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Rabbit Vibrators

A perfect intimate partner no woman should miss having. A toy unlike others with two ways of stimulation and guaranteed pleasure. A highly popular sex toy known from the popular TV series “Sex and the City” with a very effective clitoral stimulator meant to combined pleasure during masturbation!

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What Rabbit Vibrators are?

Mainly used by women to stimulate their vagina and clitoris during solo masturbation and often used by couples as well, for smashing foreplay sessions, the rechargeable rabbit vibrator is one truly useful sex toy. It’s main purpose is to combine pleasures during the act of self masturbating by gently rubbing the clit with the auxiliary rabbit like head while the main head stimulates the vagina. These hot sexual toys come in all sort of shapes and sizes as well as colors or forms.

luxury rechargeable rabbit vibrator by lelo

Types and main features

There are many types of vibrator rabbits but the most commonly used ones are the penis shaped with double action ones, vibrators which contain a main head for vaginal stimulation and a smaller head, rabbit like, for clitoris stimulation. They are called rotating G-spot rabbit vibrators and they are made out of:

  • Rubber;
  • Silicone;
  • ABS;
  • TPE.

black remote control rabbit vibrator

They also come in a diverse list of insertable sizes starting with smaller types which can vary between 3-4 inches and ending with the ones that are truly gigantic with up to 8 inches of length. The various size types and the numerous forms and colors make these top rated rabbit vibrators a highly reliable and loved toy for adults.

powerful pink rabbit vibrator for clit stimulation

No matter the size, either it’s a mini rabbit vibrator or a large rabbit vibrator they have the same characteristics and purpose. The rechargeable rabbit vibrator is a more modern type while the ones running on simple batteries are the pure classic. Their mechanism is highly reliable and silent, perfect for the right intimate experience.

The Happy Rabbit sex vibrator and the Fifty Shades of Grey rabbit toy are the most popular and used types of such toys, and they are double rabbit vibrators, meant to serve only for pussy and clit stimulation. However, there are also triple rabbit vibrators on the market, available for the complete stimulation.

Choose Rabbit Vibrator

How do I choose a Rabbit vibrator?

First of all, you have to decide whether a double rabbit vibrator or a triple rabbit vibrator suits the sexual desires. Once doing that, you also have to figure out the material which you desire the toy to be made from. Another important characteristic to keep in mind before choosing such a toy is the size. Tight women prefer smaller vibrators while some other women crave for the full length in their vaginas. Depending on the size, material, and type, enjoying your first-time rabbit vibrator can be a truly unforgettable experience.

thrusting rabbit vibrator with rotation

How do I know the right size?

Just like the previous question, choosing the best rabbit vibrator to suit your needs is a highly important step in the whole process. While the form, type, color or material the toy is made from are characteristics which involve very little in the whole pleasuring process, the size is a crucial thing you should keep in mind before choosing such a toy. If you choose a large rabbit vibrator for your first experience with such type of toy, pain might occur and limited pleasuring. That’s why it is recommended that for your first experience with rabbit toys, to choose a smaller type. No matter if it’s a rotating rabbit vibrator or a standard one, always keep in mind the size you really need, not the one that your desire.

pink 4.5 inch inflatable rechargeable rabbit vibrator

Most users talk from their experience, and many of them say that the size really matters but not in the way that it should always be huge, but the right size for your real needs. Using a rabbit vibrator is a very delicate and intimate thing and having the wrong size to penetrate the vagina can mess up the whole experience and turn it into something unpleasant.

black rechargeable rabbit vibrator by Fun Factory

Choose the right material and shape, important or not?

The answer is yes! The shape of your toy and also the material is made from are important just like the size and the type. The original rabbit vibrator is made out of jelly rubber, and its shape is classic with the second rabbit-like head aimed towards stimulating the clitoris. While the rabbit vibrator size matters for the user pleasuring and comfort, the shape and the material provide the feeling of relaxation easy usage. A more slippery material requires less lube while a classic shape provides better penetration. According to the users’ rabbit vibrator reviews, the glass vibrators are smooth and slippery, highly effective because of them being stiff and not changing their form while the rubber and silicone ones are soft and irregular, changing their form and re-creating a more realistic feeling.

In conclusion, choosing the right material and shape to suit your needs is also a significant step in purchasing a rabbit vibrator toy.

purpure silicone triple rabbit vibrator by Lovehoney

How to use and store the rabbit vibrator toys?

Using such a cool sex toy is a very cool thing to do when in need for proper stimulation of your intimate parts and knowing how to use it will simplify your activity and grant you better experiences. First of all, before the first use, always make sure that the toy is clean and completely unpacked. Also, make sure it’s charged and working. Read the instructions for more info and also make sure you use lubricant, if required!

purple USB rechargeable rabbit vibrator

After using it, clean it up and make sure you store it in a cool and dry place. Remove the batteries if stored for a longer period or unplug it. Store it in a place where you know it’s safe, without humidity to affect the electronic parts inside it or extreme heat to affect the material it’s made from. Hygiene is essential to make sure you keep it in its original box, safe from other external factors.

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