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Anal Beads

People do love sex as well as all the kinky games related to it and they never stop searching for the best way to satisfy their kinky fantasies and endure unforgettable pleasures. However, conventional sex may not always remain as satisfactory as before. What to do in this case? Anal sex is the alternative solution and the best anal beads will definitely help you to explore this side of kinky games.

large anal bead
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What are anal beads?

So, what actually anal beads are? How to use them? Well, basically anal beads represent a type of sex toys for anal games and consist of a series of round beads connected together with help of a long cord or string. Either end of the cord usually has a loop, so it is easier to handle and take the beads out of anal hole. Anal beads have a wide variety of sizes, configurations, colours and are made of various materials. The most suitable size and configuration you select based on your experience and confidence level and can replace with a higher-level toy once you are ready for that.

long anal bead

Types and main characteristics

There are plenty of diversified types of anal beads with various characteristics. Hence, the chance that you find a suitable one for yourself, are definitely quite high. Feel free to select out of:

  • Smooth beads;
  • Big-size beads;
  • Textured beads;
  • Small beads;
  • Double-ended anal beads;
  • Long/short strands of beads;
  • Vibrating/non-vibrating beads;
  • Plastic beads;
  • Metal anal beads;
  • Glass anal beads;
  • Cyber-skin beads and many more.

black anal bead with ring

In addition, there are anal beads where a strand has all the beads of the same size as well as beads gradually increasing in size. The last one is used to gradually stretch the anal hole and prepare for some serious games with bigger toys. Besides that, the gradually increasing size of beads eases the process of penetration and you always remain in full control of the game flow.

Moreover, the vibrating option makes anal beads truly impressive and adds extra excitement level to the entire sex game process. Smooth anal beads are perfect for beginners and general public, whereas the large and textured ones are for those, who like to play big and are not afraid to tickle their nerves. Every material produces different sensations, hereby take your time to select the most suitable one for you.

anal bead for men
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How to choose the best anal beads?

When it comes to choosing the best anal beads, there are number of factors you should consider in order to receive a very nice sex toy that is as per your standards. The most common factors include the following:

  • Brand name – we all know that going for an unknown brand is not a wise choice. Hence, make sure you do proper market research and pick the company that produces reliable and high-quality anal beads;
  • Size – the bigger may not always be the better. Choose wisely;
  • Material – the finishing of anal beads is basically responsible for the entire flow of your sex game and ensure the smoothness of the process;
  • Texture – here everything depends on your kinkiness level and what kind of pleasures you are aiming for;

metal anal bead

Choosing the right size for your needs

You definitely do not want your sex toy to cause you any harm. It is definitely not the best scenario, you’re your anal beads are stuck inside or hard to take out. Since you are dealing with an anal hole, you have to keep in mind that it consists of sensitive tissues, which require careful treatment to avoid any injuries. As a result of this, take your time to find out, which sizing fits just nice inside and delivers the necessary amount of pleasures. As has been mentioned above, the size may vary from small anal beads to huge anal beads. Besides that, the entire strand of anal beads may have the size and also may gradually increase from the tip to the base. If you have less or no experience with anal games and anal beads particularly, then it is better to start with a smaller size of anal beads and increase it when you feel more confident. Likewise, the anal beads may have different sizes like length:

  • 4-5 in;
  • 6-7 in;
  • 8-9 in;
  • 10-12 in and more;

as well as circumference:

  • 3-4 in;
  • 5-6 in;
  • More than 6 in;

It is totally up to you to decide, which size of anal beads is more suitable for you.

blue anal bead

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

Material of your sex toy holds one of the main functions, because depending on the material, it will be clear how often or how thorough you should clean your anal beads; how easy is the penetration of anal beads; how much additional stimulation the anal beads will cause; how long the anal beads will serve etc.
The main list of materials includes the following:

  • Silicone;
  • Rubber;
  • PVC;
  • Plastic;
  • Metal;
  • Glass and others.

anal bead with a ring

Each material has its own pros and cons as well as price variance. Hereby, if you want to get anal beads that last longer, do not be stingy and prepare some extra cash. It will surely pay you off in a long run.

Anal sphincter generally has a lot of sensitive nerve endings. Hence, anal beads stimulate the stretch receptors inside the anus, which causes tingling pleasant sensations. Hereby, the texture is very important in this case, because it will directly influence the level and quality of those sensations. Likewise, with smooth texture the tingling will be less, comparing the rippled texture. However, make sure you keep the pace at a reasonable level in order to make sure you do not damage the anus.

There are various shapes of anal beads for your selection, like:

  • Standard anal beads – with all beads of the same size;
  • Ladder anal beads – with beads size increasing from small at the tip too big at the base;
  • Anal beads for beginners – shorter string with less beads;
  • Advanced level beads – longer string with different beads varying in sizes.

vibrating anal bead

How to use anal beads?

When it comes to using anal beads, there is a number of considerations you should keep in mind and practise in order to attain the required results. They are as follows:

  • Start gradually – find the beads with the design that eases the penetration;
  • Keep an eye on the loop/handle – inspect the loop integrity and make sure it is reliable and functional, because it holds the main function of extracting the anal beads out of your anus;
  • Inspect the beads integrity – that is applied mostly for rubber, plastic and glass beads, because you don’t want the beads to damage your anus;
  • Prepare plenty of lube – the more lubricant you have, the better, because it will ensure the smoothness and ease of penetration;
  • Maintain proper hygiene – clean yourself and wash the anal beads even if it is the first time you use it. Due to its spherical shape and string attached in-between, there may appear some dirt over the time, if not cleaned properly.
  • Store your beads properly – keep your sex toys in a dry place at room temperature and away from direct rays of sun.

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