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The perfect choice for a quick ass play whenever you like, a way of relaxing yourself by simply using your handy pocket ass. Realistic male masturbator which can simulate the real feeling of anal sex with the help of your hands. The pocket butt is soft and easy to maintain, highly reliable when in need for a quick anal masturbation and always there when you need it.

6 inch purple masturbator pocket butt by Doc Johnson
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What is a pocket butt?

The pocket ass is a realistic ass masturbator which can provide the same pleasure and stimulation like a normal ass toy but which can be easily stores and carried anywhere. It’s the size of your hands and highly reliable for a good anal sensation. The tight pocket ass is the type of toy any man should have because of its amazing effect during masturbation and easy to use features. Simple, reliable and very discreet, a pocket ass toy can be the best sex buddy for any guy seeking for amazing anal sex activity.

6 inch masturbator pocket butt
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Types and main features

When surfing the internet for a proper pocket ass masturbator, we have:

  • The suction cup pocket butt – Specially designed to suck your penis inside once half penetrated and provide realistic sensations in amazing modes
  • The vibrating pocket ass – Emits soft vibration while you stroke it with your hands, providing extra stimulation during anal masturbation
  • 9 inch pocket butt by Doc Johnson

  • The perfect tight pocket butt – discreet and very reliable, offers great stimulation and lifelike anal sensations to any type of male user.
  • The full body pocket butt – It’s a handy ass toy which looks like a real butt with a tight hole, simulates the real feel and offers a great image while you stroke it in your hands.

Materials and sizes may vary on each type of toy and depending on the level of experience you have, tighter or lighter forms of butt holes are required. Seek for the best pocket ass reviews to better understand this toy’s purpose.

4 inch pocket butt

How to choose the best butt pocket?

When seeking for the best pocket ass, always take into consideration reading positive pocket ass reviews to better understand and learn about this type of sex toy. When buying such type of toy, pay attention to the material and the manufacturer’s instructions, that for a proper experience suitable to your needs. Some pocket asses are suitable only for experienced users while others only for beginners. Seek for the one that suits your needs best and always use it according to the instructions.

4 inch realistic feel pocket butt by Doc Johnson

How to choose the right size?

Either you are a beginner or an experienced user, you should choose the size for your new pocket ass toy according to your needs and diameter of your penis. Very tight pocket ass toys are impenetrable by users with big inches, therefore, choosing a toy with a bigger hole is more suitable. On the other hand, a user with a small penis or a user with no experience can feel little to no pleasure at all if he uses a toy with a large butt hole. The right size should fit over your inches with little effort, that’s the best way to know you have made the right decision. Seek the butt pocket toy guide and learn more about the sizes.

5 inch realistic feel pocket butt by Vulcan

How to choose the best material, shape, and texture?

A small pocket ass toy is similar to a traditional butt toy. The only difference is that the pocket ass is way smaller and easy to manipulate at the same time with easier to maintain. The materials are similar therefore the texture and feel are almost the same.

  • Cyberskin pocket butts – perfect for a realistic feel and highly reliable on a long term. Soft and silky texture to provide extra pleasure during anal masturbation.
  • Silicone butt pocket toys – Smooth and very flexible with a soft feel when penetration occurs. Harder to penetrate and more suitable for experienced users
  • 5 inch realistic feel masturbator pocket butt

  • Rubber pocket ass – Very reliable on a long-term thanks to the durable material. Rubber offers a soft feel and smooth texture and just like the silicone version, a harder to penetrate feeling.

The shape of these handy ass toys are almost the same in most cases, small in size, very easy to hold and use and discreet.

6 inch realistic feel masturbator pocket butt by Zolo

How to use a pocket ass toy?

Being such a discreet and small toy, using it requires little to no experience at all. It’s a handy toy which suits your palm and can be used with or without lubrication, depending on the material and size. Always maintain hygiene before and after each use and make sure to store the toy in its original box. Keep it safe from heat or humidity in excess and never use it if it has broken parts or damaged areas.

Small pocket ass toys are sexual gadgets meant for anal stimulation. Therefore, hygiene and proper storage are significant steps to follow for a better sexual experience every time you use it.

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