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A good sex toy should be pleasurable, safe and customizable. This is what inflatable dildos for sale are. They only gain popularity, but thousands of people worldwide have already evaluated the convenience of such toys. No matter what your needs are, such dildo will fulfill your wishes and desire entirely.
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What is an Inflatable Dildo?

This is an adult toy that is made in the form of a phallus-shaped dildo or butt plug with a pump attached to it. It has a firm core and may be increased in girth and stiffness, which makes it perfect for all people and all kinds of sex. For instance, you can personalize the length and width of the item for vaginal penetration and G-spot stimulation. Those who practice anal sex may gradually increase the size of shaft, getting used to bigger objects and training rectum and anus. Some men buy inflatable dildos for prostate massage and P-spot stimulation.
purple 6 inch remote control inflatable dildos
Thus, such dildo is a perfect solution for people of any sexuality, regardless of zones penetrated. It is especially enjoyable for those who adore full-up sensation.

Main Characteristics

The vast majority of inflatable dildos online have similar characteristics:
black 7,5 inch inflatable dildos

  • They are produced from rubber or latex that are very elastic and at the same time keep firm.
  • Insertable length varies from 5 to 12 inches and more, and the circumference may reach 10 inches, but usually is 4-6 inches.
  • Models come with hand pump that features release valve. The best inflatable dildos may have automatic pump and pressure gauge, and some models are also equipped with vibrators.
  • In most cases, dildos have real-life look (have head and veins), but are colored in black. However, you may find exotic variations in pink and purple.

pink 4,5 inch silicone inflatable dildos
If you want to purchase an inflatable dildo, visit our partner’s site. It offers a great choice of toys for adults and moderate prices. You will be surprised by both items and pleasant shopping.
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How to Use

It takes a lot of time and experience to understand how to use inflatable dildos. But thanks to size adjustment this toy is perfect for both beginners and more advanced users. Here are some recommendations for you to make the process simple and enjoyable:
black 6 inch silicone vibrating remote control inflatable dildos

  1. Before inserting the shaft, apply some water-based lubricant on it.
  2. Inject the item when it is slightly inflated, or is in its minimum size. When you fix it correctly, start working the pump and increase girth. Move the object in and out to improve penetration and make the process more pleasant.
  3. Keep control of the pressure and size. As soon as filling sensation gets unpleasant, stop squeezing the pump.
  4. When penetration is over, do not put the dildo out while it is inflated. Open the release valve and wait until pressure gets low as usual: observe its values on manometer. Only after that you can remove a dildo from anus or vagina.
  5. After using, wash the dildo with warm water and soap.

realistic silicone vibrating inflatable dildos
You don’t have to reach maximum size of a dildo – the point of using is to customize the thing, making it comfortable for your body. If one toy is shared between several users, condoms should be used to prevent infection and bacteria transmission.

If you experience severe pains after the process, you make take some medicine for muscle tension relief. In case of bowel damage visit a doctor. Remember that a sufficient amount of lubricant and moderate extension guarantee safety.

How to Choose

Where to buy inflatable dildos, and how to select the most optimal model? Shopping is easy, if you follow our recommendations.

Are you a beginner? Start with a cheap inflatable dildo made of rubber and having a simple hand pump. You will test it and realize whether such item is enjoyable for you. When you learn the basics and get used to a toy, more advanced models can be ordered.
brown realistic silicone vibrating inflatable dildos
Select the appropriate size. If you don’t know what your optimal circumference is, choose an average 4-5 inch model that is 5-7 inches long. Shorter versions are good for anal sex while dildos 7-8 inches long provide sufficient G-spot penetration.

You can also skip through inflatable dildo reviews: they describe product drawbacks and advantages, which will help you to make the right choice.

Order inflatable dildos on official and well-known sites to be sure in product authenticity and superior quality.
black realistic silicone inflatable dildos

Where to Buy Inflatable Dildos?

Why we recommend our partner’s store? This is the best option for sex toy purchasing, because every customer enjoys all possible benefits:

  • Fast shipping;
  • Well-designed site with simple navigation;
  • Various ways of payment;
  • Personal data security;
  • Low inflatable dildo prices;
  • Great choice of sex toys;
  • User-friendly customer support.

red realistic silicone inflatable dildos
An inflatable dildo is a great option for starters and experienced users, and is suitable for both health care and fantastic sexual experiments.
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