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Extra Quiet Vibrators

The perfect companion for a super quiet solo romance either you are a man or a woman. The solution to stimulating your sexual fantasies without having to hear that buzz sound until the end. A silent vibrator will always grant the life like feeling of having sex with a real person as well as intimacy anywhere you are.

4 inch realistic pink rechargeable extra quiet vibrator
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What is a quiet vibrator?

A vibrator quiet is basically a normal vibrator but with an improved motor or with extra sheets to cover the motor’s rotation and silence it. It’s a highly rated sexual toy which comes in many forms and shapes as well as color and sizes. A toy that’s created for providing men, women and couples, high fantasy stimulation during sex or masturbation.

Lelo green waterproof silent vibrator

Same as a normal vibrator, either we’re talking about a hand vibrator or an automatic one, the extra quiet vibrators help both men and women to experience extra pleasure when in need for solo romance, sex or masturbation.

Types and main specifications

The main purpose of silent sexual vibrators is to create the life like feeling of having sex with a real person by eliminating the buzz sound when it is turned on. They are commonly used by persons that love intimacy as they are probably being used in other places than the homes. Perfect for any situation, the silent vibrator is a must have for both men and women. Although women use them at larger scales, statistics show that men enjoy them as well.

There are many types of vibrators on the market and among them, the best quiet vibrators classify in two large categories:

black Lelo whisper vibrator for women

The main characteristic of these ultra silent vibrators is, in fact, their sound, it’s highly silent and provide better intimacy to the one using it. Also, it can be very reliable in quiet places or when someone is around. They come in many shapes and sizes for a lot of purposes including anal, vagina and even oral stimulation. Highly common among women but used by gay couples as well. A strong, quiet vibrator is always the smart choice for super masturbation because of the benefits of not having to hear the buzzing sound every time you use it. It also recreates lifelike sensations when used by partners because of the non-hearing sound which can interact with the moans and whispers.

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How to choose the best quite vibrator?

Getting to choose your most suitable and desirable quiet vibrator is often an easy task to do but with so many products on the market and so many versions, there is a chance you might get confused. To make the right choice and be sure of your decision, when browsing for a small quite vibrator or a big one, keep in mind the material that’s made from, the brand and the purpose. Quiet vibrators for women are stiffer than the ones designed for men so keep that in mind too when searching for such a toy. Also there are powerful quiet vibrators and less powerful ones, depending on that, you will benefit from faster spinning stimulation or slower sensations.

purpure powerful quiet vibrator

How do I know what’s the right size for me?

If you decide to buy one or more other quiet vibrators, the size will matter and will play an essential part in your sexual activity. If the toy is too big, you will have problems in placing it in the right places, if it is too small or to slim, the whole stimulation/masturbation process might be in vain.

Only the user can decide on the size and depending on that, your sexual life can become a whole lot better. Small quiet vibrators are suitable for men and gay couples mostly but women often use them as well. Large silent vibrators are commonly used by women and lesbian couples. The reason is simple, men use them for anal stimulation while women use them for mostly vaginal pleasures. Either way, the size plays an important key in smashing sexual life. Most online and offline sellers provide information and guidance about the right size of a vibrator according to the needs, but in the end, the user decides which size to use.

luxury super quiet vibrator

Choosing the right material, shape, and texture for the best sexual stimulation

Just like the case of choosing the right size, choosing the material, shape, and texture of your quiet sexual vibrator is a personal thing. When buying a super quiet vibrator always keep in mind that the shape and texture vary a lot and depending on your choice, the stimulation can vary from intense to super intense and extreme. Just like all other sex toys, these other quiet vibrators come in rubber, silicone or plastic. Some might be made out of aluminum or glass, but those are strong, quiet vibrators less used than the standard ones.

G-Power silicone extra quiet vibrator

The rubber vibrators as well as the silicone ones, require proper lubrication before being used and no matter the purpose, either it’s for anal stimulation or for vaginal penetration, lube is highly recommended before usage. The vibrator toys made out of hard plastic, aluminum or glass, require lubricating the area but it is not mandatory.

Talking about shapes of the ultra silent vibrators, they are also a highly important factor when faced with choosing the right toy. Some come in the form of a real penis, stiff, long, fat or thick while others can be pear-shaped, like a tube or with twin head for double stimulation. No matter the shape, it’s up to the user which type he will choose. Also, among size, shape, and material, the texture of the super silent vibrator will play a highly important role in providing you the best stimulation.

Whisper quiet vibrators can be soft, gummy or very hard, depending on the type and purpose. They are specially designed for all types of desires and tastes, all types of sexual purposes and all types of holes.

the most silent vibrator

How to use a silent vibrator?

Using such piece of original equipment is no different than using a normal vibrator or any other sex toy. It’s simple, reliable and most important, ultra silent, perfect for midnight sexual experiences when your parents are sleeping in the other room or for a public place sexual affair with your partner. Either way, the level of kinkiness a super silent vibrator provides is without a match from other sex toys.

9 inch realistic remote control extra quiet vibrator

It’s suitable for both anal and vaginal stimulation and most effective when combined with proper lubrication. Either you use a rubber silent vibrator or another type of material, lubricating the area is highly recommended. Stimulate any of your love holes in slow modes and enjoy the perfect sensations the silent vibrations provide. The level of orgasmic stimulation is unmatchable as these silent toys are highly effective and specially designed to work that way.

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