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Beginner’s Guide to Anal Sex Toys

Anal play (sex) was once a taboo subject, but lots of women who have been there and done that say it’s a welcome addition to their sexual repertoire. The anus or ass is a great equalizer and for those who have never gone ‘back there’ before, anal play may seem intimidating. Not to worry! Here is a buying guide to help you pick out the best anal toys that are perfect for you. These toys can help you embark on exciting anal adventures and enjoy oodles of pleasure that your butt has to offer. Let’s start the journey to the backdoor!

What are Anal Toys?

Anal sex toys are a specific class of toys designed to excite and stimulate the anal regions of female or male users. Typically, these toys feature spherical elements or balls to arouse the erogenous zones inside the butt. They generally come with a flared base to make sure that the toys do not travel too far inside the rectum.

Anal toys can be used in sexual interactions with one or more partners, or during solo play.

The Different Types of Anal Sex Toys

Anal toy shopping is largely a to-each-their-own practice. Someone’s too subtle is someone else’s too strong, someone’s eh is someone else’s phenomenon. Having said that, it is always good to know the options available when you decide to exploit your backdoor pleasures.

Here are some of the most popular and best anal toys to help you narrow down your choices. From there, you can begin experimenting with different shapes and styles to create your anal toy collection.

Anal beads

Also known as anal pearls, anal beads are a chain of beads in small, medium and large sizes. They are inserted into the butt to give amazing sensations during foreplay or sex. When it is slowly removed at the point of climax, it may provide full-body, intense orgasms. Suited to both women and men, anal beads are great for butt play for beginners and also connoisseurs. To know the best anal beads for you, try out different sizes.

Vibrating anal beads are also available in the market. The beads vibrate to offer extra sensation to the user.

Butt plugs

Butt plugs, also known as ass plugs and anal plugs, are bulb-shaped butt toys that are inserted into the anus. They are available in small, medium and large sizes. You can select the size based on your experience level.

Butt plugs are designed to be worn before sex so that the sphincter muscles are stretched and prepared for anal sex. They’re usually worn for a short amount of time, but the user can be made to wear it for a long time during domination/submission scenes. These toys work great for solo and couples play.

Butt plugs come in three varieties.

  • Weighted butt plugs – These do not vibrate, but are great to wear during intimate encounters. These have a small set of internal weights that create a feeling of fullness. They come in different weights and sizes.
  • Butt plug tails – These are butt plugs that come with an attached tail. The tail can be made from any material, but the most common is fur. While the plug is inserted inside the butt, the tail hangs outside and gives the impression that the wearer has a tail. Butt plug tails are generally used during BDSM play.
  • Tunnel butt plugs – Also known as anal tunnel plugs, these toys are molded ass plugs that have a tunnel through them. The tunnel can open your ass to all kinds of kinky and fun things. These ass toys are designed for more experienced and advanced butt plug users.

Anal probes

Anal probes are toys that are enjoyed for their versatility. They are considered to be one of the most fantastic anal toys for beginners, but it is also fun for advanced players. This toy can be used for vaginal, anal and even clitoral stimulation. It can be called the trifecta of awesomeness.

Anal probes resemble a slender, small dildo or vibrator, but with a smooth body and tapered tip. Some may vibrate while others do not. Probes are much longer than vibrators, and therefore, allow for deeper stimulation of the G-spot and prostate.

Inflatable anal toys

Inflatable anal toys for men and women start like most other toys for anal play, but they work like a balloon. They are inserted inside the butt when small (original size) and once inside, they can be pumped up using air. As the toy inflates, it gently stretches the muscles and sphincters of the anal cavity. These toys are awesome if big sizes turn you on.

Anal dildos

An anal dildo is a sex toy that is widely used by females and males. Anal dildos are used to penetrate the butt for sexual satisfaction. They are available in different sizes and designed to resemble a penis.

Anal vibrators

An anal vibrator is specifically designed to produce different sensations with a wide range of movements. They vibrate, rotate and pulse – all at once and at different speeds. Anal vibes come with powerful motors that make sure the vibrations are capable of traveling through strong muscles of the sphincter and rectum. Although it is popular among women and men, the latter particularly find anal vibes pleasing as they deliver sensations straight to the P-spot (the male G-spot).

P-spot anal toys

P-spot anal sex toys, also known as prostate massagers and prostate stimulators, are toys that are designed specifically to stimulate the prostate of a man. They are similar to butt plugs and dildos, but they are typically curved or come with a bulbous tip. These toys have a special shape so that it is easier to reach the prostate when inserted inside a man’s anus. Some of the P-spot anal toys even vibrate for added pleasure. The toy can be used for masturbation or during sex with a partner.

Squirting anal toys

The purpose of a squirting ass sex toy is to mimic the ejaculation of the penis. A pump or syringe is used to push the liquid out of the toy to create the look and sensation of ejaculation.

Double penetration sex toys

Double penetration sex toys stimulate two erogenous areas at the same time. These toys are designed to be inserted inside the anus and the vagina at once. It can be used during foreplay or BDSM play.

Huge anal toys

Large anal toys are specifically designed for advanced and experienced users of anal sex toys. These toys are much larger than regular anal toys. They are not for beginners. It is recommended to undergo anal training before attempting to put huge anal sex toys inside the butt. You can find oversized anal toys in the form of anal beads, butt plugs, anal vibrators, prostate massagers and butt dildos.

Choosing Materials for Anal Sex Toys

Female and male anal toys come in all sorts of materials. Typically, material selection depends on two factors – the type of play that you are going for and if the material is safe for your body. Let us talk about the most popular sex toy materials available in the market.

Softer materials

  • Silicone – The introduction of silicone in the sex toy industry transformed the way people enjoyed pleasure. Silicone is a flexible and soft material that warms to touch. It is non-porous, which means that bacteria cannot hide. It is free of latex and odorless. Silicone-made anal toys can be rinsed with soapy water, bleached or even popped in the dishwasher for sterilization.
  • Rubber – Jelly rubber, thermoplastic rubber (TRP), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), PVC and elastomer come under the rubber umbrella. They are super bendable. But, one must be careful of the toxic substances and chemical compounds used to create certain types of rubber. It may cause internal chemical burns.

Anal toys are also made from latex, which is a soft and flexible material. But, it is important to make sure that you are not allergic to latex.

Firmer materials

If you are looking for pinpoint, direct stimulation of the G or P-spots, or you are craving to put something hard and smooth inside your anus, your materials of choice will be borosilicate glass, ABS plastic, stainless steel or aluminum and coated or polished wood. These are all considered to be an excellent alternative to silicone. They’re all non-porous.

  • ABS plastic – This material has become quite popular in the sex toy manufacturing industry. It is a hard plastic and easy to clean. They are body-safe.
  • Borosilicate glassGlass is heavy, smooth, hard and very beautiful. An anal sex toy made of glass can be used for temperature play and it can be cleaned easily. It can be dipped in cool or warm water, and the toy will hold temperature well. They’re safe to use, but beginners must be careful.
  • Metal – Anal toys for women and men made from metals are smooth, hard and tend to have a good weight to them. Just like glass, metal toys can be easily cleaned and can be used for temperature play. Most of the metal toys are made from aluminum and stainless steel. You might even find toys made from gold and silver.
  • Stone and wood – Wood and stone anal toys are less common, but available. They look beautiful and can be a great addition to your anal toy collection.

Choosing the Right Size & Shape of Anal Toys

Typically, most anal plugs will be a similar shape. They’re usually designed with a pointy tip, flared base and a slim neck. It is the mid-section that gets interesting. You might want something with deep ridges or a large rounded bulb. If you are a beginner, you might want something with a slender diameter before you begin to work your way up.

As for anal beads, this is a butt sex toy that generally gets larger as you go down the chain. It starts as a small pearl, but can get as big as a golf ball. It all depends on your preference. You can also choose anal beads with different sized balls.

The best anal dildo is shaped like a man’s penis. It is slender and longer. You can get realistic-looking shafts as well.

To sum up, the shape and size of anal toys entirely depend on your preferences. Anal sexual toys are available in a wide range of sizes and shape variations. But, if you are a beginner, you are recommended to start small. Make your anus muscles accustomed to the feeling of having something up there and let the muscles stretch. Then, you can work yourself up to bigger anal toys and even the oversized ones.

What is the Correct Way to Use Anal Toys?

Anal play is a lot of fun, but only if it is done correctly. For instance, the best anal toys for beginners are the ones that come with flared bases. The base ensures that the anal toy does not get lost in the colon. But, advanced and experienced users can experiment with different types of anal toys. To be safe during your first-time anal play, here are a few steps that you can follow.

  1. Unless you have a fetish for hardsports, you will have to make sure that your booty is clean. If you have a normal functioning digestive system, it unlikely that you will encounter poop during anal play. However, just to be sure, use an enema or douche to make your rectum clean as a whistle.
  2. Always use lube when engaging in anal play. This is a necessity because your anus will not self-lubricate itself as the vagina does. Also, the walls of the rectum are thin and too much friction will lead to irritation.
  3. Do not rush. If you are a newbie, you need to relax. You can begin anal play with a massage and when the toy is being inserted, remember to communicate. If you feel any kind of pain, take the toy out and try again after some time.

So, get started on creating your anal toy collection!