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Glass Dildos

Glass Dildos are enjoyed and preferred by many women who say it’s their sex toy of choice. They come in many shapes and forms, and are ideal for ladies who wish to bring their sexual exploration to another level. In this article, we will talk about why they are so popular and how using a glass dildo can sometimes be better than using one made from silicon or other materials.

glass dildo with leather flogger
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What is a glass dildo?

A glass dildo is a penis-sized sex toy made out of glass that can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration. They are not quite as popular as silicon or rubber ones, mostly because they are more expensive. However, if the price is not the issue when it comes to your sexual play, glass dildo can be a great choice. Women often raise the question “are glass dildos safe” since glass almost always associates them with braking. Although this concern might seem reasonable, glass dildo reviews always point out to the fact that the toys are made from durable materials, which if kept under safe conditions should make you worry-free when using them. Glass is also easily molded which makes for some interesting dildo shapes and sizes.

blue 7 inch glass dildo
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Types and main characteristics

One thing that separates glass from other types of dildos are their appearance. They will often look more like a piece of jewelry or an instrument of some kind rather than an actual penis. Naturally, they are much harder than silicon or rubber and they don’t bend. Since they are easy to mold, manufacturers started experimenting with shapes and sizes of these toys, so today we have a ton of glass dildo types. Some of the most popular types are:

6.5 inch realistic glass dildo

  1. Straight – if you don’t wish to experiment too much with weird shapes and would like a smooth and sleek penetration, this one is for you.
  2. Curved glass dildo – finding a g-spot or enjoying a clitoral play can be best achieved with a glass dildo that has a curved shaft.
  3. Twisted – for more adventurous ladies out there, dildos that are used in a twisting motion while penetrating can sometimes produce intense orgasms.
  4. Ribbed glass dildo – some women prefer a more rigorous action on their vaginal walls so a ribbed dildo can bring them to a most pleasurable sensation.

blue 7 inch smooth rigid glass dildo

Of course, these are only some of the glass dildo variations. The beaded glass dildo is also popular, and some dildos are a mix of previously mentioned types. It all really comes down to your own preferences, which brings us to our next point.

pink 6 inch smooth rigid glass dildo

How to choose the best glass dildo?

When looking to buy your first glass dildo, there are a few things to take into consideration. If you are a dildo virgin, it’s always best to start small and simple. If your private parts are tight, regular straight dildos will do the trick. If you are, however, more experienced when it comes to solo play and like to be a little more stretched down there, a big glass dildo with ribbed or beaded mold might bring you the best sensation. Once you decided on shape and size, it comes down to the brand. Sex is not so taboo anymore in a modern society, so there are many sex toys available on the market. The sheer number of brands can make your head spin, so we decided to give you a few tips on picking the right one. Icicles are one brand that collects the best reviews, and they make various dildo types that are almost always high graded by users. Spartacus 7 inch dildo is commonly bought as well, and the book-inspired Fifty Shades of Gray Drive Me Crazy glass wand is a top choice for some ladies.

red 8 inch smooth rigid glass dildo

Choosing the right size

For some women size really doesn’t matter, but for others, it can matter a lot. The right size of any dildo can depend on how deep you can actually tolerate it. If you moved straight from fingering to the dildo, your first one should not be so large. The small glass dildo is often best for beginners, since starting with the big one can sometimes be painful and disappointing. Even the more experienced women can remain tight down there, so they never really wish to go above 6 of 7 inches. These sex toys are not only used for vaginal play, however. When using it for anal, glass dildo is almost always best small and straight. Not a lot of women are easily tolerable to anal penetration, so large dildos can sometimes provide painful and uncomfortable sensation. Size queens though will be happy to know that glass dildo that is longer than 8 inches exist, and a huge glass dildo is considered to be as long as 9 or 10. Width is also a factor, and it again depends on how much can you take and what are you most comfortable with. Even a single dildo can have parts that vary in width from base to shaft. Most glass dildos are 1 inch wide on the shaft, while their maximum width can be between one and a half and two inches. What you should really care about more than the size is the shape, as the smallest of dildos can be really effective if they can reach the right places.

blue 7 inch smooth glass dildo

How to use a glass dildo?

Using a glass dildo itself is not that much different than using any other penetrating sex toy. Lubricating a dildo first is always advisory, and glass dildos don’t need that much lubrication, to begin with. They do not soak up the lubricant like silicon, and they get slippery very fast and easy. As we mentioned before, these dildos can be used for anal penetration too, as well as for clitoral play. A useful tip for experimenting is the temperature play. Using the glass dildo hot or cold can provide different types of sensations. You can warm it up by submerging it in hot tap water or cool it down in your freezer. Test the temperature on your forearm before inserting it to make sure it’s the right temperature you want it to be. Before using it, of course, you will need to make sure it is properly cleaned. Glass is generally cleaned easily, so you can do this with water and light soap. The same thing goes with after you are done. Lubricants and fluids slip right off the glass, and it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to clean it up completely. Make sure to keep the glass dildo in its original package. Keeping it exposed in your drawer or closet might cause it to bump into other things, which may lead to breaking or shattering.

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