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Realistic Dildos

Some people prefer orgies, cosplays, homosexual relationships and many more. But what to do if you are craving for a stunning orgasm but do not know how to make it happen. One way is to masturbate, of course. But we have got something special for you here; something that will enrich your sexual life with kinkiness and dirty pleasures.

6 inch vibrating realistic dildo by Wowza
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What is a realistic dildo?

Realistic dildos are types of dildos that reflect the real-life penis as close as possible. That may include the shape, size, texture, firmness as well as other parameters. Basically, realistic dildos reviews confirm that there is a big amount of people, who prefer life-like toys over the other types. It always adds extra excitement to experience the penetration, knowing that it is real or almost real penis. Generally, this dildo type includes pronounced glans, as well as smooth testicles and even a shaft with veins to imitate the real-life penis as close as possible.

10 inch purple vibrator realistic dildo by Exotic Diamond

Types and main characteristics

With all that versatility of a very realistic dildo you can even make your own porn movie! Common, don’t be shy! We all have that kinky side of ours that every now and then we need to release. And with help of realistic dildo you will be able to select just the right sex games for your filthy fantasies! It may be a super realistic dildo or a top realistic dildo – you will definitely be able to find the most suitable sex toy for your kinky ideas. Come, enjoy and discover a whole new world of adult sex toys with us!

6 inch white realistic dildo by Ice Gem

Realistic dildo reviews confirm that the high-quality life-like toys are made of 100% premium VixSkin silicone. This type of material tends to warm up and maintain the body heat, while providing the realism with help of veins and penis head. Some models may include testicles as well, while others consist of a shaft only. The material selection may also include a waterproof feature in case if you plan to use lubricant or play with a dildo inside shower room. You definitely will not be able to feel the difference. The main types of realistic dildos include:

  • Standard dildo with a suction cup;
  • Vibrating dildo with a controller;
  • Strap-on dildo etc.

5.5 inch the black silicone realistic dildo
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How to choose the best realistic dildo?

Certain real skin dildos are the best for extra naughty delights, because these sensational top realistic dildos are perfect for kinky joy seekers of all experience levels.

When choosing the most suitable realistic dildo it is worth paying attention to the quality of material that it is made of. Feel free to select the color that you like and the size that excites you the most. Make sure you are familiar with the brand name and know the company background. Feel free to include the additional features, like strap-on, suction cup, vibrator etc., for your consideration. Perform a preliminary market research before making a final decision.

8 inch vibrating remote control realistic dildo

Choosing the right size for your needs

The fact that you have decided to use a realistic dildo, already tells that you are ready for new sensations and open for experiments. And, of course, the size plays a very important role in this case. The sizes may vary:

  • Up to 5 in of penetration length;
  • 5-6 in penetration length;
  • 7-8 in penetration length;
  • 9-12 in penetration length

5,5 inch blue realistic dildo by Anal Beginners

while the corresponding circumferences are:

  • 2-3 in;
  • 4-5 in;
  • 6-7 in;
  • 8-9 in.

You have a freedom to select the most suitable combination that will feel just nice and provide the desired amount of pleasure. Some people prefer focusing on length to experience a deeper penetration, while others get turned on by a thick shaft. Nobody is going to stop you if you want both a big and thick realistic dildo. Be aware that a bigger and thicker dildo may require a lubricant to ease the penetration and not to cause any sort of irritation. Keep in mind that in certain cases the dildo size does not necessarily mean that the entire length is designed for penetration. Hence, it is better to follow the penetration length to avoid any confusion.

5,5 inch black silicone realistic dildo

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

The list of materials for realistic dildo may include VixSkin silicone, dual density Cyberskin, dual density UR3 material and other types of silicone that imitates the life-like penis as close as possible. Besides that, also keep in mind that the material When it comes to realistic dildos, the texture plays a significant role and includes: veins, glans, smooth testicles, etc. Basically, the texture is ensuring the quality of orgasms, since it is directly related to frictions and amount of excitement, which is directly linked to life-like sensations. Besides that, the shape is also a critical contributing factor that basically ensures your overall satisfaction from sex. Likewise, the shape may include a straight shaft for direct contact, a slightly bent penis for additional flexibility or a curved shape that is supposed to reach to the G-Spot and stimulate it during penetration to increase the number of orgasms and pleasure. Dual-density materials have proven to be suitable for provision of real-life sensations because they translate into higher excitement and hence more kinky joy.

6 inch red realistic dildo by Basics

How to use a realistic dildo?

A lot of realistic dildos are provided with a suction cup at the dildo base, which can be applied for various purposes. The suction cup is possible to be moistened and then pressed down to the realistic dildo attached to any surface that is flat, hard and smooth. It can be a table, a chair, a toilet lid, tile floor, wall, etc. Once the dildo is attached, the person can proceed with penetration inside the body and enjoy the ride (vaginal or anal) the way he/she likes. In case if you have a partner, then it is possible to switch to a strap-on mode and please each other without any hesitation. Of course, do not forget about lubrication and apply it as much as required for your ultimate satisfaction. Keep in mind that hygiene always matters, so do not forget to wash the dildo and all its parts thoroughly to keep yourself safe at all times. Proper cleaning will ensure that the dildo lasts longer and keeps you fully satisfied for an extended period of time.

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