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Hollow Butt Plugs

Hollow Butt Plugs.

Oh, the joys of silky smooth and seamless insertions. There is so much fun and pleasure you can derive from using hollow butt plugs. In truth, very few things can be compared to that feeling of having a hollow butt plug fill you up and give you all sexual satisfaction you never know you needed. You no longer have to worry about getting off as the hollow plug will let you do this easily on the go. For an easy selection, here is a table of our top picks you can check out to get a good look at the premium options for pleasuring yourself.

Top 4 Best Hollow Butt Plugs in 2023

Products Information Price
HAIMAITONG 5 Sizes Soft Speculum Hollow Anal Plug
5 Sizes Hollow Anal Plug
Material: Silicone
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 1.18-2.76 inches
Length: 2.7-8.83 inches
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Perfect Fit Medium Tunnel Anal Plug
Perfect Fit Medium Tunnel Butt Plug
Contains latex: No
Contains phthalates: No
Flexibility: Flexible
Material: Skin Safe Rubber
Waterproof: No
Canal diameter: 1 inches
Circumference: 6.5 inches
Insertable Length: 3 inches
Length: 3.5 inches
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Orissi Douche Enema Hollow Anal Plug
Enema Hollow Anal Plug
Material: TPE
Weight: 38 g
Circumference: 1.77 inches
Length: 2.56 inches
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What is a Hollow Butt Plug?

There isn't much explanation needed for this particular product seeing as it does what its name says. A hollow butt plug is an ideal sex toy that can use to fill up your inner crevices without there being a need for being uncomfortable. It also doesn't need you to make any notable lifestyle changes because there is a wide variety of products for anyone and everyone. Hollow butt plugs are such an excellent addition to your sex life. This is linked to their ability to take you to new heights of pleasure that you never knew existed. A notable attraction here is once the open butt plug has been inserted, the existence of the open core allows you to get creative with your sexual encounter.

Tunnel Butt Plug.

Different types

When it comes to hollow butt plugs, the options are extensive, seeing as they can be made from different materials, take on diverse shapes, and also function in different manners:

  • Material of Hollow Butt Plugs: This relates to the make-up of the hollow butt plug. In terms of manufacturing, butt plugs have over time been made with different materials depending on what's in vogue in the market and, in some cases, what the trending sexual fantasy is. This often sets the tone for what consumers will place a priority on. As a result, tunnel butt plugs have been made with such materials as glass, rubber, plastic, etc.
  • Shape and Design: In this regard, it goes without saying that the mandatory shape is a cylindrical one. This would allow the hollow butt plug to enter the anus quickly and prevent discomfort. However, it is still possible to select an appealing design and create a good feeling of arousal.
  • Size of Hollow Anal Plugs: Not every hollow butt plug is going to be a perfect fit for your anus. When it comes to butt plug sizes, those of smaller sizes can be 4.5 inches in total length and 1.15 inches in diameter, with larger sizes having 5.75 inches in total length and 1.55 inches in diameter. Make sure to go with one that will fit you.
  • Stimulation Zone: The body's stimulation zones include the nipples, clit, labia, scrotum, anus, vagina, and other choice portions. When using a hollow butt plug, the primary stimulation area is anal. If you're looking for the mother of all sweet sensations, the hollow butt plug is bound to give you that. Any of the available options is bound to satisfy you.
  • Hollow Rippled Butt Plugs Kit.
  • Power types: Hollow butt plugs come with different levels of power. Choosing what works for you is key to knowing what you can handle.
  • Hollow Anal Plugs with Remote Control: Hollow butt plugs do not require much extra handling. Once inserted, you can control the plug remotely for sweet sensations.
  • Waterproof: The tunnel butt plug of your dreams must be waterproof. This will ensure those made with wood or metal from getting damaged.
  • Quiet work: Hollow butt plugs are the silent workers of the sexual sensation world. Slip them in and watch them do the job without drawing attention.
  • Suction Cup: This increases the adjustment ability of your butt plug. The suction cup allows you to place the plug on smooth surfaces for an awesome hands-free experience.
  • Hollow Butt Plugs with Vibration: Having a pulsating sex toy is a pleasure that cannot be described. Get a hollow vibrating butt plug today and let the waves of ecstasy wash over you.
Tunnel Silicone Anal Plug. Choose Hollow Butt Plug

How to choose the best hollow butt plug?

Selecting the best hollow butt plugs for your sexual excitement can be tricky. To ensure you are successful, these are some tips for choosing the best butt plug with hole for your needs;

  1. Work within your budget: When it comes to sexual pleasure, there is a tendency that you might want to go all out. Essentially, you are prepared to "put your money where your mouth is". Such a situation might not be in your best interest. Go for a tunnel butt plug that will allow your budget to be flexible and still have funds left over for any extra expenses.
  2. Research the specifications of the product: When conducting your search, make it as thorough as possible because making an informed decision is of the utmost importance. Additionally, get reviews from other individuals about the hollow butt plug you're planning on getting.

How to Clean and Use?

This is a pretty straightforward sex toy in terms of its use.

  1. Position: The butt plug with the hole needs to be inserted into the anus. During the process, it will firmly grab hold of the anus area and settle in nicely. The moment this is achieved, it becomes possible to pass the lube and any other objects that might want to be tried out during sex.
  2. Safety Regulations: Despite the obvious hint that has been provided by the name, it goes without saying that the butt plug with hole is reserved for only the anal area. This categorically means that you should not attempt to put the item in any other body areas, e.g., the mouth. It is a good idea to keep it out of the reach of minors.
  3. How to clean: Once the use of the anal plug has been completed, you can clean it with hot water and dry it up with a clean cloth.
  4. How to store: The item should be stored in a clean environment that will prevent dust or dampness from tampering with it.
Male Large Hollow Butt Plug.

Pros and Cons of Hollow Butt Plugs

The benefits of using hollow anal plugs include:

  • You are guaranteed a lot of sexual satisfaction and a perfect orgasm.
  • The freedom to be creative in the bedroom is limitless with the tunnel butt plug.
  • It can be combined with other items to maximize sexual effects.
  • The anal tunnel plug is easy to maintain.
  • It is cost-effective.

On the side of the cons, it might be impossible to find your preferred specifications.


The hollow butt plug is the right way to go when searching for the ultimate sexual experience. Given the plethora of features, specifications and versions primed for sexual activity, you are bound to experience intimacy regularly.

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What are hollow butt plugs, and what makes them different from regular butt plugs?
Hollow butt plugs, also known as tunnel butt plugs or hollow anal plugs, are unique in their design, as they have a hollow center that allows for airflow and additional possibilities during play. Unlike regular solid butt plugs, hollow butt plugs enable users to insert other toys, fingers, or even perform an enema through the hollow tunnel, providing more versatility and enhancing the overall experience.
Are hollow butt plugs safe for beginners?
Hollow butt plugs can be safe for beginners if they are used with caution and properly sized. As with any anal toy, start with a smaller size and gradually work your way up as you become more comfortable. Always use plenty of lubrication, and remember to communicate with your partner or listen to your body's signals to ensure a pleasurable experience.
Can I use a hollow butt plug enema for anal cleansing?
Yes, hollow butt plug enemas can be used for anal cleansing. Due to their hollow design, they allow for the insertion of an enema nozzle or tube, enabling you to perform an enema while wearing the plug. Always follow proper enema procedures and ensure the plug is made of body-safe materials to maintain hygiene and prevent any complications.
What materials are best for tunnel butt plugs?
Tunnel butt plugs are typically made from body-safe materials such as silicone, TPE, or stainless steel. Silicone is a popular choice due to its flexibility, ease of cleaning, and hypoallergenic properties. TPE is also a flexible material, but it is porous and requires more thorough cleaning. Stainless steel offers a solid, non-porous, and easy-to-clean option, but may not be as comfortable for some users due to its rigidity.
Can I wear a hollow butt plug for extended periods?
Wearing a hollow butt plug for extended periods is possible, but it's essential to listen to your body and prioritize comfort and safety. Ensure the plug is made from a body-safe material, and use plenty of lubrication to prevent discomfort or chafing. Take breaks as needed, and remove the plug immediately if you experience any pain or discomfort.
Are clear hollow butt plugs as durable as their opaque counterparts?
Clear hollow butt plugs can be just as durable as their opaque counterparts, provided they are made from high-quality, body-safe materials. Look for plugs made from medical-grade silicone or other non-porous materials that are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a long-lasting and safe toy.
Can I use any type of lubricant with my hollow butt plugs?
The type of lubricant you should use with your hollow butt plugs depends on the material of the plug. For silicone-based hollow butt plugs, it's best to use water-based lubricants, as silicone-based lubricants can degrade the material and reduce the lifespan of your toy. For stainless steel or TPE hollow butt plugs, you can use either water-based or silicone-based lubricants, as both are compatible with these materials. Always read the manufacturer's recommendations and perform a patch test if you're unsure about the compatibility of a specific lubricant.
Can I use a hollow butt plug with other sex toys?
Yes, hollow butt plugs can be combined with other sex toys for enhanced pleasure and stimulation. The hollow design allows for the insertion of small vibrators, dildos, or other toys, creating a unique sensation and providing more versatility during play. Always ensure that any additional toys are compatible with the material of your hollow butt plug and use plenty of lubrication to avoid discomfort.
Are hollow anal plugs suitable for both men and women?
Hollow anal plugs are suitable for people of all genders, as they are designed to stimulate the anal area, which is rich in nerve endings for both men and women. Men may find that hollow butt plugs can provide indirect prostate stimulation, while women may enjoy the sensation of fullness and pressure against the vaginal wall. As always, prioritize comfort and safety, and choose a size and material that's right for you.
How do I insert a hollow butt plug safely and comfortably?
To insert a hollow butt plug safely and comfortably, follow these steps: 1. Ensure the plug is clean and made from a body-safe material. 2. Apply a generous amount of lubricant to both the plug and your anal area. 3. Relax and find a comfortable position, either lying down or squatting. 4. Slowly and gently insert the tip of the plug into your anus, breathing deeply and allowing your muscles to relax. 5. Gradually push the plug in, stopping if you feel any pain or discomfort. If necessary, take a break or add more lubricant. 6. Once the plug is fully inserted, adjust the position as needed to ensure comfort and enjoyment.

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