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Rubber Sex Dolls

Rubber Sex Doll.

This article gives you all the information needed to buy the right rubber sex doll for every sexual need you have. We how to decide on the best doll, how to use it and take care of it, so that you would get the most pleasure from your life-like mistress. There are many shapes, colors and features to choose from, so read on to find out how to make the best decision.

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What is a rubber sex doll?

Rubber sex doll is a specific type of sex toy used mostly by men to help them with masturbation. Those can either be full body rubber sex dolls, or it can just be a specific part of woman body, like torso, head or pelvis. A typical sex doll can be made with various materials, but this one is specifically made from rubber and that gives it a soft, human-like feel. There is a wide variety a buyer can choose from. First is size โ€“ you can have realistic rubber sex dolls with size similar to a real woman, or smaller ones for more convenient storage and transportation. Also, sex organs can vary โ€“ most of the times, sex rubber dolls are made as a woman with vagina and anus, sometimes they are as a man with anus, or it can be a shemale. There is also variety on skin color, breast size, even the body proportions โ€“ hips, waist and so on. When it comes to best rubber sex doll, it can also have vibrating body parts that you can even detach to make the pleasure very realistic.

Asia women Realistic full Rubber adult sex doll.

Types and main characteristics

Rubber doll for sex can have many specifications, but probably the most important is what openings it has:

  • Cock & Ass;
  • Male Butt;
  • Vagina & Ass;
  • Vagina, Ass & Mouth.
Torso Rubber Sex Doll.

Remember that silicone rubber sex dolls are also made in many variations to satisfy whichever need a man (or a woman) can have. So when you decide to buy a sex doll made of rubber, you can choose according to many characteristics, the most common one is color:

  • Flesh;
  • Flesh Brown;
  • Flesh Pink.

But there are also many other specifications that you can shop for. Once you decide to invest into life size rubber sex doll, you should be able to decide for yourself. The choices might include:

Choose Rubber Doll
  • Breast size (flat chested, average, big boobs, gigantic boobsโ€ฆ);
  • Hair style (blonde, brunette, redhead, long hair, short hairโ€ฆ);
  • Level or realness (real-like looking doll or fantasy-like doll);
  • Compactness (doll can be foldable, can have disattachable limbsโ€ฆ);
  • Heating mechanism (either with, or without one);
  • Vibrating body parts (vibrating vagina, analโ€ฆ).

Most of the men choose a rubber doll sex toy most similar to a real woman, but with a bit of upgrade โ€“ so, for example, having bigger boobs. The more unreal a doll looks, the fewer men prefer it to the common ones.

Classic Rubber Sex Doll.

How to choose the best rubber sex toy?

Buying a female companion in the form of rubber doll sex toy is a rather big investment, so here are few tips to help you choose wisely. The price starts at a couple of hundred dollars but can easily be thousands of dollars. So first decide on your budget and be prepared to settle if needed. If you just like to have something to get over few sleepless nights, go for a flashlight vagina or torso with the vagina and anal holes. If you are looking for real rubber sex doll instead of finding a real girlfriend, you should invest in full-sized rubber lady with reasonable height and weight as well as rubber texture for pleasurable cuddling.

And remember that it is not a human so it will be cold, so you can either manually heat up your adult rubber sex doll, of you can invest into a heating mechanism built in, but that might be a costly form of custom rubber sex dolls. If you have some extra cash and want this investment to be one of solid rubber sex dolls to keep you company for a long time, but also vibrating body parts for real-like feeling. If you like to easily hide your female friend in the closet or travel with it, but one that has detachable limbs or is foldable, that will give you more freedom.

Chaya Full Size Rubber Sex Doll.

Choosing the right size for your needs

In this day and age, you have such a wide variety to choose from, that you can easily find rubber dolls for sex with just the right size for you. First is height โ€“ how tall should your lady be? Petite, average or maybe very tall? No problem. She can also be slim, or chubby. Also, weight can differentiate. Choose a light model for easy handling, but heavier for the more real-like feeling of a woman. Also, thing whether you want full body model, top or lower body model, torso, head, or just plain vagina/anal adult rubber sex doll will suffice. If you have the finance, it is always a good idea to buy a life-size rubber sex doll with all the holes for you to feel like you have sex with a real person. You can still just use the hole you prefer. But if you plan to travel a lot or you just want to spice up your alone time, the pocket vagina is a good investment for you. Remember that whatever needs you have, you are most likely to have them filled with custom rubber sex dolls.

Full Body Size Rubber Sex Doll with Metal Skeleton.

How to use a rubber sex doll?

The usage is pretty clear in this case, use holes on your life-size rubber sex doll to satisfy yourself and cum as much as you need. Of course, remember unlike a real woman, sex doll does not naturally lubricate, so remember to use a store-bought lubricant of your choosing. Put a mild dose of it in a hole you are going to use โ€“ vagina, anal or mouth, and slowly try with your penis whether it is enough.

You should also take good care of your rubber doll used for sex. Otherwise, it will not last long, and you will have to buy a new one soon. If you have sex with your sex toy, be sure to clean it afterward โ€“ also the holes. If a producer included cleaning kit, use that one. If not, just use warm water and soap you would normally use. If you just cuddle with it, still clean it every few days. If you have a model with detachable legs and arms, also clean those separately.

When it comes to storage of silicone rubber sex dolls, be sure not to put anything heavy on it, and prevent it from being on direct sunlight. If you travel with it, take special attention and transport possible accessories in a different package. Other than that you are good to go.

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