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Metal Butt Plugs

Metal butt plugs, the finest sexual partner for unforgettable anal experiences, safe to use and highly rated as some of the best alternative to other sexual anal toys, perfect for enjoying ultra pleasures in anal modes. World wide popular, commonly used by both male and females.

2.5 inch silver steel metal butt plug
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What is a metal butt plug?

Highly similar with many other butt plugs, the steel butt plug is basically a sexual toy for anal purposes made out of various metals. It serves as a a highly rated substitute for the penis and provides ultra pleasures for both male and female partners. A specially designed toy which comes in various sizes and shapes as well as diameters. The metal anal plug is the most common alternative when in need for anal stimulation in either solo or couple mode.

2.5 inch silver steel metal butt plug with pink jewel

Types and main features

Depending of the insertable length which can vary from 5 to 6 inches and also, of the circumference which can also vary from 2 to 5 inches, the metallic butt plugs can be of two types:

  • Small metal butt plugs – Suitable for unexperienced and beginners, reliable and designed to provide the best anal stimulation. They come in many shapes and sizes, perfect for solo and couple anal activity. The sex shops sell them in high numbers due to their quality and reliability.
  • 4 inch silver steel metal butt plug

  • Large metal butt plugs – Perfect for the experienced ones and always on duty to provide long inches into the anal hole. Used in all sort of sexual niches but mainly demanded in kinky fetish activity such as anal BDSM, femdom and other related niches. They come in many shapes and sizes, even in extreme lengths of more than 8 inches.

Both types of metallic anal plugs have the same features and characteristics.

4 inch silver steel metal butt plug with pink jewel
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How to choose the best metal anal plug?

In order to choose the best metallic anal plug to suit your needs and desires, you must first decide whether you need a big size one or a small one. This fact is highly important because based on that, you will either experience to much pain during anal masturbation or none what so ever. Either way, you must decide on the size, shape and material before placing your orders.

5 inch silver steel metal butt plug by Fifty Shades Darker

The stainless steel butt plugs are highly demanded due to the easy material, reliable and variety of sizes and shapes. The Aluminum butt plugs are also demanded but for other reasons such as, light weight, cutting edge design or the modern look. Either way, choosing the best metal toy plug is strictly a matter of taste but searching for quality metal butt plug reviews will always come in handy with additional info and users personal experiences.

5 inch silver steel metal butt plug

How to choose the correct size?

Either you are seeking a metallic butt plug for you or for your partner, choosing the right size will determine the level of satisfaction and stimulation during your anal adventures. A big size metallic but plug used by a beginner or by an unexperienced person can cause more harm than pleasure while a small size can cause little to none satisfaction. That’s why it is highly important to know your limits or you partner’s before buying such anal toy.

The best metal butt plugs are not always the biggest ones that’s why you should seek for proper reviews and trust your limits before buying such a toy. Small butt plugs can cause the same amount of pleasure if used correctly so aiming for the big ones is now always the smartest choice.

silver steel metal butt plug

How to use the metal butt plug?

Using the metal butt plug requires the same information and experience as a normal butt plug. The only difference is the feeling it provides and for that reason, extra lubrication might be needed. Unlike the normal butt plugs, which require limited lubrication, the metallic ones are always used better when extra lubrication is applies.

silver steel metal with jewel butt plug

Make sure you read and understand the instruction before the first use and always keep hygiene to the maximum level. Anal stimulation can cause infections and medical problems if the hygiene is not properly maintained. Clean the toy before and after each use and store it in cool and dry places, safe from moisture, extreme heat or any other harsh conditions. Electronic parts or material can suffer damage if stores improperly.

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