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Fleshlights Freaks

Fleshlight Freaks

Are you a sex weirdo? If you are, stop by for a chat. We can talk all day about how fleshlights are the closest thing to a real pussy, but deep down, some of us are looking for the best toy with which to explore our wildest fantasies. Fleshlights are inarguably one of the best male sex toys ever invented, but fleshlight freaks are here to change the game drastically. Our top fleshlight freaks will help you fulfill your craziest sexual fantasies without leading you through the stress of inventing a new character altogether. Check out our best fleshlight freaks and have a great time exploring.

What are Fleshlight Freaks?

Fleshlight freaks are weird fleshlights that cater to very special kinks. The difference between a regular fleshlight and a fleshlight freak is the sleeve design. For every sexual fantasy you have, there’s a suitable fleshlight special for you.

Fleshlight freaks were first released in a new collection by Fleshlight in 2011. However, this product line recently started to garner more attention as more people got honest about their sexual fantasies. Many men fantasize about fucking a bigfoot ape woman, a vampire, or alien pussy. Fleshlight freaks cater to this very need. An alien fleshlight will give you a hint of what it feels like to sleep with an alien.

Blue Fleshlights Freak.


The fleshlight freaks and alien fleshlights are grouped according to their material, size, shape, and design. Let’s get into it.


The producing company, no doubt, determines the material of your fleshlight freak. Materials such as medical-grade silicone, Superskin, and rubber are used to make fleshlight freak sleeves. Then, the casings are made of hard plastic. Regardless of where you purchase your fleshlight freak, avoid toys with phthalates, as they can cause allergic reactions.

Shape and Design

A fleshlight freak is often cylindrical. It is designed in two parts; the external casing, which looks like a flashlight, and the fleshlight sleeve, where the penis is inserted. The sleeve’s orifice is what differentiates a fleshlight freak from other fleshlights. You can choose an alien fleshlight, zombie fleshlight, fleshlight vampire, or whatever catches your fancy.


The size of your fleshlight freak depends on the size of your penis and how deep you’re willing to go. The average fleshlight has 10 inches in length, while its diameter rests between 3.5-4.5 inches. The insertable length can be as much as 9.5 inches. Let your mind and penis decide.

Double Fleshlights Freak.


Listen, some fleshlight freaks are more intense than the others. All hail the vibrating fleshlight freaks! This type of fleshlight makes you feel every bump, every ridge, and ripple more intensely than you’d ever imagined. Therefore, they need power from an electric source or batteries to run.


Waterproof fleshlight freaks allow you to carry your fantasies with you in water and out of it. Read the packaging/product description carefully to prevent unpleasant surprises.

How to Pick the Best Fleshlight Freak?

Here are some quick tips to help you choose the best fleshlight freak, even if you’re buying from our recommended list.

  • Choose a fleshlight freak made of safe material.
  • Let your choice be in line with your sexual fantasy.
  • Purchase a vibrating fleshlight freak for added sensation.
  • If you love shower/pool sex, then a waterproof fleshlight is your best bet.

Features of using

In this section, we’ll break down the best practices you need to enjoy the features of your fleshlight freak fully.

Green Fleshlights Freak.


Practice a little foreplay with your fleshlight freak before penetration. You can use a sleeve warmer to warm up the sleeve or place it in a bowl of hot water for some minutes. The warmth generated will make it feel more like an actual pussy. Lubricate yourself and the sleeve generously while visualizing crazy scenarios through your mind’s eye. Get into it and ride your way to Orgasmville.

Cleaning and Care

Hygiene is an essential part of every glorious sex experience. After every use, take out the fleshlight sleeve and wash it with warm, soapy water. Repeat the process for the casing, rinse out with clean water and let the parts air dry separately.


Take the caps off your fleshlight freaks, and store them in a cool, dry box in an airy corner of your house.

Pros and Cons of Fleshlight Freaks

  • Fleshlight freaks help fulfill the user’s sexual fantasies.
  • They make masturbation more enjoyable and realistic.
  • Weird fleshlights provide stamina training for prolonged sex.
  • They save you time and money.
  • Fleshlight freaks reduce the risk of contracting STIs.
  • Cleaning a fleshlight freak may be strenuous due to its complex design.

Rosy Fleshlights Freaks.


Fleshlight freaks redefine the masturbation experience for many men out there. They not only heighten immediate pleasure but also improve your sexual stamina over time. We are holding out hope that you take a bold step and explore your sexual fantasies with our weird fleshlights.

What is the best fleshlight freak sleeve?
Thankfully, only your body can tell the best fleshlight freak sleeve for you. Yet, we advise that you consider getting a sleeve that can accommodate the entire length of your penis. Also, a sleeve lined with various bumps and ridges on the interior can make your experience more realistic.
How to use a fleshlight freak?
If you’ve been with female partners before, then you understand how this works. Simply insert your penis into the lubricated sleeve and stroke the way you would a real vagina. Prop up your fleshlight freak with a pillow or towel to hold it in place while you ride hands-free.
How to warm a fleshlight freak?
The best way to warm your fleshlight freak is by using the fleshlight sleeve warmer. It is a device compatible with all fleshlight sleeves and is relatively easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in for about 10 minutes before penetration. Another way you can warm your fleshlight freak is by using an electric blanket or a water-based lube.
How to clean a fleshlight freak?
Handling your fleshlight freak with proper hygiene is essential for your health. After use, clean your fleshlight in mild soap and water. Clean out the casings also and allow both parts to dry separately before putting them back together.
How to dry a fleshlight freak?
An easy way to dry your fleshlight freak is by using a hairdryer. Firstly, dry the sleeve with a soft towel, then place your hairdryer at the fleshlight opening. The hot air from the hairdryer is enough to dry away from any moisture present in the fleshlight.

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