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Finger Vibrators

The perfect sexual toy for a quick and unforgettable sexual adventure, a discreet and highly reliable partner to help you better stimulate yourself or your partner. Top rated sexual toy which can be used on both man or woman in any type of sexual activity.

purple finger vibrator
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What is a finger vibrator?

Finger vibrators are great toys for oral stimulation specially designed to provide easy strokes when applies on the desired area. Either we’re talking about vaginal stimulation or even anal stimulation, using a finger vibrator will always grant extra satisfaction and guaranteed pleasure. It’s a toy small in size and highly reliable, made out of various materials such as rubber, plastic, etc. A reliable adult toy which can be used in both solo or in couple mode.

blue finger vibrator

Types and main features

The finger vibrators can be of multiple types such as:

  • Fingertip vibrators – specially designed to fit the finger tip and mean for clitoris stimulation as well as vaginal penetration. Provides soft strokes in gentle manners.
  • Rabbit finger vibrators – similar with the rabbit vibrator but smaller in size, specially designed to stimulate both the clitoris and vagina in the same time.
  • finger vibrator by Fifty Shades Darker

  • The G-spot finger vibrator – designed to gently slide into the vagina and reach the G-spot area. Provides stimulation with slow pulsating vibrations which imitate the real finger.

These types of toys come with multiple features, all designed to offer the best stimulation and life like sensations when enjoying masturbation.

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How to choose the bets fingering vibrator?

Just like when choosing any type of sexual toy, you must first know your desires and needs. Either you want a small finger vibrator that’s discreet and you can use it anywhere or you crave for a bigger one with more features, choosing the right one is a matter of taste. Seek the best finger vibrator reviews for more information and read users feedback in order to make yourself a better idea. The best finger vibrators usually come with the right features, size and shape suitable for any type of demand so choosing the right one depends solely on your personal desires.

finger vibrator with vibrating wheels

How to choose the right size?

The right size depend on your physical measurements and level of experience. Beginners are recommended to use smaller vibrating fingers, while the more experienced users are free to choose what size they like. Also, keep in mind the material if you desire to use such toy for anal stimulation. A rigid and firm material might cause little to no pleasure if used for anal stimulation. Size may vary between 3 to 6 inches and depending on your physical measurements and sexual desires, choosing the right inches will surely make a difference. If it’s the first time, better start with smaller fingertip vibrators.

finger vibrator by Doc Johnson

How to choose the right material, shape and texture?

Just like the size, choosing the right material is a matter of taste and desire but it’s also a matter of purpose. For vaginal or clitoral stimulation, soft materials with silky texture are most recommended but if you desire anal stimulation with a fingering vibrator, a more rigid material with stiff texture is better.

white rechargeable finger vibrators with vibrating wheels

Finger vibrators can be made out of plastic, rubber, silicone or PVC and each of these materials have their own particularities. Seek the best material, shape and texture by gathering information from other users and reading the finger vibrator reviews. It’s the best solution to choose the right material, shape and texture, suitable for your needs and perfect for your sexual desires.

purple finger vibrator with vibrating wheels

How to use a vibrating finger?

Using the vibrating finger is similar with using any other type of sexual toy. Simply apply it to the desires area and enjoy the fun. Make sure to clean the toy before and after each use and keep it in dry and safe places, out of extreme heat or humidity. Electronic parts might get damaged is the toy is exposed to moisture. Keep it in the original box, clean and dry at all times. Using a finger vibrator is a fun activity in solo or in couple mode but for that to happen, it’s always best to follow instructions and use the toy accordingly.

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