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Ring Gags

Ring Gag.

Are you aroused by the sight of your partner crawling to you on all fours, drooling and begging for more? You are in good company! Some of us love to get as kinky as possible while fucking. If you are into BDSM, and you’ve never tried using ring gags, then you are missing out on some of the fun! And no, don’t get so spooked if you are not into any deep BDSM. Perhaps you love to role-play, ring gags could also come in handy. When used with restraints, gags can increase the excitement and anxiety levels of your partner, and therefore heighten the whole sexual mood. Let us take a detailed look into the world of this amazing device, but before then, have a peep at our top picks in the table below.

Top 10 best ring gags in 2023

Products Information Price
Scandal Silicone Stopper O-Ring Gag.
Scandal Silicone Stopper O-Ring Gag
Fastening: Buckle
Length: 26.5 inches
Material: Silicone
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Dominix Deluxe Silicone o ring gag
Fastening: Buckle
Length: 22.5 inches
Material: Silicone
Check price
DOMINIX Deluxe Black Silicone Open Mouth Lip Gag
Black Open Mouth Lip Gag
Fastening: Buckle
Length: 23.5 inches
Material: Silicone
Check price
Bondage Boutique XL Silicone O-Ring Gag
Bondage Boutique XL O-Ring Gag
Fastening: Buckle
Length: 21.5 inches
Material: Silicone
Check price
Fetish Fantasy Series Open Mouth Gag
Fetish Fantasy Series Open Mouth Gag
Color: Black
Ring diameter: 1.5 inches
Material: PVC
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Sinful O Ring Mouth Gag Black
Sinful O Ring Mouth Gag
Material: Polyester
Waterproof Submersible
Total Length: Adjustable up to 56cm in diameter
Check price
Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition O Ring Gag
Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition O Ring Gag
Color: Black
Weight (Product): 2.2 oz
Material: Vinyl, Metal
Diameter (Gag): 1.9"
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Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition O-ring Gag & Nipple Clamps
O-ring Gag & Nipple Clamps
Weight: 3.50 Ounces
Width: 1.75 Inches
Length: 22.75 Inches
Features: Phthalate Free, Adjustable
Materials: Metal, Leather
Check price
Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag
Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag
Diameter of the ring: 1.5 inches
Material: Steel
Check price
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What is it?

A ring gag is a device used to keep the mouth open during sexual activity. It usually consists of two straps and a ring. It could be used to gain unrestrained access to your partner’s mouth or to keep their mouth from uttering any words, while you take them on a pleasure ride. So, when it happens that you use a ring gag, forget about speaking and simply accept whatever comes your way.

Lips O Ring Mouth Gag.

Types of Ring Gags

The different types of ring gags are based primarily on material, size, and design. We would be exploring the different types of ring gags out there for you so you can make the choice that suits you best.

Based on Material

Mostly, leather is used to make the straps for a ring gag. Silicone is also used sometimes. However, when it comes to the ring itself, it could be made of stainless steel, stainless steel covered in leather, or silicone.

  • Stainless Steel Ring gag: These have an obvious metal ring. You would need some level of expertise in handling this, as it does not give room for closing the mouth to the slightest degree. However, it ensures firmness. And the cold feel of metal might be the exact kink you are going in for.
  • Leather Ring gag: With the ring covered in leather, this looks safer and gentler on the mouth. However, you need to watch closely what type of leather is used to avoid scratching or chafing on whatever goes in the circle gag. Also, leather ring gags look badass!
  • Silicone ring gag: These offer the highest level of body friendliness. This is not just because they are easier to clean, but also because the mouth can be just an itty bit flexible. So, if you are just beginning to take baby steps in the world of BDSM and role play, this is a good place to start!
Black leather open mouth ring gag with winding belt.

Based on Size

There is a wide range of sizes to choose from. At least, there are up to 18 industry-made sizes for a bondage ring gag. You could get sizes anywhere from 1” to 2 ¼ inches in diameter, depending on how wide your mouth is, and what exactly is going on the hole. However, you do not need to worry so much about what size would be best for you and your partner, as most open ring gags manufactured these days are typically adjustable.

Based on Design

Structural design matters, much more with an open ring gag. The ring gag harness could come in either of two major designs. Either as a regular ring gag or as a spider ring gag. Your choice would be based on what level of restraint you’re looking for, and what submissive qualities turn you on. There are also a few which possess additional features.

  • Regular Ring gag: These have an open circle that is held on both sides by leather straps. These straps then have a buckle that goes to the back of the head.
  • Spider ring gag: These do not have the leather directly attached to the circle. Instead, there are additional metal pieces in the semblance of “spider legs engulfing the face”. This makes it impossible for the ring to turn in the mouth, rids the circle of the leather sidings, and adds some more thrill to the general feel of bondage.

Regular ring gags and spider ring gags could also come with additional features like a shiny leash, or chains bearing nipple tweezers.

O Ring Gag With Nipple Clamps. Choose Open Mouth Ring Gag

How to Choose?

Choosing the best ring gag is based primarily on what material you are most convenient with, and what size fits.

  1. Material: It’s simple. Silicone, leather, or open stainless steel? You want to look badass, go for leather. You want something easier to work with? Go for silicone. You are just naughty and extra kinky like that? Go for raw steel!
  2. Size: You want to use a gag that fits into your mouth without hurting your jaw. So, it is advisable to go for one that is smaller than the widest extent of your mouth. Also, it is important to say this: “Sorry, your dick might not fit, and that’s okay.” Many might like to try the idea of fitting the penis into the ring, but it might not go in if your partner has got a small mouth. So, you might want to use the fingers for some mouth play instead.

You need to note that DIY open mouth gags can be dangerous, and it is better to buy high-quality industrial gags.

How to Use Ring Gags?

Ring gags are mostly used in bondage and BDSM role-plays during sex. They are used in a way that keeps the mouth of the submissive partner open. Ring gags when used, are often accompanied by other restraints. This helps to heighten the mood and to increase the illusion of bondage. Are you turned on by your partner’s feeling of helplessness? Or are you the submissive one who wishes to be held captive and ravished? Let us show you how to use the open mouth gag to achieve your sexual fantasies.

Spider Mouth Gag Ring with 2 double rings.


It is best to use a ring gag while you are in an upright position. Also, you should have your head facing down, so that saliva does not just slide down back in your throat, and cause you to vomit. And for fitting in the ring gag properly, put the ring in between your jaws by placing it just behind your teeth. Then, pull the leather straps to the back of the head, and buckle it. If the ring is not perfect for you, you can easily switch sizes by removing the ring from the leather strap and putting a different size on. Also, remember your jaw. You want to put yourself in a position where your jaw is not overly strained.

Safety Regulations

It is important to note that you cannot breathe through your mouth while having a ring gag on. So, it is better not to use a ring gag when you have some blockage to your nostrils, a cold, or a breathing allergy. Also, as we said earlier, if you have an open mouth gag on, there will be no speaking. At least, not in a language your partner can understand. So, in a case where there are no other restraints, an obvious “safe sign” can work. For instance, you could tap twice on your wrist. However, it can get trickier once there are other restraints. In cases like this, you can decide to hold an object in your hand (say a bunch of keys), and then drop it once you feel like you have reached your limit. It is important that there must be clear communication between you and your partner – on how far you both are willing to go - before having the ring gag on.

Extreme Open Mouth Spider Gag.

How to Clean a Ring gag

Ring gags are generally easy to clean. Most especially the silicone ring gag. A good toy cleaner would do the trick. You could also decide to sterilize them.

Where to Store

Are you guilty of just dumping your precious toys anywhere when done? That should not be the case. When you do not keep your gags properly, they tend to accumulate dirt, and therefore get damaged. To ensure efficient storage, you could buy a BDSM toy holder or a sex toy box. And if you move around a lot, you could get a small waterproof BDSM bag. The most important thing while storing your ring gag is to make sure they remain thoroughly clean and dry while staying disinfected.

Pros and Cons of using

  • They are easy to use and they bring out a whole array of vulnerable feelings. From humiliation to frustration to suffering and discomfort
  • A ring gag grants full access to the mouth cuts speech off and keeps the submissive partner drooling. All these can be intensely erotic.
  • “Safe words” are trickier to use, because there are no words to be said. This means that the two people involved have to find a new way to ensure the much-needed communication.
  • They can also help to control the submissive partner's breathing.
  • Ring gags can add an extra element of excitement to BDSM play.
  • Ring gags can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.


Do you love role play and BDSM? Do you want to see your partner drooling for you while you finger their mouth? Then you have all that you need to know. Go get adventurous! Take the excitement to the next level!

Choose and order Ring Gag
What is a ring gag?
A ring gag is a sex accessory used during BDSM play. It is designed in such a way that it keeps the wearer’s mouth open. It consists of a ring, held on either side by a strap that goes to the back of the head.
Why do people use Ring Gags?
Ring gags are often used in BDSM play because they can create an intense feeling of helplessness and vulnerability. They can also be used to increase the submissive partner's pleasure by preventing them from using their mouth during sexual activity.
How to use an o ring gag?
Ring gags are handy devices during BDSM role-play. Let the O-ring sit behind your partner’s teeth, and buckle the straps behind their head. Make sure that your partner has no breathing issues before doing this. And ensure to agree on a safe signal, to know when to stop.
How does a ring gag feel?
Ring gags affect the feelings in a myriad of ways. This is because they call out the most vulnerable emotions from the submissive. Feelings of frustration, helplessness, and humiliation. The dominant feels more powerful with full access to the mouth of their drooling partner. All these can feel erotic.
How should a two-ring gag bit sit in the mouth?
A two-ring gag bit similarly sits in the mouth to the normal ring gag. The only difference being that the two-ring gag bit offers more restraint on the opening of the mouth, and creates more drooling.

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