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large anal beads
If you practice anal sex and enjoy rectum penetration adding to your arousal and climax, anal beads for sale are what you need. Being made of various materials and featuring different sizes, they are suitable for both beginners and amateurs, regardless of their sexual orientation. Most probably, you have already seen such in porn clips, but it doesn’t mean that rectum beads are used as scenery only. They are becoming more and more widespread among average users.
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What are Anal Beads?

This is a sex toy that comprises several balls or spheres attached together by a rigid or elastic string or thread. The balls are inserted into anus through rectum, and are used to increase sexual arousal and boost pleasant sensations, making climaxing stronger and longer. Users experience a pleasant feeling of pressure during both insertion and releasing of balls passing through the narrow sphincter of anus.
long anal beads
Why do some people like anal sex and order anal beads? There are many nerve endings in rectum which increase sexual arousal and boosting the sexual sensations when being penetrated. People of any gender, sexuality and age may experience pleasure from rectum stimulation. This is why anal beads are suitable for many kinds of sex, including masturbation.

Main Characteristics

There are different variations of anal beads online. They may be from 25 mm in diameter to 125 mm and even more. As a rule, users find average 45 mm balls quite pleasant and simple in use. However, more experienced people are able to relax so that their rectum would pass bigger balls and they aroused strongly.
black anal beads with ring
You may buy anal beads made of silicone, plastic, jelly, rubber, metal and glass. There are different materials used, and rigid models are more popular, because they suppress friction and contribute to smoother injection.

All models feature a ring or some other kind of handle on the end to ease removal and prevent full lodging in the rectum, which exposes danger to health. As a rule, balls are placed in a row from smaller to bigger ones, and are connected by a flexible thread, which allows individual insertion, or by a semi-rigid material that makes removal safer and faster.
anal beads for men
The best anal beads may go with in-built vibrating motors to increase penetration and add to adventurous experience of users.
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How to Use

Perhaps, what is shown in porn films is not a full and correct instruction. In reality, you should learn how to use anal beads, because the toy may be not safe for inexperienced users. Here are some pieces of advice for you.
metal anal beads

  1. Application of lubricant is obligatory. Rectum and anus tissues are very sensitive and thin, and can be easily damaged by harsh motions and high friction.
  2. If you are beginner, start from smaller 25-35 mm beads: your rectum is not used to experience excessive outstretch, it all comes with experience and time. Inject the spheres slowly and gradually, and don’t forget to stay relaxed. If you inject balls into your partner’s rectum, be sensitive and watch him or her: if it hurts, or causes unpleasant sensations, slow down. Add lube and make your beloved one relax and chill down.
  3. If you have pleasure beads with flexible string, you may try inserting balls of different sizes separately to understand what the most optimal size is.
  4. If one item is used by several people, a condom should be used to avoid feces left on spheres and transmission of infections and diseases. And mind that if you use a toy made from porous materials (silicone, rubber), it should be washed with warm water and soap properly, and not shared with other users.

blue anal beads
Always count the number of balls before and after injection. If a sphere if left inside the anus, most probably, you will have to remove it by medical intervention.

How to Choose

Don’t know where to buy anal beads, and how to find an ideal model? It is simpler than you think.

If you are going to use the item together with your partner, choose non-porous materials like glass, metal and hard plastic. Starters should prefer smaller versions with spheres of 25-45 mm in diameter. Semi-rigid connection is recommended for better removal. Advanced users are free to experiment and purchase anal beads of bigger sizes and with flexible threads.
anal beads with a ring
Besides, you can read anal beads reviews to understand better which models would be more suitable for you.

Where to Buy Anal Beads?

Need cheap anal beads and fast shipping? Our partner’s site is what you need! Caring about every customer, the seller offers:

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  5. Total security of personal information.

vibrating anal beads
If you select a suitable item, your orgasms may become way more intensive and rich. Anal beads is the choice of people who are eager to experiment and discover new facets of sexual life.
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