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Wartenberg Pinwheels

Wartenberg Wheel.

Once you step in the ultimate world of sex toys, then there is no going back. Sex toys are scientifically designed to aid your sexual pleasures and stimulate your mind and body, but when you start enjoying, you urge to explore even more and go deeper to know about different sex toys available. Adult toys reduce your workload and tend to hit the right pleasure points for a literal joyride!

Top 4 Best Wartenberg Pinwheels in 2021

Products Information Price
Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel
Adrenaline Spikes
Material: Metal
Length: 7.5 inches
Contains latex: No
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Bondage Boutique Stainless Steel Wartenberg Pinwheel
Bondage Boutique Wartenberg Pinwheel
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 61g
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Master Series Beginner's Mini Sensation Pinwheel
Master Series Beginner's Mini Sensation Pinwheel
Allergens: Latex-Free
Length: 3.5 inches
Material: Hard Plastic
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Now, flipping up and taking you to the other side, you must have heard about BDSM toys, another class of sex toys but with a twist of course! BDSM toys are primarily designed to level up the humiliation roleplay, bondage, and sexual activities that are enjoyed by the BDSM couples. BDSM toys are often used to physically restrain, tease, blindfold a partner, while they are unable to move or perform anything. This is a big turn on for some people that tends to enhance the pleasure in pain, experienced in BDSM. There are numerous BDSM toys available in the market inclusive of handcuffs, whips, ball gags, bondage rope, anal hooks, blindfolds, and hoods. These are the commonly presented BDSM toys, but have you heard about or ever used a Wartenberg pinwheel? If not, then this is the time you take a notch higher and get your hands on this spiky little tool for a pleasing and satisfying sensory play with your partner.

Push the Boundaries in Quest for Better Sexual Pleasure With Wartenberg Pinwheels

What is a Wartenberg Pinwheel?

Often known as Wartenberg pinwheel, Wartenberg neurowheels or BDSM wheel, this little hand tool with evenly spaced and radiating sharp pins, seems to be very small but is powerful enough to evoke your senses and give you a never-before sexual experience. Wartenberg wheel, to be very precise, is a rotating wheel, which is studded with sharp-pointed pins or spikes that are attached to a long handle. Though you would be surprised to know that it was originally invented by Dr. Robert Wartenberg to test the nerves and skin sensitivity in the human body, now the role has been changed, it is rarely seen in any of the medical settings, rather it has gained popularity in the world of sex toys. Dr. Robert made this neurological tool to systematically check and test the nerve sensitivity. This prickly wheel is more used as a BDSM sex toy that is dragged down the body across many parts and rolled to create different sensations. A perfect tool to be used during sensation play.

Autoclaveable Wartenberg pinwheel.

Perfect for Sensory Play

Many of you might get intimidated by looking at the sharp spikes, but trust us, this is what will make you go crazy on the bed. If you have used BDSM toys before and know how your body reacts to certain objects and when you get to turn on, then trying out this spiky tool should be next in your list. If you like to indulge in sensory play, and like pain or that tingling from light or hard scratching, then nothing is better than using Wartenberg wheels. It is something you shouldn’t be missing out for sure. This bondage sex pinwheel is used to arouse several different sensations that pretty much depends on how it is being used and how much pressure is exerted when using it. Lightly rolling down the body or the erogenous zone can bring in a very light sensation of tickling while dragging it with more pressure can be slightly painful but sensational too! So, let your partner feel that erotic prickling sensation with every wheel roll.

BDSM Pinwheel Wheel.

Quick Look at the Benefits of Using a Wartenberg Wheel

  • Prickly Sensation: This Wartenberg BDSM pinwheel makes an ideal option for sensory play.
  • Easy Grip: The lightweight and portable design of the wheel with handle lets you grip better for intense sessions.
  • Easy to Manage: Control the level of pressure exerted and roll onto your partner's body either slow or in fast motion.
  • Temperature Play: Keep it hot or cold, the stainless-steel material will make it much easier for you.
Using Wartenberg Wheel. Choose Wartenberg Pinwheel

Get Your Hands on The Spiky Wartenberg Pinwheels

Though the basic design of a Wartenberg pinwheel or sensation sex toy, is the same, there may be a huge difference in the material that has been used to make it. The simple design of this wheel with a disc and evenly distributed pins has not been changed over the years and it need not be. Now, here are the material type jotted down for you to ensure that you buy the most relevant BDSM pinwheel:

  • Stainless steel: The Wartenberg pinwheel sex toy made with stainless steel has gained more popularity owing to the ease of maintenance and the fact that it can be easily sterilized and thus, can be used with anyone. It makes the best option when buying a Wartenberg Wheel for sensory play.
  • Chrome-plated iron: The Wartenberg Wheel is also available in chrome-plated iron material. The complete wheel along with the handle is chrome plated including the head with rotating spur. The material is body-safe, and thus, suitable to be used by anyone.
  • Plastic: If you are a newbie, then, rather going for a stainless steel Wartenberg wheel, you can instead start with a plastic Wartenberg wheel that can be disposed of soon, unlike those made using stainless steel or chrome plated.
Rolling Wartenberg Pinwheel For Womens.

Safety While Using A BDSM Wheel

You need to be extremely careful when using the Wartenberg Wheels, this is not just about having kinky sex but, it is obviously, about your partner’s safety too. Be extra careful and don’t push too hard, this can cause extreme scratching and results in cuts, bruising abrasions, or punctures. There are certain SSSC and RACK rules that you need to abide by for a safe kinky sex play. Though the wheels look simple it all depends on the level of pressure you exert while dragging down against the body. Do control the nerve stimulation level by applying the right pressure techniques. Apart from the wheel, you need to use your common sense too, as you wouldn’t want your partner to shed blood in between.

Deluxe Wartenberg Wheel Set with Travel Case.

Bring Out the Naughtiness and Get Kinky with the Wartenberg Pinwheel

There are innumerable ways to get that for toe-curling sensation using a Wartenberg wheel and here are some of the ways that can add a new dimension to your sex life: Let’s just have a look.

  • The curved handle of the wheel, when held properly, gives you a more controlled grip as it outlines the body. This effectively increases the overall sensitivity.
  • Simply running the wheel over the body is enough to make your partner feel crazy. But setting up a scene will add drama to the environment.
  • Pump up the blood and start by running the wheel along with the less sensitive parts of the body. This will make them realize the amount of pressure that is going to be applied and make them more comfortable as well.
  • If this is the first time, then spend time exploring and experimenting with the wheel to find the areas that have different sensations, and reactions and what makes your partner giggle, moan, or wince.
  • Since you have control over the pressure and speed, both. You can play around by increasing speed and pressure, ensure you don’t hurt your partner in between. Pressing down extremely will make it more painful in areas with thin skin, in comparison to the areas with thick skin.
  • If you have a steel Wartenberg pinwheel, then play around with different temperatures too. Make it cold or hot (but of course, be more careful when hot).
  • Try out different angles and let your partner erotically feel the scratching sensation.
  • Just in case you get aroused while playing with the wheel, do not forget to take care of the genitals. Don’t get too hard or build more pressure around the genitals.
Mini Sensation Pinwheel.

Maintenance and Storage Protocol

When you buy a Wartenberg Wheel, it is equally important to keep a check on the cleanliness of the product to keep it completely hygienic and safe to use. Unlike other sex BDSM toys, this wheel needs to be handled with extreme care because it has spikes and can easily tear apart anything which is soft and can be damaged. You need to get the wheel wrapped in a hard case that is less prone to wear and tear and abrasions. Packing it in a paper or cloth is not a good idea, and keeping along with your other sex toys increases the chances of damaging them too. If you have silicone toys in your wardrobe, then keep away the spiky tool from them. Before storing the Wartenberg wheel, do clean it, sterilize it, ensure that the nooks and crannies are properly cleaned and no breading space for bacteria is left behind.

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