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Anal Pump with Dildo

How do you feel about blowing up a butthole now and then? Someone somewhere loves playing at the backdoor! And we are totally hoping that someone is you. Because you love anal play, we have brought you our latest findings. Think of it as a way to take your anal sex to a new dimension. Everyone says you can’t eat your cake and have it, but with anal pumping, you can engage in anal training and feel good at the same time! Take your time to peruse the table below, lined with our best anal pumps, which guarantee you a lifetime of anal pleasures, whenever and wherever you want it.

Top 3 Best Anal Pumps in 2023

Products Information Price
Rosebud Anal Suction Cylinder
Rosebud Anal Suction Cylinder
Air pressure valve: Basic or Deluxe
Material: Polymers
Color: Clear
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Dr Joel Kaplan Essential Pump Kit - Clear
Dr Joel Pump Kit
Material: Plastic, Rubber
Color: Clear
Measurements: 7.75 x 2.25 inches
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How Our Experts Evaluated These Anal Pumps

The first thing our experts did was to have conversations with people who mainly have a kink for anal play. These conversations helped our experts gather reviews and opinions about some of the best asshole pumps in the market. Also, the material used, aesthetics, and price are some factors our professionals consider in evaluating the above list of anal pumps. With all of these in place, you can be sure that our recommended list is one to trust.

What Is an Anal Pump?

An anal pump is a sex toy designed to penetrate the anus and pump the lips around the anus. It is no news that there is a need to relax the anal muscles for better and painless penetration during anal play. This sex device proves very useful in safely relaxing and expanding the sphincter to get it ready for some anal action. The rod is slid into your anus to provide stimulating sensations while relaxing and widening your anus to a perfect size for other wilder anal activities.

Anal pump with beaded silicone insert.

What Distinguishes an Anal Pump from An Inflatable Butt Plug

Although an anal pump provides stimulating sensations, it is mainly used to prepare the butthole to take in more giant anal sex toys or anal sex. In contrast, an inflatable butt plug is one of the more giant anal sex toys an anal pump prepares the butt-hole for.

Tips To Consider When Choosing an Anal Pump

Almost every sex store has a wide variety of anal pumps, and choosing the most suitable model for you might prove quite a daunting task. However, here are some essential tips to consider to help you narrow your choices:

  • Safety matters a lot when it comes to sex. Nobody wants to suffer from what was initially designed to provide pleasure. This is why you need to check out anal pumps made of skin-friendly and hygienic materials. Anal pumps made of silicone are highly recommended.
  • Contrary to popular beliefs, anal sex should not cause pain. A little discomfort might be standard, but no level of pain should be tolerated. Regarding this, consider the size of an anal pump before purchasing it. If you are a beginner in anal play, starting with smaller models is the wisest thing to do.
  • If you would not mind extra stimulation and pleasure, go for asshole pumps with some texture instead of smooth ones.
  • Also, ensure that whatever anal pump you choose has a unique vacuum limiter. This way, you can control the pressure in the cylinder. This would help you keep safe while doing your thing.

Which type is better?

Let’s get into the different anal pumps you can find based on their shape, size, and material.

  • Material: When you’re choosing an anal pump, choose a body-safe material that doesn’t contain allergens. A good asshole pump is mostly phthalate and latex-free. Safe materials for your rosebud pumps are silicone, Superskin, acrylic, and steel.
  • Shape and Design: The anal pump itself takes on a circular or oval shape; then, there’s a unifying cord linking the pump and inflatable buttplug. Air squeezed from the pump gets into the pipe, which goes directly into the butt plug.
  • Size: Size does matter in every aspect of anal play/training. The actual anal pump is palm-sized because that’s where the pumping happens. Meanwhile, an average inflatable butt plug is about 4.2 inches long and 1.5inches wide. As a rule of thumb, we recommend getting the smallest butt pump you can find and work your way up.

How to Choose the Best Anal Pump?

If you’re overwhelmed by the numerous anal pumps available, don’t worry about it anymore! We are here to help. If you follow the tips highlighted below, you’ll find yourself with the best extreme anal pump money can buy- one that’s unique to your body.

  • Decide on a body-safe butt pump.
  • Start from the smallest butt plug pump you can find if you’re new to anal training.
  • Your anal pump design should not be too complex to enable easy cleaning.
  • If you frequently travel, purchase an inflatable anal balloon pump.
Max cup suction anal pump. Choose Anal Pump

How To Use and Get the Most from Your Anal Pump

  • Empty your bowel before using an anal pump. It is not fun to have poo all over the place during anal play. Also, clean your anus properly.
  • Shave off the hair around the butt-hole and apply oil to the edge of the vacuum cylinder. This would ensure that there is no form of friction between your anus and the anal pump.
  • Do not be in a hurry to slide the pump in your butt-hole. Relax and slide it in slowly. This would help to prevent the risk of tears and other forms of injuries.
  • Remove excess air from the cylinder before sliding in and ensure that too much pressure is not being pumped into the anus. Start with slight suction levels and increase slowly till stimulation heightens.
  • Do not forget to read all the instructions with your anal pump’s vacuum.
  • Thoroughly clean all anal pump equipment immediately after use with mild soap and warm water. Allow to dry and store correctly.

How to Do Anal Pumping?

Anal pumps are more complex than the other anal toys you’re used to. Thus, they require extreme care, even as you try to derive pleasure from the device. We have outlined some guidelines for you to follow while having a good time pumping that butthole.

Usage and Safety Regulations

How does a rosebud pump work? Here’s how it goes. Lube up the anal sucker and your butthole. Insert the anal pump toy to a point your partner feels comfortable with, and squeeze the pump to inflate the butt plug. Listen to your body and do not over-inflate the anal toy at once. Instead, spread out the anal pumping exercise over a specific duration, gradually increasing the shaft size with each pumping session.

Care and Cleaning

The anal pump should be dismantled before cleaning. If your anal vacuum pump can’t be dismantled, carefully clean every part of the pump with water, a towel, and mild soap.


The best place to store an anal pump is in a clean, spacious drawer or box. Keep your anal pump toy away from heat, direct sunlight, and dust.

Anal suction cylinder.

Pros and Cons of Anal Vacuum Pumps

  • An anal pump increases sensitivity in the anus.
  • It is ideal for anal training.
  • It’s a starting point for people who want to explore and test their limits.
  • It gives a feeling of fullness in the anus.
  • This is a great sex device that can be used during lovemaking or for BDSM sex.
  • It is can be used by beginners and experts in anal sex and stimulation.
  • It is portable and travel-friendly.
  • Anal pumps can be enjoyed by both men and women.
  • It stimulates the P-spot (for men).
  • Anal pumps allow individuals to undergo anal training at their own pace.
  • The use of an anal pump requires the help of a partner, making it unsuitable for masturbation.
  • It may be a little confusing to understand especially for first-timers.
  • The anal pump is a little difficult to clean and might require dismantling.


What’s sounds good to you? Would you rather get an anal pump for anal training or just to satisfy your anal kink? Well, you don’t even have to choose, because our best anal pumps will serve more uses in the bedroom than advertised. Don’t tell anyone until you have seen for yourself.

Choose and order Anal Pump
What is an anal pump?
An anal pump is an anal sex toy that works to inflate your butthole for pleasure or anal training. An anal pump is often attached to an inflatable butt plug, which fills your anus, while the pump increases its size internally by supplying air through the pipe.
How to use an anal pump?
Lube makes everything easier. Lubricate your partner’s ass and the buttplug itself. When they are aroused enough, slowly insert the butt plug to an extent. Use the butt pump to send air into the anal toy by pressing it at intervals. That’s some good anal pumping right there. Bon appetit.
Is it safe to anal pump?
Yes, it is safe to anal pump, but the anal opening isn't self-lubricating like the vagina. This makes it more susceptible to cuts and infections. So before you begin, take it gently, use a lot of lube and proceed with caution.
What is an anal pump used for?
An anal pump is an exciting sexual device inserted into the anal region to pump the lips of the anus. The anal pump is designed to give maximum pleasure to users without dangers attached to its usage. Get your desired anal pump and your lube, and start pumping.
What is the smallest butt pump plug you can buy?
If you're considering getting small pump plugs, there are many choices between 3 to 4 inches on insertable length. You can pick any that fits your preference. While you're choosing, pay attention also to their circumference and base length.
Can Anal Pumps be used for males and females?
Anal pumps are fit for anyone who has a butt hole and love anal stimulation. Since the pump is inserted into the butt hole, it can be used by both males and females. It can also be used by couples that are straight or LGTB.

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