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Vibrating Dildos

It is not a secret for anyone that private life occupies a huge part and plays an important role in life of everyone. There is no doubt that anyone would love to be very successful in his day-to-day relationships and sex is also part of it. In fact, sex is a crucial part without which one cannot consider himself complete. People love sex and never stop thinking about ways to improve it and make those sex games totally unforgettable. Vibrating dildos reviews show that a vibrator can be a perfect solution.

realistic rechargeable vibrating dildo
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What is a vibrating dildo?

A vibrating dildo basically represents just a dildo with ability to vibrate. The best vibrating dildo provides its users with an all-rounded satisfaction – the pleasure of feeling a penetration by dildo as well as a vivid bouquet of excitement and stunning vibes provided by a vibrator. Usually, the vibrating dildos have a function to select the speed of vibrations, so that you are in total control of your pleasure. Besides that, another useful feature of using vibrating dildo, is the water resistance. Likewise, you can wash it or even squirt while applying it without being worried that it will get spoiled from water.

silicone realistic remote control vibrating dildo

Types and characteristics of vibrating dildo

Fortunately for all our customers, there is a huge variety of vibrators types and each of them has its own characteristics:

8 inch red silicone rechargeable control vibrating dildo

Likewise, bullet vibrator is a small vibrating dildo that can be applied all over the body, both internally and externally. These ones are very comfortable and easy to use. They can easily penetrate anywhere and may adjust the intensity in order to increase the amount of breathtaking sensations.

G-spot vibrating dildos can easily become your favorite squirting vibrating dildo, because they can easily get access to female G-spot and stimulate it as long as it is required for the user to endure a total satisfaction and multiple orgasms. Rabbit silicone vibrating dildos are able to provide the stimulation of vaginal walls and clitoris simultaneously. Specialty vibrating dildos were designed to maximize the overall amount of pleasure and provide the sexual satisfaction that you have never experienced before.

8 inch realistic pink silicone rechargeable vibrating dildo
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How to choose the best vibrating dildo?

Always relying on price range and a famous brand name, won’t always help you to select the best vibrating dildo. Pay particular attention to the dildo details and you will definitely be able to select the best vibrator. There is a number of factors worth checking out, like number of speeds, various patterns, types of batteries, the overall size and shape as well as materials. They all together may have a drastic impact on quality of dildo and its suitability for you. However, first of all, it is worth defining the purpose of you using vibrating dildo. Once you are clear with that, everything else becomes way easier.

5.5 inch realistic blue rechargeable vibrating dildo

Choosing the right size

Spend enough time to think about size, i.e. length and girth of your dildo, because it will be the one of the main contributors to your ultimate pleasure and overall satisfaction. I bet, a proper stretching has never been bad for anyone. Vice versa, a good stretching is a reliable guarantee of bright orgasms. However, if you are just doing your first steps in a kinky world, then small vibrating dildos would be just nice for the start. Likewise, the most craving hunters for kinky pleasure will definitely enjoy indulging themselves with huge vibrating dildos.

In case if you experience certain difficulties with inserting the big vibrating dildo, you may use the inflatable option, which can be pumped up once already inside. Anyway, it is always better to double-check the size to avoid any disappointment later on. The standard offered sizes include:

  • Up to 5 in;
  • 5-6 in;
  • 7-8 in;
  • 9-12 in

5.5 inch realistic purple rechargeable vibrating dildo

with available circumferences of:

  • 2-3 in;
  • 4-5 in;
  • 6-7 in;
  • 8-9 in.

This wide assortment of sizes definitely provides you with sufficient flexibility to select the vibrating dildo that is not too big and yet not to small for your dirty games.

6 inch realistic inflatable purple remote control vibrating dildo

Choosing the right material: shape and texture

Finishing, material selection, texture, and flexibility contribute to a huge portion of vibrator feature and make drastic differences to the sensations and results. Rigid materials like metal, glass and silicone are really suitable for stimulating the G-spot as well as P-spot (yes, there is one). Besides that, those materials are smoother than life-like materials, as well as jelly or rubber and, as a result of this, provide simpler penetration with minimum or no lubrication.

Glass as well as metal dildos usually tend to have the most perfect shapes for absolutely different internal sensations. Besides, metal and glass dildos are subject to warming or cooling for new joy during your kinky play. With silicone vibrating dildos you receive firmness and flexibility at the same time. Besides that, they become warm quite fast and can be cleaned easier. Moreover, silicone is one of the most suitable materials for anal games.

Whereas, realistic vibrating dildos are constructed to provide sensations as close to the real skin as reasonably possible. Hence, if you want to experience a penetration by a dildo that feels like a real penis, realistic feel ones are just nice.

realistic silicone rechargeable vibrating dildo

How to use a vibrating dildo

Make sure you adjust the vibrations speed/intensity to a level that makes you feel great, without causing any sort of discomfort. Some like it fast, some like it slow. Do not rush, take your time to find just the right place on the way to your ultimate satisfaction. Make sure you have inserted valid batteries that have enough charge because nobody wants the exciting game to end in the middle all of a sudden. It is best to have a spare pair of batteries always to be ready to switch to Plan B. Take good care of your vibrating dildo and wash it thoroughly to make it last longer and to avoid any problems with health. Proper hygiene is always applicable to vibrating dildos since they are used for internal penetration. Keep in a dry place away from kids and direct sun rays. Apply the lubricant when necessary, but do not put too much, because otherwise the entire sex game will be spoiled. You can use vibrating dildos alone or together with your partner, stimulating yourself only or having a simultaneous stimulation of both partners. Likewise, you can see the vibrating dildos provide a sufficient versatility, so that each and every dirty dream of yours gets implemented.

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