Strap Ons
Strap Ons
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Clitoral Vibrators
Clitoral Vibrators
One of the most popular sex toys for women, clit vibrators deliver intense vibrations to the most sensitive body part ...
Egg Vibrators
Egg Vibrators
Are you on the lookout for a new sex toy? If so, you might find a friend in an egg vibrator ...
Penis Extensions
Penis Extensions
With time, using sex toys has become less of a taboo that ultimately helped people to ...
A lack of diversity and vivid sensations in sex life is a common issue that many individuals face both on their own and in a relationship ...
Remote Control Vibrators
Remote Control Vibrators
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Realistic Dildos
Realistic Dildos
Dildos are the ultimate sex toys when it comes to enacting a solo sexual play ...
Chastity Cages
Chastity Cages
There is definitely something odd in chastity as a sexual activity ...

Best Sex Toys for Adults

When it comes to sex toys, most people think of dildos, strap-ons or vibrators. First off, they are mistaken to think that adult sex toys are bound to these three categories. Secondly, people don’t even know much even about these babies.

Did you know that there are 20 kinds of vibrators? Or 18 kinds of dildos? And this is on our website only. Google them all, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Besides, some toys, including vibrating penis rings or extensions, stimulate the blood flow to male organs and can even fight erectile dysfunction.

Women are blessed with sex toys since they help them achieve orgasms during sex. In 2016, researchers have found that 35% out of 24,102 heterosexual female participants have never had orgasmic sensations. With vibrators, vibrating panties, G-Spot dildos, and other toys, every woman will be satisfied.

Most modern sex toys are made from environmentally friendly recyclable materials. Yeah, even the sex industry cares about nature. The toys are not of one-size-fits-all type but come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Besides, toys can be used both by men and women, except for pumps and male masturbators.

Sex education is a basic discipline. Everyone must have it in their teens in order not to make mistakes and learn individual body preferences. That is why in this sex toy review, we are going to share some facts and dispel myths about adult toys once and for all. We have decided to talk about toys that are best suitable for men, women, and couples. Read up and make the right decision.

For Her

Dear ladies, let go of all your fears and stereotypes about sex toys. They’re not your enemies but friends. Our moms and grannies may disagree but there’s no better way to find out about your true preferences and desires in sex than by using a sex toy.

You’re not alone! According to Statista, 974 women in America were surveyed about sex toys. 263 of them said they owned a sex toy or two. A study at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University has shown that more than 50% of the respondent women have tried “forbidden sex”, i.e. sex with toys, in their life.

A vibrator or a dildo becomes your intimate and sacral toy. You can control your masturbation or sex with a toy yourself and go as deep as you want to reveal the true nature of your orgasm. It prepares you for sex with another person or just satisfies you during long lonely nights. What Toys Are the Most Popular for Women?

Bullet Vibrators

These sex toys for women are the best for the first meet-up with vibrators. They are small and light as a feather. The average length is 4 inches, whereas weight is about 100 grams. Our clients love it as a clitoral stimulator. These little vibro sticks are firm. Some of them can be used under the water so you can receive double pleasure while taking a bath alone or with your partner.

How do they work? There are wired and wireless bullet vibrators. Most of them don’t have any wires and work on batteries. You can easily charge your little friend and enjoy it again and again. Remember that they are too small for penetration, so don’t expect to use them for all kinds of sex. Bullet vibrators have different speed modes for you. From lighting-fast to slow, as you like it. Other vibrators of this type are egg vibrators.

Butterfly Vibrators

Some of them do look like these beautiful insects. But, don’t worry, they don’t bite! These are one of the best sex toys for women because they stimulate your pussy both from outside and inside. Some of these wonderful toys have straps and cannot be seen under your casual clothes. Play a Christian-Grey-card and make your girlfriend wear it to the restaurant. She’ll like it.

How do they work? The little silicone penis comes inside of the vagina, whereas the “eyes” and “wings” of the butterfly vibrate the clitoris. Not all butterfly vibrators of this kind have both stimulators. Some only stimulate the clitoris, others just do the penetration part. It’s up to you which one to choose.

Finger Vibrators

These naughty boys make your finger an orgasm machine. Female sex toys are not always something you can hold but also wear on your hands. The principle is similar to masturbation. But better.

How do finger vibrators work? You put it on your finger, turn on the toy and start masturbating. It makes your orgasm more vivid and requires fewer movements. You don’t even have to move fast, just hold it on the right spot, close your eyes and wait for the show.

Clitoral Vibrators

The clitoris is the first place where you should apply the toy. There are several types of female orgasms: clitoral, vaginal, anal, combo (vaginal + clitoral) and erogenous zones. The most vivid and powerful is the clitoral one. No wonder why cunnilingus is the most common and favorite way to achieve it.

But you don’t need a tongue to reach an orgasm. Clitoral vibrators are enough. They come in different shapes and forms - ovals, eggs, bunnies, sticks, etc. They focus on your clitoris and vibrate in the right zones of it to help you enjoy your night. Usually, these sex toys are water-proof so you can bring one of your own to the bath or shower.

How do they work? Make sure your vibrator is charged. If so, turn it on and slowly touch your clitoris with it. Some of them have different speed or intensity modes. Pick the right one and relax. If it hurts, change the mode. It must feel good.

G-Spot Dildos

G-spot dildos is unusual but one of the most orgasmic. They don’t look like average penises but silicone, steel or glass sticks with prominent heads or swirly bodies.

How do they work? If you’re wet, just warm up the dildo in your hands, put it inside of the vagina and move. If you don’t have enough lube, use the lubricant from the store and then put in the dildo. Because of the weird form of the toy, you will reach your orgasm faster.

Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos are the most useful if your hand gets tired too fast or you want to simulate real sex. The realistic penis with a head, body, ball cask and veins will feel natural in your vagina. Besides, it sticks to almost any surfaces you have in your house. It allows you to try different positions.

How do they work? Stick the dildo to a surface, use some lube and enjoy the night. Sex is easy, requires minimum effort and gives realistic sensations. The best alternative to usual dildos.

Butt Plugs and Balls

Butt plugs are made from glass, steel, PVC, silicone, and metal. They fit in your butthole and are used to boost your orgasm while stimulating and relaxing the muscles in your buttocks. It is the best tool to reach both anal and clitoral orgasm if you combine it with a vibrator or another clit stimulating toy.

How do they work? Don’t forget to put them in your butthole at the beginning of the intercourse and let them stay inside. You’ll feel very different. Put them out only after you’ve reached the orgasm, otherwise, they’re useless.

Pussy Pumps

Like men, women also tend to enlarge pussy size sometimes. If you struggle with reaching orgasms during cunnilingus or vibrating, try the pussy pump beforehand. The pressure from the pump makes the blood circulate faster so your pussy, labia, and clit become swollen and red. This time is the best to reach orgasms through masturbation or sex toys.

How does it work? You cover your pussy with a pump, which is a rubber bulb, until it sits perfectly. Then you squeeze the pump. Some pumps are automatic so you only need to wait and enjoy. Remember that it shouldn’t hurt. So if you feel pain, reduce the pressure or stop. You can resume pumping in a few minutes.

For Him

Despite the stereotype that “sex toys are only for girls” or “you must have sex only with a woman”, guys do like sex toys. A 2016 study has shown that 66% of the respondents owned adult toys, whereas 70% said that they had used a toy in the bedroom before.

Now that you’ve seen these numbers, it’s not that scary to look for the best toy for you, right? Okay, that’s better. You’re about to learn about things you’ve never known before. Did you think that we only have toys for big girls? Nope. Our boys are happy as well. Meet the best sex toys for men you can find on the market!

Male Vibrators and Masturbators

These guys come for help when you’re fed up with masturbating. They just do it for you and let your hands rest. There are manual, hands-free, remote-control and anal male vibrators. They not only do the masturbating in your stead but also intensify orgasms.

How do they work? You put your penis inside of the device and turn it on. It mustn’t be hard right away. The vibrator can help your little friend to “get up” in the process.

A male masturbator or vibrator is similar in form to female vibrators. The difference is that men have to put the penis inside the toy, whereas women have to touch the clitoris with a toy from the outside. Don’t forget to choose the right size by following the instructions on the website.

Blow Job Toys

You may think that these toys are similar to vibrators and masturbators but they’re not. Blow job toys usually come in the form of a women’s mouth. There are lips and tongue made from TPE, silicone or rubber.

How do they work? If you use some lube and warm up the toy in your hands, you will feel realistic sensations. As if a real person is doing it to you. You can cum inside of the toy. The materials are sturdy enough to get washed up and dried clean.

Cock Rings

Cock rings not only give you a strong orgasm but also make your penis erect. All of the toys have instructions on how to choose the right one for you, so don’t worry, it will fit. They come in different forms: three rings, two rings and or one ring.

How do they work? You put the ring over your cock and turn it on. Some of them are controlled through phone apps, can you imagine it? So, once you’ve done everything, the toy vibrates the area over your penis and intensifies the blood flow. As a result, you either have a strong erection to cum by yourself or have an orgasm if you had already been hard.

Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are the best male sex toys because they not only stimulate your orgasm and make your member bigger but either cover the part of your penis or the whole male organ.

How do they work? It works the same as hollow strap-ons. That is, you take the toy, put it on your penis and have sex. Your partner feels different when the sleeve is inside and can achieve orgasms faster due to the bubble or beaded texture. The sensations are exotic enough to receive way more pleasure than from casual sex.

Sex Dolls

Anime, inflatable, realistic, rubber and silicone girls - you name it. There are so many of them you can’t even keep count. New ones are coming to the market every day. Some of them can warm up and be of your own body temperature, whereas others can breathe in and out and move their limbs. Sounds creepy now, but wait 5-10 more years, and it will be the reality.

How do they work? You simply put it out of the box, wash it if you want and start your love affair. If it is inflatable, take a pump that goes in a package and blow the realistic hot girl. No matter what you choose, you are likely to enjoy your sex.

Prostate Massagers

You don’t need to have hemorrhoids to use prostate massagers. They are used mostly for men’s pleasure. Not only women can have an anal orgasm but men as well. The materials are usually silicone, hard plastic, and stainless steel. They are hypoallergenic and won’t irritate your skin and genitals.

How do they work? You plug your butthole with a massager and start masturbating. It is recommended to use a lubricant and combine your massager with masturbators or male vibrators to get maximum pleasure.

Penis Pumps

These wonderful penis pumps help make your penis larger. Can you believe it? Also, it helps men with erectile dysfunction. It’s like a Viagra pill but you don’t have to take it. Some of the pumps have women’s vagina, labia, and clitoris for more realistic sensations.

How do they work? They work like a pump but for your male organs. You put your penis inside of it and turn it on. Most of the devices work automatically so you don’t have to use physical force. All you need to do is relax and think of your wildest phantasies to reach an orgasm in the end.

For Couples

First off, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you and your significant other have decided to spice up things in bed a bit. It doesn’t necessarily need to be connected with poor sex life. Things wear out with time, including casual sex. Sex toys can change your whole world and give your boring sex routine a new life.

Aside from having a positive effect on relationships, adult toys also benefit your health. If you’re a woman and rarely have orgasms, a toy like a vibrator or a penis extension intensifies your sensations and you receive pleasure more often. Besides, sex toys and lubricants help fight vaginismus and menopause symptoms like dryness. A toy contributes to healthy sleep, relieves stress and fights depression.

The same applies to men. If your penis cannot get hard or you come across different kinds of dysfunctions, sex toys do help. You not only can go wild again and again but also end up orgasming and feeling relief.

You just need to try using a toy to make sure we’re right. That is why let’s go through the basic and most popular couple toys to see which one suits you two the best.

Bondage and Bondage Kits

If you’ve seen or read “Fifty Shades of Grey”, you may be curious about what toys Christian used with Anastasia. We can say for sure that bondage was an indispensable item in his arsenal and had given tons of pleasure to him and all of his BDSM submissive girls. Don’t freak out when you hear BDSM, no one’s going to torture you!

How does it work? Bondage is something that covers or ties parts of your body. It doesn’t hurt. It could be eye masks, whips, silky restraints, ticklers, massagers, cuffs, clips, straps, ropes (usually used in Shibari, Japanese bondage), nipple and clit clamps and many others.

You may choose a new set of bondage every time. For example, try to pair a clit clamp with an eye mask. Then, use cuffs and a whip. Or tie the hands of your beloved one with silky restraints and use a tickler. It’s up to you.

Besides, all the kits and sets of bondage are customizable. You don’t have to buy everything if you don’t need it. Choose as many items as you want and try them out. The bondage parts that you two have never tried before may be a good idea for St. Valentine’s or as an anniversary present.

Mouth Gags

Mouth gags look wild and kinky at the same time. No way you get horny once you’ve seen your partner naked with these little devils in the mouth. Besides, many of them are made from eco-friendly materials, Faux vegan leather, and silicone, for example.

How do they work? The gag goes in the mouth but not too deep so you will never choke on it. The belt is adjustable. It helps the gag sit tightly and not fall out of the mouth. It’s unisex so both men and women can wear these once they feel like it.

Sex Swings

This toy is a luxurious item to have in hand because it lets you try positions you can’t do in bed or on the table. By the way, swings help to perform difficult, yet hot sex positions like head over heels, V is for Vixen, butterfly, the bridge, X marks the spot and others.

How do they work? First of all, you fasten them. Some of them come with Velcro, others with clips. Secondly, you try to sit on the swings and check the height. All of them are adjustable. The materials such as neoprene and nylon are soft and don’t irritate the skin. When everything is set, good luck and have an enjoyable evening!

Sex Masks

A mask arouses sex drive and wakes up your imagination. If you don’t like role play, you can wear masks. They don’t require actor skills and let you become someone else without effort. It can be a usual ball mask, an eye-covering mask, a latex gimp mask or a blindfold mask.

How do they work? You put it on your face and see what happens. Your partner is likely to want you more since a mask makes sex more mysterious. If you cover the eyes or the whole face of your beloved one, your romantic evening will get more erotic and may end in orgasms for both of you. Combined with toys like swings, clips or vibrators, a mask has an even better effect.


Every second couple has come across the dry problem, especially if they’ve tried having sex for more than an hour. Whenever you’re up for long intercourse, high-quality lube will be handy. There are personal, anal, water-based, organic, fisting, natural, flavored, silicone, tingling and warming lubricants.

How does it work? You squeeze out a middle-sized drop of lube in your hand and apply it on your own or your partner’s genitals. Then you have sex and the penis goes smoothly inside of the vagina. You can also use lube on other male organ simulating toys. You can perform oral sex after you’ve applied the lube.

Don’t be shy to acknowledge that you need a sex toy. It is normal to learn new facts about your body or reach an orgasm. Sex toys change the lives of their owners for the better, and you’re not an exception. Good luck!