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Looking for something special? Or maybe you’re trying to find something as easy to use as possible because it’s your first time with vibrators? Guess what? We’ve got both. No matter how much experience you have or how hard it is for you to reach orgasms with your partner, you can’t even imagine what a vibrator can do for you.

Vibrators have several functions: they can be used for masturbation as part of foreplay and during sexual intercourse. If you have trouble getting aroused, a vibrator can stimulate the blood flow and make your genitals swell a bit. This way, you will get wet quickly and have a more intense orgasm.

The first vibrator was created in the 18th century. Can you imagine that vibrators had appeared before electricity did? Yep, people have always loved good sex more than conveniences. Doctors used vibrators to treat “hysteria”, a common disease which is now treated by therapy.

Ten years ago, almost 53% of women in the U.S. claimed to had used a vibrator at least once in life. 84% of them had used a vibro toy for clit stimulation, whereas 64% enjoyed a vibrator inside of the vagina. The research found that vibrating toys had made the sex life of those women better and more high-quality.

But what about men? In 2009, the research by Church and Dwight Co. Inc. showed that 45% of men had used a vibrator during sex. They said that vibrators had helped them to fight erectile dysfunction, have better erection, experience more powerful and long-lasting orgasms, and boost the sex drive.

Now, these numbers must be higher since sex education has penetrated the lives of more people. The world is open to vibrators for sex because adults also like to play. But what vibro toy to choose if you’ve never tried any? We’ve divided them all into 3 categories, each of which meets different sexual needs. Your welcome!

Vibrators for newbies

Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations on the decision to purchase your first vibrating toy! You’ll have no regrets, we promise you. So, what are your expectations? Do you want your toy to look like a penis? Does it need to have the bigger head? We are going to talk about them all.

First-time vibrators

What are first-time vibrators? These toys were made for people who only begin exploring their bodies. They’re your jam if you would like to start with medium-sized (5-8 inches), multifunctional vibrators. Theoretically, they could be used as dildos.

Are they safe to use? The materials are safe and hypoallergenic: silicone, plastic, smooth-coated plastic, and hard-coated plastic. Maybe, not of them are 100% eco-friendly but the sex industry is marching towards green trends every day. Besides, the shape of many vibrators is often curvaceous and resembles a real penis.

How do first-time vibrators work? Every vibro toy of this kind has a button or several buttons that control the speed. Some of them have different vibration intensity so that you could stop at the most comfortable pattern for you.

Vaginal vibrators

What are vaginal vibrators? This type of vibrators for women comes in a phallus shape but can also look like rabbits, butterflies, and rings. The length is usually from 6.5 to 11 inches. They are handy and multifunctional since the size allows you to use it both outside and inside.

Are they safe to use? The materials of vaginal vibrators are recyclable and don’t irritate the skin. They are made of silicone, PVC, smooth-coated plastic, and other types of plastic.

How do vaginal vibrators work? Whereas first-time vibrators can be used as dildos, these little devils were created for external genital stimulation. They are good as a first toy since you do minimum movements and receive pleasure both from penetration and clit stimulation.

Magic-wand vibrators

What are magic-wand vibrators? These vibrating toys focus on the clitoris and help you reach a clitoral orgasm. They can’t be used inside of the vagina since the head of the vibrator is much wider than the body.

Are they safe to use? Mostly, they are made from silicone. This material is considered premium because it is soft, easily washable, withstands any temperature, and doesn’t absorb bacteria. By the way, it is easily recyclable!

How do magic-wand vibrators work? These vibrators can be both hands-free or wired. Hands-free models work from batteries. They have a button which you have to press to make them work, whereas wired ones work from a socket.

Realistic vibrators

What are realistic vibrators? If you have got used to a penis and feel disgusted when something plastic or metal touches your pussy, realistic vibrating sex toys are for you. They are mostly big (up to 12 inches) and are very welcome to use for penetration.

Are they safe to use? Materials for this category of sex toys are usually incredibly soft and durable. They are made from PVC, rubber, jelly rubber, skin-safe rubber, silicone, and soft plastic. So, if you want to get maximum realistic sensations, this is your pick #1.

How do realistic vibrators work? These vibro toys have no wires. They work from usual batteries that you can find in any store. You press the button, choose the speed and pattern of vibrations, and relax.


What are extra-quiet vibrators? Noise-canceling vibrators are usual vibrators but mute. They are small, around 3.5 inches but, sometimes, you can find real giants of 11 inches.

Are they safe to use? The sex industry treats toys’ material pretty seriously and never produces vibrators that can damage your health. Extra-quiet vibrators are not an exception. The materials are silicone, smooth-coated plastic, ABS plastic, and PVC.

How do extra-quiet vibrators work? Despite the noise-canceling function, there’s nothing new to these toys. They work either on batteries or a socket. You can wash them. Some extra-quiet vibrators are waterproof so you can bring them to the bath.

Pocket-size vibrators

The best vibrators for women are those that are effective and perfectly fit in any bag. Imagine going traveling or on vacation with a favorite toy of yours? Neither you nor anybody else will know it’s in your luggage. Besides, if you decide to move into a new apartment, you can put this little toy in your pocket. This will help you to avoid the embarrassment if someone spots a big vibrator in your stuff.

Bullet vibrators

What are the bullet vibrators? These vibrators are savvies in disguise. They come in unbelievable shapes such as lipsticks, lighters, eggs, computer mice, thick pens, and tampons. Even if someone sees a toy like that in your bag, they will never guess what it is.

Are they safe to use? In most cases, bullet vibrating toys are made of different kinds of plastic like average plastic, hard plastic, and smooth-coated plastic. Bear in mind that this material is recyclable and pretty cheap.

How do bullet vibrators work? Almost all the vibrators of this kind don’t have wires and work from batteries. They are rechargeable and often submersible. To activate the toy, press a little button on top or bottom, and enjoy.

Egg vibrators

What are egg vibrators? These sex toys have the shape of an egg and come in different colors. They are rather small, about 3 inches, and are perfect to use for external stimulation (on the clitoris, labia, anus, etc.).

Are they safe to use? Of course. These special eggs are usually made from silicone. This material is very gentle to your skin and genitals. It is hypoallergenic and easily washed. You may even use such a vibrator under the water if it has enough water resistance.

How do egg vibrators work? They have a button or several buttons that are responsible for the speed and intensity of vibrations. Some egg vibro toys are hands-free and can be controlled remotely through the special application.

Clitoral vibrators

What are clit vibrators? As you can see from the name, these toys work best on the clitoris. They are too small to be put inside the vagina. They often look like bunnies but also come in other funny forms.

Are they safe to use? The manufacturers usually use silicone to make these toys since we are talking about the clitoris. This area of a woman’s body has the most nerve endings. That is why the material of a clitoral orgasm stimulating toy should be soft, anti-bacterial, and 100% safe.

How do clitoral vibrators work? You only have to turn on the toys or a control panel of the toy and touch your clitoris with it. Start from a slow mode to let your body adjust, then make the toy faster. You don’t need to move your hand too much because the vibrations are equally distributed to all the necessary areas of your pussy.

Small and mini vibrators

What are small vibrators? Vibrators of this kind include all the categories of vibrators small in size. Small means 5 inches in general. They can’t disguise as lipsticks. Usually, they have a phallus form. Due to the small size, you can easily hide them on the shelf or bag.

Are they safe to use? The materials used for small vibrators are silicone, plastic, ABS plastic, smooth-coated plastic, and PVC. Every material is safe to use and can be recycled. PVC and silicone toys are softer and can have realistic veins. They could be used for penetration but the size might be not enough for this purpose.

How do small vibrators work? They work on batteries and are operated via buttons. Easy-peasy. You can wash them and dry clean. These toys are sturdy and heat-resistant. A blessing for those who like it hard and hot.

Vibro toys that you’ve missed

If you think that vibrators are divided into big and small, you are so wrong. There are even vibrators for fingers. Some of them substitute cunnilingus. You can’t even imagine how much wild stuff the sex industry can offer. Don’t you want to find out?

Butterfly vibrators

What are butterfly vibrators? These vibrators are attached to strings. You should wear them like panties. They are pretty small and cover your clit and labia. The length of such vibrators is usually 3-5 inches. Sometimes, they don’t have strings and you should operate them with your hands.

Are they safe to use? These pleasure givers are not only safe to use but also don’t chafe your skin. The most common materials are skin-safe rubber and silicone. They are both durable and provide a gentle touch.

How do butterfly vibrators work? Panty-like vibrators could be worn under your clothes. The vibrations are not loud so no one will hear them. The straps are adjustable and can be washed. But don’t wash the vibrators in a machine and dry-clean them.

Finger vibrators

What are finger vibrators? These vibrating finger covers are the favorites among women and couples. They can also have double covers (for two fingers). Finger vibrators are comfortable and fully imitate masturbation.

Are they safe to use? Materials like silicone, soft plastic, and rubber are safe to your health. They are light as a feather. You won’t even feel the vibrator on your finger. Most of them can be used underwater.

How do finger vibrators work? They work like regular vibrators. The only difference is that you wear them on your fingers. Nevertheless, the sensations differ drastically since this little toy focuses only on your clitoris.

Tongue vibrators

What are tongue vibrators? When we talked about cunnilingus substitutes, we meant these vibrators. They resemble a human tongue. Combined with your favorite lube, tongue vibrators can “lick” you down there and provide crazy vibrations to make “cunnilingus” more exotic.

Are they safe to use? Silicone and jelly rubber are as soft as a tongue. Due to the sturdiness, they are pretty strong and don’t feel like jelly. They keep their form and withstand pressure and heat.

How do tongue vibrators work? Turn the button on, choose the perfect speed and voila! You have your personal tongue ready to satisfy you whenever you wish. By the way, batteries can be easily replaced. Use some lube, close your eyes and you won’t even remember that the toy is not real.

Vibrating panties

What are vibrating panties? This toy has come out of someone’s sex fantasy. Imagine that you’re wearing underwear which can be controlled by your partner remotely. He presses the button and your panties vibrate, thereby, causing your pussy to swell and produce lots of love juice. You can’t stop it because the power is in his hands. You only need to wait until the longing vibrations make you reach the peak.

Are they safe to use? They are as safe as your usual panties. You can wear them every day and wash but this way you’ll get bored quickly. They are made from different materials - silicone, plastic, ABS plastic, hard plastic, and skin-safe rubber. If you get wet or spill the water, your panties will work anyway.

How do vibrating panties work? You just wear them as your usual underwear. You or your partner can control vibrations via the little control panel. Some of them are seductively lacy, others have intriguing cut-outs. Many vibro panties are thongs which will drive your partner on even more.

Vibrating butt plugs

What are vibrating butt plugs? Butt plugs are not only used in BDSM or some sadistic games. They are a usual toy for stimulating anal muscles and help you reach anal orgasm. Vaginal and clitoral orgasms can be more intense with these guys in your butt as well.

Are they safe to use? Silicone is the best material for anal toys. Not many people play with their butts so it can be hard to get in there. The beaded structure of the toys and soft material like silicone make it possible step-by-step. Try putting at least half of the toy and turn it on. You will feel the pleasant sensations the first time.

How do vibrating butt plugs work? You sit on them and turn them on. That’s it. Of course, you can try the plugs out in several positions, even during casual sex. The button controls everything. You need to leave it there and feel those sex vibes. Vibrating butt plugs are great for both men and women.

What else to buy?

Although we’ve covered almost everything, yet there are other top-rated vibrators you may like. Anal vibrators, couples vibrators, G-spot vibrators, hands-free or remote-control vibro toys, luxury vibrators, the most powerful vibrators, thrusting vibrating toys, vibrating dildos and strap-ons - it’s all here, waiting for you!

Remember that vibrators are nothing to be ashamed of. Sex toys let us discover the hidden places in our bodies that produce pleasure. Besides, you do it safely and don’t have to share your toy with anyone else. When you are searching for the best vibrator, take a look at its size, material, and functionality. Good luck!