partner with a penis to share it with. Instead of sulking on this, there are other amazing toys that you can choose that would give you the same amount of explosive pleasure a vibrating bubble butt sex toy would give you. So why don’t you hurry to check those out and get sexually stimulated?

Final Words

Whether you're into the idea of a full-sized, life-like replica or prefer something more compact and discreet, there's a realistic butt out there for everyone. So why wait? Treat yourself to the best realistic ass sex toy today and experience a whole new level of pleasure that's sure to take your breath away!

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What is the purpose of a realistic ass sex toy?
A realistic ass sex toy is designed to simulate the look and feel of a real human butt, providing users with a lifelike sexual experience. These toys are often used for masturbation or as an addition to solo or couple's play, offering a variety of textures and sensations for increased pleasure and excitement.
How do I choose the right size and shape for my realistic butt sex toy?
When choosing a realistic butt sex toy, consider factors such as size, shape, and weight. Some toys may be compact and easy to store, while others are larger and more lifelike. Look for a toy that suits your personal preferences and needs. Reading product descriptions and reviews can help you determine which toy is best suited for you.
What materials are commonly used in realistic butts?
Realistic butts are typically made from materials like TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or silicone. Both materials are designed to mimic the feel of human skin and provide a realistic experience. TPE is more affordable and slightly softer, while silicone is more durable, hypoallergenic, and easier to clean. Choose a material based on your preferences, budget, and desired level of realism.
How do I use a realistic ass masturbator?
To use a realistic ass masturbator, apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to both the toy and your penis. Slowly insert your penis into the toy's opening and begin to thrust or move the toy as desired. You can experiment with different positions and techniques to find what feels best for you. After use, clean the masturbator thoroughly following the manufacturer's instructions.
Can I use a realistic butt masturbator with a partner?
Yes, a realistic butt masturbator can be used with a partner to enhance your sexual experiences together. Incorporating the toy into your play can add variety, spice up your intimacy, and provide new sensations for both partners. Ensure you communicate openly with your partner about your desires and boundaries when using any sex toy.
How do I clean and maintain my realistic ass toy?
To clean and maintain your realistic ass toy, follow the manufacturer's instructions. In general, you should wash the toy with warm water and a gentle antibacterial soap or a toy cleaner designed for use with sex toys. Ensure you clean all surfaces and crevices thoroughly. Rinse well, and dry the toy with a clean towel or let it air dry. Store your toy in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
What is the difference between a realistic pussy and ass toy and a regular masturbator?
A realistic pussy and ass toy is designed to replicate the look and feel of both the vagina and the anus, offering users a more lifelike and versatile experience. These toys often feature detailed textures and contours for added stimulation. Regular masturbators may not have the same level of realism and may focus on providing stimulation through internal textures rather than mimicking the appearance of human anatomy.
How discreet are realistic butt toys when it comes to storage and transportation?
The discreetness of realistic butt toys depends on their size, shape, and packaging. Some compact models can be easily stored and transported discreetly, while larger, more lifelike toys may require more consideration regarding storage and privacy. When purchasing a realistic butt toy, consider your living situation and storage options to ensure you can maintain discretion as needed.
Do realistic butt masturbators come with any additional features?
Some realistic butt masturbators come with additional features such as built-in vibrations, heating elements, or suction cup bases for hands-free play. These features can enhance your experience and provide extra stimulation during use. Be sure to read product descriptions and reviews to determine which additional features may be of interest to you and align with your preferences.
Are real looking butt sex toys safe to use?
Real looking butt sex toys are safe to use when proper hygiene practices and precautions are followed. Ensure you clean the toy thoroughly before and after each use, and always use a water-based lubricant to reduce friction and prevent any potential damage to the toy's material. If you experience any discomfort, pain, or irritation while using the toy, stop using it immediately and consult a medical professional if necessary.

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