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Anal Douches and Enemas

Nowadays, there are plenty of people, who love diversified sex games and anal sex is one of them. However, since anal sex has a lot to do with anus, then it is also important to make sure that your anus is clean before you start the hot action in order to avoid any sort of unwanted mess. Hence, anal douches.

black rubber anal douche
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What are anal douches?

You may wonder what actually anal douching is? Well, it is simply a process of cleaning your anal hole with help of a fluid that gets injected inside your anus with help of a tube and enema. Basically, all you need to do is deep the enema inside the water that is not too cold or not too hot and squeeze it, so that the water fills the empty space inside of enema. After that just apply a lube on a tube, insert it inside your rectum and squeeze the fluid inside. The fluid will take out all the unwanted fecal matter and come out naturally. That is the best preparation of your rectum for the upcoming anal games.

black silicone anal douche
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Types and main characteristics

Even when it comes to using an anal douche, there are various types of anal showers that you can use depending on your preferences as well as comfort level.

Bulb-Syringe Douche – based on anal douche reviews, represents a simple and least expensive type, which consists of a bulb, which collects the water, as well as a nozzle that injects the fluid inside your rectum.

Shower Douche Kit – this type, based on anal douche reviews, is more suitable for experienced people, who have used douches for some time already. This type has similarities with bulb-syringe, but it needs to be hooked up to an actual shower and is able to provide a deep cleaning.

black silicone anal douche by Doc Johnson

Enema Bag – consists of a bag that looks like a bottle with a long hose attached to the douche. This type also requires to be hooked up to the shower in order to work properly.

Besides that, the majority of anal douche products tend to vary in color, materials selection, size and other special features. Hence, it is totally up to you, which one is the most suitable for your douching and gives the best results. Feel free to select the optimum length or type of the nozzle or a hose, as well as the size of enema etc.

blue 2 liter silicone anal douche

How to choose the best anal douches?

The best anal douche can be selected based on various factors, which you should definitely take into consideration in order to be fully satisfied with your purchase. Do not hesitate to check out the anal douche reviews and study all the pros and cons of each anal douche type. Follow the trusted brands with products of a good quality. Keep the price variance in mind as well, so that you do not overspend the money. Check out the available materials and pick the one that feels more comfortable for you. Since there are various types, it is more advisable to find the anal douche that suits you the most.

silver metal anal douche

Choosing the right size for your needs

The nozzles for anal douches vary in sizes as well as types and that directly affects the spray pattern that comes out of the nozzle. Generally, spray type can be either wide or else straight. The straight type simply dispenses water inside your rectum in one direction, which is not the best option. Meantime, the wide spray type allows you to properly and more thoroughly clean your rectum.

In addition, the length of the nozzle may also vary:

  • 3-4 in;
  • 5-6 in;
  • 7 in and more;

While the hose may have the following lengths:

  • 8-9 in;
  • 10-11 in;
  • 12 – 13 in;
  • 14 in and more.

In case of a hose, the length will be useful in order to properly hook up the hose to the shower and ease the whole cleaning process for you.

6.5 inch anal douche

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

You may be surprised, but even in case of anal douches there are variations in material selection, available shapes and textures. The general material types may include the following:

  • PVC;
  • Silicone;
  • Plastic;
  • Rubber and others.

The selection of the material will define how easy the nozzle is going to penetrate your rectum as well as how often and how thoroughly you should clean the anal douche kit. Also, the properly selected material will define, how long the kit will be lasting.

6.8 fl red anal douche

The shape of the enema does not really matter here, because its only purpose is to collect the water. In this case, the size and volume of enema are more crucial. However, when it comes to the nozzle, the shape plays an important role, because it will be responsible for ease of nozzle penetration inside your rectum as well as the spraying pattern. Besides that, the nozzle size will define whether you require to use the lubricant or not. But generally, it is better to use some lube just to be on a safe side.

Texture is an additional feature, which you may customize based on your preferences and availability of additional budget.

Likewise, you can clearly see that the shape and material do matter and play an important role in the selection of the best anal douche.

blue rubber anal douche

How to use anal douche?

When you are using a bulb douche, it is advised to start with filling a bowl with water. It doesn’t necessarily need to be distilled…even bottled water will be good enough. The main focus here should be on the water temperature – room temperature water is the most suitable option.

Do not hesitate to apply some lube directly to your anus or to the nozzle, because it will pay you off in the long run. For additional comfort, you can apply water-based lube, because it will smoothen the insertion and assist in avoiding any possible irritations.

Do not rush things and proceed smoothly, while maintaining the pressure at a consistent level. Once you’re done with squeezing the water out of your douche, please make sure you remove the nozzle carefully from your rectum. After the procedure is complete, stand up, squeeze your anal muscles and try to maintain the water inside as long as possible. Since you are dealing with the rectum, hence make sure you clean your anal douche thoroughly and store it in a dry place at room temperature.

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