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Sex Machines

Technology has come a long way, and even sex toy lovers and enthusiasts have large benefits from it today. This is why sex machines exist, and not only that, but they keep getting better and more innovative by the day. If you wish to find out what sex machine toys are, how they work, and also how to properly use one, then you are at the right place.

Top 7 best Sex Machines in 2020

The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

  • Material: Silicone
  • Vibration speed: 6 (with patterns)
  • Power type: Mains powered
  • Controller Type: Wired
  • Waterproof: No
  • Insertable Length: 4 inches
  • Length: 16.5 inches
  • Holds up: 181kg
  • Cowgirl dimensions: L16.7xW13.4xH10.9 inches
  • Swivel: 360°
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Robo Fuk Adjustable Unisex Thrusting Sex Machine

Robo Fuk

  • Material: TPE
  • Contains latex: No
  • Power type: Mains powered
  • Length: 7.2 inches
  • Circumference: 5 inches
  • Dimensions: 25x12x12 inches
  • Fastening: Adjustable screw
  • Swivel: 360°
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Dark Magic Inflatable Remote Control Thrusting Sex Machine

Dark Magic

  • Material: Silicone
  • Vibration speed: 3 speeds
  • Power type: Batteries (not included)
  • Length: 50 inches
  • Set: 3 realistic vibrators, chair, foot pump, remote control
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Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Ride on Cushion with Realistic Vibrating Dildo

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Ride on Cushion with Realistic Vibrating Dildo

  • Material: PVC
  • Contains phthalates: No
  • Circumference: 5.5 inches
  • Insertable Length: 6 inches
  • Battery Info: 2 x AA
  • Controller Type: Wired – scroll wheel
  • Power Type: Batteries (not included)
  • Vibration speed: Multiple speeds
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Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat

  • Material: Rubber
  • Contains latex: No
  • Contains phthalates: No
  • Flexibility: Firm
  • Waterproof: Splashproof
  • Base diameter: 16 inches
  • Circumference: 5.25 inches
  • Insertable Length: 6 inches
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Power Type: Batteries (not included)
  • Vibration speed: Multiple speeds
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Fantasy For Her Rechargeable Remote Control Sex Machine

Fantasy For Her Rechargeable Remote Control Sex Machine

  • Material: Silicone
  • Contains phthalates: No
  • Waterproof: Submersible
  • Controller Type: Removable – Push Button
  • Power Type: Rechargeable
  • Base diameter: 2.5 inches
  • Circumference: 5 inches
  • Insertable Length: 6 inches
  • Length: 13.5 inches
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Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair

Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair

  • Power Type: powered by your own body
  • Supports up to: 28.5 stone (400 lbs)
  • Insertable Length: 7 inches
  • Set: 7 inch dildo, chair, Vac-U-Lock adaptor, storage cover
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What is a sex machine?

Sex machines are a sort of contraptions that can be used for various kinds of sex plays like penetration, vibration, titillation, etc. An automatic sex machine can do all the work for you as long as it is charged up and works properly. Some find the sex machine appearance to be hot as well, and although you can achieve a pleasurable orgasm all by yourself and with the help of some toys, a sex machine can do it better and with more power. There are sex machines for men and women alike. You can easily use these machines in solo play, but some are made for two or more people as well.

black unisex remote control sex machine by Robo Fuk
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Types and characteristics

There are many types of sex machines you can run into. The combinations can be endless really, but we will take a look at some of the most common types of these contraptions:

  • Saddles – Similar to horse saddles (just with a dildo sticking out of them) these machines are meant for you to sit on as they vibrate. The dildos can be interchangeable, and the machine is usually controlled remotely.
  • Monkey Rockers – Instead of using batteries or electrical power, these toys work mechanically. They work when you swing back and forth while a dildo comes up and down.
  • black adjustable unisex remote control sex machine by Robo Fuk

  • Power Tools – Similar to construction tools, these toys are meant for your partner to use on you. But be careful, as they can be all-powerful.
  • Fucking Rods – Meant usually for doggy style penetration they work automatically and can be adjusted for power levels and speed.
  • Adjustable sex machines can change angles so you can get penetrated in various positions when using them.

black unisex remote control sex machine

There are too many sex machines to count really. Some have clit vibrators attached to them, while some male sex machines can include a pussy attachment and/or a virtual reality set. A portable sex machine is also quite nice as it can fit in your backpack or bag easily.

black adjustable remote control sex machine

How to choose the best sex machine?

Sex machines are really for experienced users only. But if you already decided to buy one and nothing is stopping you, here are some tips on how to select the best sex machine. First, there are a lot of mechanisms involved in the making of one, so don’t go making a machine like this one yourself. Also, avoid shady and cheap brands and stick to manufacturers like:

  • Sybian
  • Lovebotz
  • Ibis
  • PipeDream

Next comes the power you can withstand. Most of these are really powerful, so make sure to search for something less intense if you are a beginner.

4 inch black silicone remote control sex machine

Choosing the right size for your needs

Sex machines come in many shapes and forms, and the sizes can vary a lot. If you decided to buy a sex machine, make sure you know where you are going to put it, because the chances are that it is going to take a lot of space. Count the space you are going to be taking as well so the thing can be as comfortable as possible. Another thing you should know is that they can be very heavy as well. However, some sex machines are really compatible, and the portable versions can easily be carried around in your bag, or the bag that comes with the machine. The dildo is the most important part of the toy, and as far as the size goes, you should pick the one that suits you the most. Of course, for beginners, it is always advisable to start with something small, but you should not oversize on this part either way, because the vibration and penetration mechanisms can be quite strong. For male sex toy machines, pay attention at your penis size, because stroker machines can be very tight. Make sure to measure your penis diameter first and start from there.

thrusting black silicone remote control sex machine

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

Sex machines are almost always constructed out of metal. This is to ensure they stand firmly on the ground and that they cannot get moved too easily. There are also inflatable saddles that are made from rubber, and they look similar to a small fitness ball. The shape combinations can be endless really. Some of these machines look like something you would find at your local gym rather than something people use for sex. Some machines look like benches, saddles, balls, construction tools, etc. Back to the important part, which is a dildo. A sex machine dildo is usually made from silicon, but since you can attach various dildos to your machine, you can also use ones that are made from leather, rubber, metal, or glass. However, check the compatibility on your machine and dildo and make sure you can actually attach it firmly. As for strokers, they tend to be made from silicon as well. It provides the user with the feel or a real human vagina, and it gets warmed quickly to your own penis temperature while also working well with lubes. As far as the texture goes, some dildos are curved or ribbed, while some have an extension for anal penetration as well.

thrusting black silicone remote control sex machine by Doc Johnson

How to use a sex machine?

Sex machines are easy to use once you figure out how to set them up. Since there are too many sex machines and there is no universal way to explain how to use them, so make sure to read the instruction manual on each machine you buy. Also, try to figure out how the remote control works on each of your toys. Almost every sex machine these days will have settings for different levels regarding vibration and speed. Always start slow before you progress to something faster and more powerful. Make sure to use lubrication regardless if you are using dildos or strokers. Whatever you do, do not try to make a sex machine on your own. There are probably some crafty people reading this, but don’t get offended since you should leave this stuff only to the professionals. Clean the insertable parts of your machine thoroughly before and after use, and detach them from the machine once you are done. Keep maintaining your machine, so it doesn’t get rusty or broken.

8 inch black adjustable remote control sex machine
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