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Beginner’s Guide to Anal Sex Toys

Specially designed sexual toys to suit and stimulate the anal desires with a multitude of features and options as well as sizes and shapes. The adult anal toys are suitable for both males and females and require a little experience to use them. They provide high pleasure for the anal lovers in both solo and couple mode.

What are the anal toys?

Reliable and highly rated, the top anal toys come in many forms, starting from classical ones to highly sophisticated and remote controlled ones. They are highly rated and specially designed sexual gadgets which can easily stimulate the anal hole in solo or couple mode. They are toys for the ass, thinner than the usual dildo and with various lengths. Depending on the skills and experience of the user, there can be beginner anal toys or anal toys for experts.

Types and main features

Either we are talking about male anal toys or female anal toys, there are a few types of such toys available on the market.

Also depending on the type of toy, there can be wireless anal toys, remote controlled ones or classic anal toys.

Their main features is to deep stimulate the ass for the best anal sensation on both man and woman. While the vibrating anal toys add up extra vibration to the toy’s penetration, other toys, luxury anal toys in particular, provide extra features such as rotation of the head, multi types of vibrations, etc.

It’s hard to tell what the best anal toys really are but with so many types and so many features available, no matter if it’s a male anal toy or a female one, the full stimulation and satisfaction are guaranteed.

All three types of anal toys come in many shape and sizes. They vary from 4-5 inches up to 12-13 inches in length. They also come in a large variety of materials in which the most common used ones are:

  • Rubber
  • Silicone;
  • Plastic;
  • Glass;
  • Steel.

How to choose the best anal sex toy?

Adult anal toys just like any other adult sexual toy, serve on purpose only, to fully stimulate users and fulfill their anal sexual desires with top orgasms and satisfaction. Either you are seeking for the best anal toys for women or the best anal toys for men, you have to keep in mind few simple rules.

  • For the best experience try a suitable size;
  • Enjoy anal sexual stimulation with soft toys;
  • Don’t use large anal toys if you are tight;
  • Gather information before buying.

How to choose the right size?

Either you want a rotating anal toy, a inflatable anal toy or a classic anal toy, choosing the right size will help you experience the best experiences and results. If the size is bigger than you can handle, risks might appear, such as pain, pressure and unwanted stimulation. If the size is small, you might feel unsatisfied and frustrated by your choice.

A simple guide on choosing and using anal toys should be enough for you to learn how to choose the right size but here are some tips to come in handy:

  • If you are a beginner start with small anal toys;
  • Choose a bigger size if you already used a smaller anal toy;
  • The large anal toys are not always the most effective;
  • Search for reviews and real size charts for best information.

Proper information and guidance on using anal toys will be the most effective way for you to choose the right size. Since these toys can have from 3-4 inches up to 13+ inches, it’s pretty hard to tell which is the right size, but according to most users, the most common size for adult toys for anal is 5 inches.

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

For those need for a gentle and passionate anal experience, the rubber or silicone anal toys are perfect. Their shape must be close to the penis shape, and their texture must be soft and slippery. In such cases, a classic anal toy from silicone or rubber should be enough for a smashing anal experience.

For those willing for a more adventurous anal experience, a stiff thrusting anal toy or a rotating anal toy should come in handy for their kinky desires. These are often made out of jelly rubber or skin-safe rubber, and they provide a more realistic feel and texture.

For those moody for the ultimate anal adventure, experienced and skilled, the luxury anal toys made out of steel or glass should be the right choice. These toys are rigid and very stiff, suitable for users already used with the sensation of anal masturbation. Their texture is rigid and hard, perfect for a kinky couple or for a highly aroused user.

There toys also have a variety of shapes, some including veins to simulate the feeling of a real penis. The shape and texture are highly important factors when choosing your anal toy.

How to use anal toy?

Before using anal toys make sure you read the instructions and the safety guide. Anal toys are highly stimulant toys for adults who require a lot of attention during usage. If faced with your first time anal toy, make sure you are aware of all the instruction before using it. Anal lubricant is often needed during stimulation with such type of toys because of the sexual desire particularities. Either we’re talking about glass anal toys, rubbers ones or any other type of such toys, using lubricant is recommended in all cases.

After each use, make sure to clean the toy right and keep it in a dry place. Hygiene, as well as a perfect condition, are highly important factors which will help you always to enjoy your toy. Don’t use the toy before you make sure it’s clean and hygienized. Keep it safe from sun or extreme heat.