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Bullet Vibrators

A perfect choice when in need for sexual stimulation and a highly reliable toy for beginners. The vibrator every woman should have in her purse as it provides strong and effective stimulation with great ease. A silent bullet vibrator is the best toy for clitoral stimulation and also suitable for both men and women.

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What is a bullet vibrator?

The vibrator bullet is a small yet highly effective and powerful sexual toy for adults, suitable for both women and men but mainly used for clitoral stimulation. Due to the shape and the ease with which you can enjoy it, these toys are most suitable for first timers. They are quiet, reliable and fun to use, perfect for anyone who’s seeking for fun pleasures and strong stimulation.

Unlike other vibrators, the bullet style vibrator is small in size, but very powerful and it can get even smaller in the form of a mini bullet vibrator.

remote control pink bullet vibrator

Types and main features

There are only two types of bullet vibrators on the market:

  • Normal vibrating bullets;
  • Mini bullet vibrators.

The normal bullet shaped vibrator is usually 5-6 inches in length and has a diameter of up to 1,5 inches. In most cases, it’s made out of soft rubber, but silicone, steel, and even glass could be used in the production of such toys. Because they are stiff toys, with no moving parts and no flexibility whatsoever, using a bullet vibrator will always provide the feeling of a erekt penis.

purple remote control bullet vibrator

A small bullet vibrator or a mini bullet shaped vibrator is smaller in size and diameter as it is meant to provide discretion and more intimacy. They usually come in 3-4 inches of length and no more than 1 inch in diameter. Just like the normal bullets, materials vary depending on the user’s desires.

These toys have a simple and highly reliable feature. To provide vibrations that are very strong in intensity while the user inserts the toy or applies it over the desired zone.

wireless waterproof bullet vibrator

Both the normal sizes ones and the smaller versions come with multiple sub-categories such as:

  • Remote controlled bullet vibrators;
  • Wireless bullet vibrators;
  • Multi speed vibrating bullets;
  • Double bullet toys.

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How to choose the best bullet vibrator?

Being a very simple toy with few characteristics but highly effective results, the bullet shaped vibrator is considered a top notch sexual toy with best features to provide the desired stimulation. Choosing the best or the most powerful bullet vibrator should be an easy task due to the simplicity of the toy.

In order to assure yourself that you made the right decision when choosing your bullet toy, you have to keep in mind these few simple tips:

  • Check the internet for positive bullet vibrator reviews;
  • Decide if you need a normal sized one or a mini version;
  • Check out the features and find out more about them;
  • Find one to suit your needs best as possible.

silver bullet vibrator in the hand

If you take into consideration these simple tips, choosing the right bullet toy should be easy and simple. Also, keep in mind that there are multi-speed bullet vibrators which can influence your decision, rechargeable bullet vibrators which can cost a bit more than a battery one and many other factors.

The material and texture are also highly important when choosing the right bullet toy that’s why you should now that some materials provide a soft feeling while others are more rigid and hard.

How to choose the right size?

Since there are only two types of bullet vibrating toys available, choosing the right size will depend on your experience and needs. If you are a beginner and you are planning to use a strong bullet vibrator for the first time choosing a small sized version will be recommended. On the other hand, if you are experienced with sex toys, and you already used bullet toys, choosing the normal version which can have 5-6 inches, is the best solution.

The size does matter and depending on the purpose, a normal one could cause pain while a smaller one could cause nothing than nerves. Either way, the good stimulation of your desires is not fully dictated by the size but by the features as well. For example, a silicone bullet vibrator with remote control can provide amazing sensations even though it’s a smaller version while a large bullet vibrator made out of jelly rubber could stimulate even the tightest hole without causing pain.

different sizes of bullet vibrators

How to choose the right material, shape and texture?

Choosing the right texture for your bullet style vibrator is a thing of taste and depending on every user in part, the materials and shape can be different. There are some basic rules for choosing the right material, size, and texture for your toy, but they aren’t mandatory when buying such a toy.

black remote control 10 function bullet vibrator

  1. The silicone and the skin safe rubber materials are smooth and feel soft;
  2. The vibrator bullets made out of plastic, lace or TPE are not so smooth, but they feel slippery;
  3. The more exclusive bullet toys made out of glass or steel, feel smooth but cold, suitable for more kinky users.

black remote control bullet vibrator

Talking about the shapes of these toys, there can be only one – the bullet shaped vibrator. Stiff from one end to the other, with a sharp head, perfect for deep penetration. They can be switched on and switched off very easily by simply rotating one part of the toy. The results are amazing as most bullet vibrator reviews state and the reliability of the toy is long life.

white tiny bullet vibrator in the hand

How to use and how to store a bullet vibrator?

Either you are using a double bullet vibrator, a multi-speed bullet vibrator or any other type of such sexual toys, using them is simple and very effective with best results on both males and females desires but mainly for the clitoris stimulation. The most powerful bullet vibrators on the market offer unbelievable stimulation, but they are recommended to experienced users while other forms of such toys like small bullet vibrators, multi-speed ones, and the beginner bullet vibrators are more suitable to inexperienced users.

Keep the toys safe from direct sunlight or extreme heat and store them in dry places. Hygiene is a crucial matter that’s why you should always clean your toy before and after every use. Doing so will grant safe and reliable experiences for longer periods of time.

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