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They say it’s the woman’s best friend and a truly reliable sex buddy when in need for urgent pleasuring. A one of a kind toy invented for the pleasure of both men and women, used for multiple purposes and highly rated as one of the best sex toys ever invented.

What is a dildo?

The classic dildo is a penis shaped sex toy with the purpose for both anal and vaginal stimulation which can be used manually by one of the partners or in solo when we are talking about masturbation. A toy which can be made from a variety of materials and which can have multiple sizes, diameters and forms. Using a dildo requires minimal skills as it is a highly functional toy, a piece of the sexual device which can satisfy anyone with little effort.

Types and features

Dildos come in many shapes and sizes, and they can vary from a large number of materials. The main types of dildos are:

Each of these main types of dildo come with a series of sub-types like a harness, inflatable, double headed dildos.

These sex toys can be suitable for inexperienced users, beginner dildo, or for experienced lovers. The top-rated dildos are the ones that look realistic and have a motor in them. They emit vibrations while letting the user self-manipulate it where ever he wishes. They are called vibrating dildos and they are among the most popular types of such toy.

If you read the dildo reviews available online, you will find many other types and sub-types of dildos. One thing is for sure, they vary so much that it is almost impossible to gather them all in here. Dildos also come in a large number of sizes and colors. You can buy a dildo that’s 3 inches, or you can go up to 12 inches in length and more than 4 inches in diameters. Those are huge dildos only for the highly experienced users.

How to choose the best dildo?

When in search to buy a dildo for you or for your partner, one important thing to keep in mind is the shape and the size the toy needs to be. If you are looking for a beginner dildo, a smaller size would be suitable. After you set the desired size and shape, proceed with gathering info about what type of material and texture the toy to have. The dildo reviews found online, and a proper dildo guide will be enough for you to decide better. Either it’s a soft dildo that you need or a hard one made out of plastic, the way you choose your toy is up to you. The best dildos are the classic ones, made out of rubber and with no more than 7 inches in length but that doesn’t mean the rest of available toys on the market are not suitable.

How to choose the right size for my dildo?

The size of your dildo toy is highly important for a good sexual experience without any unwanted moments. Some users choose huge dildo toys and discover that they are not suitable for their needs. That’s why choosing the right size and diameters is always a very important step.

For the best results in choosing the size of your adult dildo toy, keep in mind few simple steps:

  • If it’s your first time dildo, start with a smaller size;
  • If it’s for anal purposes, go with a thinner in diameter one;
  • Soft dildos are most suitable for both vagina and anal pleasuring;
  • Browse all types of dildos before choosing the size (Depending on the type, size may vary);
  • Read dildos reviews for better understanding the size chart.

Apart from these simple steps, you need to keep in mind, when in the process of buying yourself a toy like that, selecting the right size can also be made after you test few toys.

How do I know what’s the right material and texture?

Knowing what the best dildos are is almost impossible because each of these toys serves a different purpose. While soft dildos are perfect for vaginal use, the ones made of stronger materials are perfect for anal and so on. The variety of such toys and diversity of materials makes them highly reliable and suitable for any sexual situation.

The main materials which dildos are made from are:

Depending on the material they are made from, their texture can be either, soft, realistic, hard, slippery or jelly-like. The only way to decide which material suits your sexual needs best is to try them. Either for anal or vaginal purposes, trying them will definitely help you find out what texture and material make you feel the best. If that isn’t possible, reading reviews from other users and consulting the dildo guides found on seller sites will also be helpful. Either way, these toys will make you feel good no matter the texture or material. Specially designed for such a purpose, they will provide pleasure and satisfaction in any case.

How to use a dildo and how to store it?

Using the dildo is a basic thing which requires little effort and experience. Specially designed to be used with ease, these toys are set to provide the maximum of satisfaction with little effort. Perfect in solo sessions of masturbation but also highly reliable for couples during foreplay or intercourse, the dildos will always provide the expected results.

It’s being used for vaginal and anal stimulation by being inserted in the desired place and moved in and out by the user or by the partner. The classic vibrator resembles a real-life penis while the vibrating dildos offer an extra stimulation by emitting vibrations when inserted.

Keep the toys clean at any time and stored in dry places. Hygiene is crucial for both the health of the user and the partners involved. Kept accordingly will extend the toy’s life and will grant you many more moments of extra pleasure in bed.