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Women vibrators – the best solution to amazing masturbation moments in either solo adventures or alongside your partner. Top selling toys which are widespread across the world and highly reliable to provide women with their desires orgasms. A personal vibrator can be a woman’s best sex partner.

What are the vibrators?

Vibrators are specially designed toys mainly for women but sometimes used by men as well. They are toys with high features meant to stimulate the clitoris and provide the woman with fabulous orgasmic sensations either when using it in solo or with the partner. There are many types of vibrators, with many forms, shapes, and colors. Most of them are used by women for solo passion and widespread across the world. They are trendy sex toys with high rates from all users and high demand as well.

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What types exist and what are their characteristics?

Adult vibrators can be of many types, classic, high end, remote controlled, etc. Either way, you choose to enjoy sexual stimulation, these reliable women vibrators are a perfect choice. Fun, easy to use and highly reliable for extra spice in your relationship or fabulous solo moments in bed.

  • The classic vibrator – this type of sexual toy is pretty standard and simple. It comes with a penis-shaped form and a larger head. When activated, the head starts to emit fast vibrations which in turn provide stimulation over the zone it is being used. It is among the top rated vibrators on the market due to its high reliability and functionality. Easy to use, it is considered as one of the best female vibrators.
  • The vibrator with control or the WiFi vibrator – it’s a modern sexual toy with multiple features, suitable for all types of women and sexual desires. They usually come in the same shape and form as the classic vibrator but offer extra pleasure thanks to the remote controlled functions and possibility to connect it to apps.

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How to choose the best vibrator for you?

When it comes to choosing a personal vibrator, suitable for your own sexual desires or your partner’s, getting it right is just as simple as using it. All you need to know is what size and what shape suits you best? Most important to know the measurements, buying a bigger than needed vibrator might lead to unwanted pain or pressure. Also, keep in mind the shape and the material of your desired vibrator toy. The shape influences the level of stimulation and the material provides less or more lifelike sensations.

How to choose the right size?

Based on all online vibrator reviews, the size does matter, and not only the big ones do a great job but also the smaller ones. The reason is simple, you don’t need a huge vibrator toy to stimulate the clitoris or the nipples. You need a strong one that’s reliable and easy to use.

Either you use it for the clitoris stimulation, vaginal or anal, choosing the right size will help you enjoy perfect sexual moments, without pain or unwanted pressure. Although so many sizes and shapes are available, choosing the right vibrator type is most important for the best sexual experiences. Based on the online vibrator guide that all sellers provide, sizes vary from 4-5 inches to more than 12 inches. If you are faced with your first vibrator sexual experience, choosing a small sizes one is always recommended. With the experience comes the inches and keep in mind that the best female vibrators come in size 6-7 inches.

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How to choose the right material, shape and texture?

Just like the size, choosing the right material, shape, and texture of your future sex buddy, is a highly important step to complete. The most popular vibrators are made out of silicone or rubber, they provide a more realistic feel thanks to the soft texture. Other types of vibrators can be made out of

  • PVC;
  • Lace;
  • Plastic;
  • TPE;
  • ABS.

All these other types of materials provide amazing softness and feeling when used but depending on the zone you love using the toy, these materials can either feel good or not. That’s why always seek for the best info and popular vibrator reviews in advance to buying such a sexual toy.

Vibrators are highly stimulant sex toys for women who used correctly can lead to much better and intense orgasms than in real life. Using a vibrator in solo or with your partner can really increase the pleasure and sexual intensity. The material from which the vibrator is made contributes in the higher manner to these great sexual achievements. Choose the material with ease thanks to loads of vibrator guides and personal information from other users.

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How to use and store a personal vibration toy?

Depending on the types of vibrators, using them is different from model to model. While a classic silicone vibrator can be used with great ease, the more sophisticated ones require a few steps for the ultimate pleasure. Vibrators with control, the remote controlled ones and the WiFi ones, are also easy to use thanks to the technology that makes them so cool.

Insert the toy in the desired place or apply it directly over and enjoy fast vibrations in firm modes. With the right instructions, you should be able to understand how it works in seconds.

Faced with how to clean vibrators, always check the manual for information. The silicone and rubber vibrators require flexible solutions for cleaning. Always store the toy in a dry place and out of the direct sunlight or extreme heat, clean it every time you use it and maintain proper hygiene for an extended and clean lifespan of the adult toy.