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Small Butt Plugs

True anal toys for the passionate ones, recommended for both beginners and experienced users. The small butt plug is the ultimate toy for anal fantasy and a true partner in solo or in couple sexual moments. Also called the beginners anal toy, this fantastic sexual device can easily stimulate both men and women in some of the most amazing ways.

pink 2 inch small butt plug
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What is a small butt plug?

Small butt plugs or tiny butt plugs as some may call them, are sexual toys specially designed for beginners due to their limited size. They are toys meant for sexual stimulation in anal mode, perfect for solo masturbation or kinky couple sexual gamed like, BDSM, bondage or domination. It’s also used by gay couples to simulate the act of anal sex. The mini anal plugs are to be used by both experienced and amateur players as they provide the best stimulation without any risk of hurting your intimate areas.

purple 2 inch small butt plug

Types and main features

Similar with all other butt plugs available on the market, there are three types of little butt plugs which form this category of sex toys.

  • Standard mini anal plug – penis shaped classic anal toy specially designed for life like anal stimulation. Suitable for both solo and couple sexual activity
  • black classic silicone small butt plug

  • Vibrating small butt plug – comes in many shapes and has the vibration features to add extra pleasure when used. Works by pulsating soft vibration when inserted in the anal hole.
  • The inflatable small anal plug – works like a charm for beginners thanks to its inflatable system which allows the partner to increase the size while its inserted. A highly reliable toy for the ultimate anal stimulation.

5 inch classic silicone small butt plug
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How to choose the best mini butt plug?

Choosing the best tiny butt plug is a matter of taste and desire but there are few tips, which can guide you into making the right decision

  • The small butt plug reviews – always seek for positive reviews regarding the toy you want to buy, that way you will better understand the advantages and features the toy provides.
  • The size – keep in mind that this toy is versatile and comes in many sizes. Don’t go straight to the biggest size if you are a first timer.
  • The shape – this criteria will provide various stimulation depending on what shape you use. Find positive feedback about all available shapes and choose the one, which suits your desires, the most.

5 inch pink classic silicone small butt plug

What size is better?

Size does matter when it comes to sexual stimulation but in some cases, for example when you want to experience anal stimulation, but you’ve never tried it before, a small size anal plug is always better than a bigger one. Top rated small butt plugs often come with 3-4 inches of insertable length so to simplify things, choosing a tiny anal plug around this size will always be the best choice. Most popular small butt plugs come in many sizes but never bigger than 5 inches which are considered as the maximum size for a small anal butt plug.

black classic small butt plug

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

When it comes to the shape of your small anal butt plug, there are three different shapes available for such toys:

  • The classic penis shape – provides a realistic sensation and stimulates the anal just like in real life. Suitable with proper lubrication and for both solo, and couple purposes.
  • black vibrating classic small butt plug

  • The bullet-shaped tiny anal plug – the beginner’s best choice, tiny and very slippery, easy to control and highly reliable. Can be used with or without lubrication, depending on the material
  • The bombshell micro butt plug – top notch anal stimulation with such shape as it penetrates the ass with a bit more intensity.

The silicone, rubber and latex mini anal plugs provide soft and silky texture with a realistic feel while the metal butt plug small offers a cold feeling and a stiff texture.

black classic small butt plug with swarovski crystals pink

How to use a small butt plug?

Is the small butt plug reviews aren’t enough for you to understand how this toy can be used, you can always follow the instructions on the internet for a proper understanding. The toy can be used with ease by simply inserting it in the ass hole with slow moves. Soft and gentile strokes are recommended, at least in the beginning of the sexual play and proper lubrication (if needed) is always recommended. Keep the mini anal plug from moisture and extreme heat and always make sure to maintain proper hygiene before and after each use.

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