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Sex Machines

Sex Machine.

Are you getting a little bored in the bedroom and looking for a great way to diversify your relationship? Perhaps you should consider buying a sex machine. Just like dildos and vibrators, these machines allow you to have sex anytime, anywhere, and the pleasure is focused solely on you.

Vanilla sex is always a fun time, but for extra fun in your love life, purchase a product designed specifically to enhance sexual pleasure.

If a sex machine is on your shopping list, read the guide below before making any specific decisions.

Top 10 Best Sex Machines in 2023

Products Information Price
The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine
The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine
Material: Silicone
Vibration speed: 6 (with patterns)
Power type: Mains powered
Controller Type: Wired
Waterproof: No
Insertable Length: 4 inches
Length: 16.5 inches
Holds up: 181kg
Cowgirl dimensions: L16.7xW13.4xH10.9 inches
Swivel: 360°
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Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair
Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair
Power Type: powered by your own body
Supports up to: 28.5 stone (400 lbs)
Insertable Length: 7 inches
Set: 7 inch dildo, chair, Vac-U-Lock adaptor, storage cover
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The Cowgirl Lone Ranger Silicone Sex Machine G-Spot Attachment
Silicone Sex Machine G-Spot Attachment
Allergens: Phthalate-Free
Length: 5 inches
Flexibility: Firm
Insertable Length: 4.5 inches
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The Cowgirl Buckwild Silicone Sex Machine Attachment
Cowgirl Sex Machine
Material: Silicone
Flexibility: Firm
Insertable Length: 4 inches
Length: 4.5 inches
Allergens: Phthalate-Free
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Fantasy For Her Rechargeable Remote Control Sex Machine
Fantasy For Her Rechargeable Remote Control Sex Machine
Material: Silicone
Contains phthalates: No
Waterproof: Submersible
Controller Type: Removable - Push Button
Power Type: Rechargeable
Base diameter: 2.5 inches
Circumference: 5 inches
Insertable Length: 6 inches
Length: 13.5 inches
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Kink Fucking Machines Power Banger Black
Kink Fucking Machines Power Banger Black
Weight: 9.53 lbs
Diameter: 11.5
Stroke Length: 2.36 in
Total length: 16 inches
Height: 7 inches
Bulk weight: 5.15 pounds
Materials: Metal, ABS plastic
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Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine
Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine
Material: Steel and ABS plastic
Weight: 34 lbs
Diameter base: 13.75 inch
Length: 21.5 inches
Dildo length: 7 inches
Dildo diameter: 2 inches
Color: Black
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Evolved Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine
Evolved Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine
Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
Features: 7 vibration speeds and functions
Splashproof: Yes
Power Type: Rechargeable (USB cable included)
Insertable length: 6”
Base of shaft width: 1.4”
Top of shaft width: 1.25”x1.38”
Length (collapsed): 11.75”
Length (expanded): 15.38”
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Evolved Thrust & Go Sex Machine Black
Evolved Thrust & Go Affordable Sex Machine
Material: ABS plastic
Vibration: 7 vibration speeds and patterns
Total length with suction cup: 15"
Power Type: USB cable included
Insertable length: 6"
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What is a Sex Machine?

Sadly, this topic isn’t talked about nearly enough, and because of this silence, many people don’t know all the exciting features a sex machine offers.

A sex machine is a high-tech device specially designed to elicit powerful and customizable, robotic sex.

These machines can be used for self-pleasure or an erotic bonding experience with a friend.

Sex machines are ideal for all types of sex positions and the location of penetration, and it all comes at the press of a button on a small wireless remote.

Benefits of Buying a Sex Machine

Why spend so much money on a sex machine when you can simply masturbate for free? There are many reasons buying a sex toy machine makes sense.

First, these sexual machines offer you flexibility, angles, and positions you can’t get from your hand alone. Most products come with a wired (or wireless) remote, giving you complete control of speed, vibration setting, and motion.

With all the power at your fingertips, you will be asking yourself why it took so long for you to take the plunge.

Banging Bench with Sex Machine.

How We Tested all the Sex Machine Options

We will not suggest any type of sex toy without evaluating them fully. To assure you have the best options on the market, we looked at a few details we found to be the most important.

  • Price: These machines can be as expensive as a few thousand dollars to a much more affordable price tag of right around $100.
  • Features: There are various features to look for when buying a sex machine, from wireless remotes to interchanging attachments, electric pulses, vibrations, sucking and stroking motions, and more.
  • Position: Some options include thrusting sex machines, ride-on, handheld for vertical sex, and more.
Saddle Deluxe Riding Sex Machine with Dual Attachments.

Types and Main Characteristics of a Sex Machine

It is mind-blowing how many types of sexual machines are on the market today. There is literally something available for every erotic desire, ready to make your toes curl and your juices flow.

The best fucking machine options available include:

  1. Thrusting Machines - perfect for anal and vaginal penetration from behind.
  2. Ride-on or Saddle Style - For the ladies that prefer to take control.
  3. Handheld - This lets you remain in charge while the machine does all the work for you.
  4. Suction Cup - A suction cup sex machine toy lets you stick the product to a flat surface to give you hands-free fun.
  5. Strokers (Masturbators) - No more arm fatigue for the men out there, this machine does all the handling for you.
  6. Rotators - If thrusting and vibrating isn’t enough, rotators will definitely hit that G-spot.
  7. Inflatable Chairs - Sit back, spread those legs, and let this chair take you to a whole new world.
Portable Remote Control Thrusting Sex Machine. Choose Sex Machine

How to Choose the Best Sex Machines

When scouring the web and searching for the best fuck machine to satisfy your every whim the most key factor to consider is what your body can handle. If you are new to this type of lovemaking, then you should consider a handheld device or something that offers you 100% control.

If this isn’t your first romp around the room with a high-tech sex toy, then turning up the heat with a powerful thrusting machine is a great option.

Maybe you are into something a little bit more dangerous? There are machines out there that send an electric shock to your genitals and nipple and dolls with penetrable orifices that vibrate.

Did you know they also make dual-action machines that offer the ultimate sexual experience for two at the same time? Talk about bonding.

Double Penetration Sex Machine.

Choosing the Right-Sized Sex Machine for You

The best sex machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When picking your device consider how much space you have available for it. Are you trying to hide it from visitors, kids, or pets? Do you plan to take it with you on vacations or business trips, does it need to be discreet?

Whatever your storage needs are, there are intercourse machines that can suit them.

Now, when it comes to the size of the attachment, every preference is different. Luckily, many of these sex machines have the option to change out the attachment, offering the user a variety of dildo sizes to enjoy.

Gigolo Fucking Machine.

Choosing the Right Material, Shape, and Texture for Your Sex Machine

As motioned, sexual machines come in a variety of designs that make it easier than ever to find the best “fit” for your private parts.

When choosing the best materials, make sure it is waterproof, preferably nonslip, and easy to clean.

When it comes to the shape of your electronic friend, the sky is the limit. Do you have a personal kink you want to conquer or looking for something pleasurable yet simple and easy to manage?

The texture of the sex machine can range from a realistic skin feel to something a bit smoother and softer. The key is determining what turns you on and then buying a machine that fits that description.

Louisiana Lounger Inflatable Thrusting Sex Toy Machine.

How to use a Sex Machine

Most sex toy machines come with a manual. While this may seem a little odd, you don’t want to toss it out before reading it. These manuals will help you understand how to use this product for ultimate pleasure while keeping the fun safe and clean.

For the most part, these toys are cordless and operated by remote. You should always use a quality and safe lubricant while playing to get the most out of your time together.

Like with any new toy, we also suggest being adventurous and experimenting with the product you end up with. You never know what unpalpable sensations are out there until you try.

Sex machine for men with attachable vibrating pussy.


Having a good sex machine on hand will keep nights alone far from boring and nights together hotter and heavier than you could ever imagine.

Before going out and picking up a fuck machine of your own, look at the article above to make sure you consider all your options before jumping in blind.

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Are Plug-In Sex Machines Safe?
It is difficult to answer this question definitively as it depends on the safety standards of the particular sex machine. Generally speaking, plug-in sex machines are considered safe if they adhere to safety regulations and are made with quality materials. Care should also be taken to ensure the machine is used properly and all instructions are followed.
Can I Customize A Sex Machine?
Most sex machines are not customizable, but some companies allow you to customize certain aspects.
How Does A Sex Machine Work?
A sex machine utilizes a motor and electronic components to create thrusting, vibrating, and rotating motions. The motor is connected to a shaft that can be adjusted for speed and intensity. The shaft can also be attached to various attachments such as a dildo, vibrator, or other toy. The user can then control the speed, direction, and intensity of the sex machine to create the desired stimulation.
How Much Is A Sex Machine?
The cost of a sex machine varies depending on the type and features, but they typically range from $150 to $1,400 or more.

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user avatar
29.09.2021, 16:52
Jamie Walls
This sex machine is heaven! How I feel while using this sex giant is close to the ecstasy of getting high. I really don’t see why anyone would want something else after tasting this goodness of a machine. It understands its assignment, and does the job perfectly well!
user avatar
02.10.2021, 17:18
Ally Hunt
Okay, this sex machine for women is stimulating. When I finally decide to make a purchase, how do I choose one that would not make so much noise?
user avatar
03.10.2021, 13:23
Hello Ally. Bear in mind that a portable sex machine would make less noise compared to others. So, if you are looking for a quiet sex machine, it’s advisable you go for a small sex machine. Alternatively, you could simply place the sex machine on a carpet while using it. The carpet would absorb some of the sound.
user avatar
07.10.2021, 17:32
Rubi Maxwell
This sex toy machine has given me the best and most extraordinary moments of my life. I feel so satisfied and completely taken care of whenever I’m sitting on it. I can tell that my body is extremely grateful to me for making such a flawless choice in purchasing the Cloud 9 F-Slider ride-on sex chair. The way it pushes all my sexual buttons so expertly is the stuff of legends, and the way it shakes up my core is totally stunning! I’m going to be riding this vibrating sex machine till I grow grey hairs, and I’m not even kidding about that!
user avatar
13.10.2021, 03:59
Jordan Davila
Such a fascinating read! I’m delighted to learn about the sex machine for men. It feels pleasantly appropriate that men are not left out of all the fun.
user avatar
16.10.2021, 23:38
Janessa Robinson
Oh, this is just too much! Okay, I realize how sexy a sex machine can be, but how do you ladies ever get to hide something this massive?! Y’all have like an underground bunker or what? Because I can’t imagine a visitor walking over into my room, and going “What the heck is this?!” Then I’d be like “oh, nothing much, just a mechanical fuck buddy”. That’s just really weird and awkward, or is it just me?
user avatar
20.10.2021, 16:54
Kenley Little
Oh yeah Janessa, your fears are very relatable. I once had such an experience, but it wasn’t half as awkward as I thought it would be. However, I had a lock-box made for my sex machine, and it has saved me from any further probing since. I say purchase yours, and do the same thing. Simple!
user avatar
25.10.2021, 18:53
Elliana Andersen
There is no way in hell that I’m ever parting with this Cowgirl Premium riding sex machine. It’s utterly incredible! It even has both app and remote functions, and these features make my sexual escapades ultimately exciting. I was initially enticed by just the aesthetics of this vibrating sex machine, but the intensity of the functions also keep blowing my mind every time I ride! Makes me feel like some sex goddess!
user avatar
29.10.2021, 13:46
Humberto Perry
I cannot believe that I read the whole blog article from top to bottom, and that’s rare! I am definitely purchasing the male sex machine as soon as I’m done writing this comment. Y’all should just keep providing more articles on male sex toys. It would be much appreciated. Thank you!
user avatar
02.11.2021, 16:24
Tatiana Hawkins
The thrusting sex machine was fun at first, but it later became too intense for me. I can’t deal with such high-level excitement!
user avatar
06.11.2021, 18:59
Abram Butler
How do I get affordable sex machines? I have always heard that sex machines are quite pricey. And frankly, I do not have so much to spend.
user avatar
07.11.2021, 14:53
Hi Abram. Depending on your budget, there is a wide price range of the sex machine for guys and ladies. So, you should be able to get yourself a sex machine that is tailored to your budget. Just make sure to do your research by going through buyer reviews so you can get the best sex machine for you.
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