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Mens penis extension toys receive positive reviews from both men and women. It’s a perfect device for males who are lacking length and girth down there, and women who are somewhat “size queens” love them. In this article, we will take a look at all the features of a penis extension sleeve, its available sizes, shapes, and also instructions on how to use them.

6 inch silicone penis extensions
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What is a penis extension?

A penis extension is a dildo-shaped sex toy that is put on a man’s penis and it is used exclusively for sexual intercourse. Its main purpose is to artificially increase the girth and the length of a penis, thus providing a woman with a pleasurable size during sex. Extension for penis is usually molded as a cylinder for you to put your cock in, but there are some other shapes to it as well. It is supposed to mimic the penis both when it comes to appearance and the feel of a real skin. Note that this toy is not for solo play and that it is only used to provide sexual pleasure to a man’s partner.

6 inch penis extensions

Types and main characteristics

As you might imagine, there are plenty of versions when it comes to penis extensions. Some are plain dildo-like toys, others are open ended, and there is also a penis sheath extension that covers the testicle area. We divided the toy to several types most commonly used in sexual play:

  • Realistic penis extension – Plain and simple, there is basically a bigger penis that you put on your own. It is usually made from silicon, so they mimic the human skin and it is also molded with head and veins just like the real erect cock would have.
  • Ribbed penis extension – This alien-looking thing is meant to tickle the insides of a woman’s vagina in a way that your own penis can’t. It comes in many different shapes which all have their different purpose
  • Open ended penis extension – These ones are put on the middle part of your penis and provide bigger girth only. They are usually beaded and can provide intense orgasms to your partner.

6 inch vibrating penis extensions

These handy toys can be used even if your penis can reach a full erection, but your partner prefers something bigger. One interesting characteristic comes in the form of a vibrating penis extension. These provide women with the same sensation as vibrating dildos, and some men find it arousing too.

7 inch penis extensions
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How to choose the best penis extension?

When buying a penis extension you should consider one thing, and one thing only – what does your partner prefer? You are buying this for her in the first place, so it’s best that you consult and maybe let her choose. However, there is something that the user should be concerned about as well, and that is the comfort. Make sure that your penis extension is a snug fit at all times to avoid irritation and another discomfort. Some of the top rated penis extensions include brand like BASICS, Lovehoney, Renegade, VibroPack, Hot Rod, Apollo Steel, Perfect Fit Fat Boy, etc.

7 inch vibro penis extensions

Choosing the best size for you

One thing that you and your partner need is, to be honest. She shouldn’t be shy as to tell you what you are lacking off when it comes to your privates and that she would like something bigger. Some women prefer length, but most of them will tell you that girth is more important. Whichever the case, you should be able to find the ideal penis extension easily. Many sizes can be found on the market, and even one single product has multiple lengths and girths. Don’t run buying a large penis extension immediately, as bigger is not always better and many women will agree on that. Some ladies only like for average penises to be slightly bigger and penis extension can be found ranging from thick to thin. Make sure that the diameter of a cylinder matches the diameter of your erect penis so it would feel comfortable, but also so it shouldn’t slide off during sex. If girth is your only goal, you should go for optional extensions that only widen your penis. These are often beaded or ribbed, so they titillate the right places inside of a woman’s vagina.

black silicone penis extensions

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

Favorite material for sex toys is definitely silicon. Dildos, kegel balls, cock rings, and even penis extensions are usually made from this exact material. The reason for this is that the silicon is most similar to skin in many ways. Silicon penis extension is soft, yet it is firm enough to mimic the erect penis as realistically as possible. They also warm up quickly to a woman’s inside temperature, and lubricants work well on them. They can be cleaned easily, so they are the best from the hygienic standpoint as well. However, there are rubber and latex penis extensions available if you and your partner prefer that material. When it comes to shape, most of them look like a real erect penis. Some of them are ribbed and beaded so you may run into various weird shapes when searching to buy one. As for the texture, they usually have veins and heads like a real penis does, although some look stranger than others. Skin-colors range from white to black, and there are also clear penis extension sleeves if you are into that sort of thing. Another notable version is a sleeve that comes with a sheath for your testicles too.

vibrating silicone penis extensions

How to use a penis extension?

Using a penis extension is fairly simple. Make sure that your penis is only half erect when putting the toy on. If you encounter difficulty, use water-based lubrication but only to a certain extent, so the extension doesn’t slide off during sex. You can use the lube externally as well if your partner prefers so. Do your business and when you are done take the sleeve off slowly. If it’s stuck, allow for your erection to wear off a bit and use more lubrication if necessary. It is important to take certain hygienic measures before using a penis extension. Take these steps to clean the toy properly:

black penis extensions

  • Clean the extension both before and after use thoroughly as to prevent bacteria from growing thus preventing infections and irritation.
  • To clean the toy, use light soap and water, though you can also boil it.
  • Be careful when cleaning a penis extension so you don’t break or damage it.
  • If your penis extension comes with a cleaning kit make sure to use it as instructed.

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