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Tail Butt Plugs

Butt plugs have definitely already managed to become among the most famous sex toys nowadays and millions of people around the world apply them, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or sex games preferences. The simplicity of design and straightforward approach in application have already earned a lot of positive comments and reviews.

pony black tail butt plug
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What is tail butt plug?

Basically, tail butt plug has the same design as any other type of butt plugs, except for the bottom part, which includes the round base and a tail attached to it in order to make it easier to take out from your rectum. The tails design may vary from an animal tail to rainbow string and many more. The butt plug design itself remain pretty the same – narrow tip of 1 in, which then gradually increases to a widest radius, followed by a “neck”, i.e. the narrowest point of the toy and, of course, the base, which is attached to the tail that can vary widely in design and appearance.

silicone black tail butt plug

Types and main characteristic

When it comes to types of tail butt plugs, then you can enjoy a wide variety of diversified designs, which can cater to anyone’s taste and preferences. The following designs can be most commonly seen in actual and online stores:

  • Classic fox tail butt plug;
  • Wagging dog;
  • Fluffy bunny tail butt plug;
  • Long horse tail;
  • Wolf tail;
  • Cat tail;
  • Dog tail and many more.

As you can see, there are plenty of various tail types, which are finished in different style, color and material. The length, fluffiness and texture may vary widely. With this kind of diversity of choices you can definitely be sure that you find the most suitable type of tail for your butt plug and add some glamour and fun to your anal games.

rainbow silicone black tail butt plug

Other characteristics are regarding the butt plug itself and include the following:

  • Size (penetration length, diameter etc.);
  • Material (PVC, silicone, metal, glass etc.);
  • Shape (oblong, spherical, beaded, irregular etc.);
  • Texture (hilly, smooth, rippled etc.);
  • Additional Features (color, base type, suction cup, vibrator option etc.).

Do not rush to buy the biggest butt plug, but select wisely the one that will fit just nicely without causing any irritation, pain or discomfort.

pony silicone red tail butt plug by Doc Johnson
Choose Tail Butt Plug

How to choose the best tail plugs?

There is no doubt that you already feel very interested in trying out tail butt plugs. But how to select the best tail plug? What parameters to focus on? These are the factors that you should consider:

  • Price – ensure you keep in mind that high price should be justified by a proper quality;
  • Brand name – trusted brands with reliable reputation are the ones you should focus on;
  • Size, shape, texture, color – check out all those parameters and customize them appropriately to make your butt plug really the best;
  • Additional features – vibrator option, beaded butt plug, large butt plug, curved butt plug, etc.
  • Product quality – one of the most important parameters, which ensures how long your butt plug will function.

cat silicone tail butt plug

Choosing the right size for your needs

Since tail butt plugs are very famous, hence it is not a problem to find any sizes for them, and that’s one of the most attractive characteristics since every person can get just the right size that fits nicely and matches with individual experience and physical abilities.

Normally, beginners can look for a tail butt plug usually consists of the wide point which is around 1 inch in diameter, followed by an insertable section, which is 2 – 3.5 in long. Of course, the insertable lengths of butt plugs cannot be as long as for dildos, because they have different function.

In case of butt plugs, the insertable length may be:

  • 2-3 in;
  • 4-5 in;
  • 6 in and more;

While the circumference may vary from:

  • 2 in to 3 in and higher (depending on flexibility of your rectum).

As you can see, there are plenty of size options, hence do not hesitate and take your time in order to select the most suitable parameters in order to create the desired “filling” effect inside your rectum. Keep in mind that the butt plug size and insertable length are two different things. Hence, ensure that you properly read the brochures for each sex toy before using it.

animal tail butt plug

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

Tail anal plugs same as other types of butt plugs come in diversified shapes as well as sizes:

  • “Neck” shape;
  • Teardrop shape, also known as “bulb” shape;
  • Spiral shape;
  • Irregular shape.

Tailed butt plugs generally have a normal shape, which is round and gets smaller closer to the tip. The diameter of tailed anal plug keeps increasing from the tip until it reaches the widest point, and then narrows down to a very thin area called “neck”. Depending on your preference the base of butt plug with tail can be round and even narrow flared. Butt plug is designed to penetrate the anal hole and create the filling sensation, while sphincter envelopes the neck area of tail anal plug.

3 inch pink silicone tail butt plug

Generally, tail anal plugs are made of the following materials:

  • Silicone (most widely applied material for butt plugs);
  • Metal (e.g. steel is totally safe for body and has a smooth area);
  • Glass (creates a smoother penetration, however can be easily broken or damaged);
  • Jelly (less rigid type, but more flexible) and many more.

Tail plugs for anal vary in textures and include the following types:

  • Hilly, uneven texture;
  • Smooth, clear surface;
  • Rippled, irregular texture.

Likewise, spend some time to find out, which combination of material, texture and shape can enrich you with unforgettable pleasures.

fox vibrating pink silicone tail butt plug

How to use tail butt plugs

Tail plug reviews confirm that these toys are very famous nowadays. Basically, the application of this anal plug is same as any other butt plug, except for the fact that tailed butt plug can be easily extracted from the anal hole. Do not insert the toy inside your anal in a fast manner and make sure you apply enough lubricant in order to achieve the desired results.

Thorough cleaning of the butt plug will definitely ensure that you use it for a long period of time. Each material type required diffrernt type of care that you should apply. Silicone, for example, should be cleaned quite often, while to steel is less prone to dirt due to a solid surface. Also make sure you maintain your own hygiene and clean rectum prior to initiating anal games. Tailed butt plug is required to be stored in dry conditions at mean room temperature and away from any contact with direct sunlight.

All those steps will help you to enjoy your tailed anal toy for a very long time.

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